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  1. If your charging a 12v battery, do it without the inverter
  2. I've just bought an old roof rack by Brownchurch, which has only one way of attaching to the gutter of the Defender and is through the feet of the rack, with 6mm bolts bolted thru newly drilled holes into the gutter, which afterr eading " Puma gutter", I'm not so sure, do you think it will be ok, its going on an 1994 110 Defender , so not brand new but I also didn't want big rotten holes in 10 years time. cheers Brian
  3. Thank you Bob, that was more like the reply I was after, don't suppose you have a number on the belt , do you, cheers Brian
  4. Hi, I have the aircon pump fitted for onboard air on my Defender 300tdi, but I want to fit onboard air on my other Defender 300tdi, but I haven't got the tensioner or idler pulleys, just the aircon pump with saddle and I was wondering if anyone has fitted a smaller belt without the other pulleys, and if they knew the part number or vehicle it applied to, cheers Brian
  5. will axles fron a 2.4 Defender 110 fit a 300tdi 110 chassis, cheers Brian
  6. Does anyone know what the M+S and a zero with a diagonal line flashing on the dashboard means, also the engine will not start, but has been sat for a year or two, cheers Brian
  7. I thought there was something like that, cheers Brian
  8. will a Defender td5 gearbox bolt straight on to a 300tdi engined Defender , or does the bell housing need changing , cheers in advance . Brian
  9. sounds like the armature is knackered, a break in the wiring, or you could try cleaning the rotor where the brushes contact with a bit emery paper . Brian
  10. put a bar across the two bolt heads while loosing the other, or put a socket on a tommy bar and loosen off that. Brian
  11. when using fluxcord wire , you don't need the shroud(chrome cover over end where wire comes out), handy when space is tight, but means the end is live, have fun with your new toy. Brian
  12. I have a similiar idea as above but use a large plastic spring clamp as listed here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LARGE-PLASTIC-SPRING-CLAMP-CLIP-6-EASY-GRIP-MARKETSTALL-WORK-BUILDING-CLIP-/281055358398?pt=UK_Hand_Tools_Equipment&hash=item4170346dbe tha led lamp is bolted thru one side and can be moved quickly, I use mine for camping and working on the motor. Brian
  13. that explains a lot, and now I have a knackered r380 gearbox aswell, all down to poor linkage, cheers for the well described reply Brian
  14. mmmm, there is a lot of play on the transfer gear stick. The lever on the bottom is already pointing towards the passenger, but its giving the symtoms of a locked transfer box, I havn't jacked a wheel up yet, but I am convinced its locked, shuddering when turning, feels like its winding up, and today I went round a roundabout twice, and within a hundred metres a loud bang followed by some real nasty grinding, limped home, reversed it slightly to park and noise just disappeared , like nothing was the matter, but still I think its locked . could it have locked itself somehow, without needing the lever . Brian
  15. LT 230 transfer box In what direction should the link at the bottom of the transfer box be pointing, for it to be unlocked and locked, cheers in advance. Brian
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