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  1. Bought a like for like replacement wiper motor for my 90 ex mod and wiper switch and on reconnecting up when I refitted the earth lead from the motor it was live I thought the Blue was earth, I'm flumoxed any ideas, cheers,,,
  2. Can anyone recommend an electric spray gun for underseal, looking to do my 90's chassis, cheers
  3. many thanks for the info, will order 6663 and see what happens,,,
  4. hi guys, hope you can help, got an ex mod 90 fitted with 300 tdi, problem is temp gauge reads wrongly,have been told i need a sender unit from the n/a 2-5 diesel that was originally fittted, prob is there are 2, red and blue, which one do i fit ???
  5. thanks Mark, much appreciated saves me going to redhill to get them and not the right items,,,
  6. can anyone help? my front calipers on my 1986 90 are shot, have been offerd a pair of range rover calipers g reg, 1990 i think do they just bolt on or are they incompatible if anyone knows the answer that would be superb, thanks,,,,,,
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