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  1. Would anyone be able to send me a base file for a standard 3.9? I have ms3 that I picked up off here a while back but it has a file for a tuned 3.5 on it. Thanks in advance
  2. Only the 2 main relays in the wiring . Will ping him another message.
  3. The toggle switches and push button wouldn't be up it and the wiring on the back is all fine wires
  4. It plugs into the port above the 1 that the wiring loom plugs into if that helps
  5. I recently bought the ms3 kit off dirty 90 and have started to go through the wiring ready to put into my 90. As you can imagine totally bloody confusing. Could anyone tell me what this is?
  6. Hi mate. I've pmd you. 

  7. It's as if the bell housing is too short or the shaft is 30mm too long
  8. I have been doing a 3.9 v8 conversion on my f reg 90. I have a long stick lt77 from a v8 but when ive gone to fit the engine it seems the input shaft is too long does this mean I have the wrong box or will I need a conversion plate?
  9. I have the engine, gear and transfer box from the discovery with all the wiring still on it. Will shoehorn it in and see what happens ☺
  10. Thanks. Where would I get that signal from as the disco was non abs and the 90 is f reg. Just thought that will come from gearbox as spotted some wiring coming from box into loom when I was there earlier
  11. I have just aquired a 90 td and I was wanting to put the v8 out of my old discovery into it. I have all of the wiring from under the bonnet through to the ecu but I scrapped the discovery and I'm now wondering if I have all the required loom to get it running. It was a 1995 serp engine, there are 2 plugs near the ecu plug which I think 1 is for ignition but not sure on other. Anybody have any idea on what parts of loom I may be missing?
  12. There are loads of none damaging lanes in the area, Strata, Golf links, nant y moch and bomber lane
  13. I agree with Thon, sounds like pinion shaft bearing
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