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  1. Don’t worry, I’ll be using exterior wood glue... I like the 110 wheelbase. Wheelbase/chassis extensions are common here with Toyota 79/200 series. Usually 300mm. I like the size of the 110. I know the 90 is seen as the off roader and the 110 as more a worker, but to me the 90 is too short, and not just for space. LR should have pushed it to 100” in the 2000’s
  2. It would be interesting to see the profile of the super duty axles, im guessing only be 10xx material but probably forged and in the dia you will have, most likely fine.
  3. Interestingly LR (as you will know) went back to a fabricated housing, driven partly by MOD vehicles bending/breaking rear Sals housings. I think the main reason the SIII got the Sals standard in 109s was due to differential not housing failures. I’m sure there was conversations between LR and their supplier (Dana Hardy Spicer/GKN what ever guise it was at the time) and that’s what they could offer them in a here you go package) It has been known, and I have seen a few myself, for the Salisbury housing to fail where the tubes meet the cast centre section. Mostly on 109/110 housings (HD110
  4. Some of the so called Made in the USA crown wheel & pinions are not actually made there ...
  5. Some of their products are still made by M R Automotive in Redcliffe, Queensland. Warren, one of the owners is a long time friend and customer of the original MaxiDrive. They make axles, drive flanges, track rods, drag links , A frame ball joints , LT230 low range gears and some other bits. The diff locks are not being made but I already had those parts.
  6. I got a few little things done of late. I managed to get up to Maxidrive and order my new axle shafts for front housing. Ill also be getting them to custom make some drive flanges. I finished the drag link and track rod tapping and slitting. The small groove indicates the left hand thread. They will be electro plated. I also picked up a Series drop down tail gate (my tub didnt come with one). And Ive started the drawings for my rear cross member. I still have to sort our trailer chain lugs, recovery points and jack hole locations. Ill get the main C section laser cut and folded for this.
  7. 150-200mm. I would like to shorten it more, but everything is a compromise. As for necessary, nothing is, but thats not the point is it 😉... and the packaging, well ill also need to find space for hydraulic oil reservior, solenoid control valve, pressure relief, inline filter among some other goodies as well.. 😄
  8. Unfortunately the rear bulkhead is literally just in front of the new A frame cross member. No one ever accused me of taking the easy road 😂😂
  9. I had thought about that but kind of ruled it out due to a few reasons. First, I still have to check with the engineer If sill tanks are legal (being outboard the chassis structure) , secondly given the changes to suspension and body mounts, and links it may not fit without a lot of work. Thirdly, pre Td5 90s (and even then Td5 90s were only a couple years and very rare) were never sold in Australia so I would have to import a tank. If I can have a sill tank I’ll probably make it my secondary, fabricate it out of Aluminium and have its cross section triangle shape so it slopes up from
  10. pages 2,3 and 4 Ive already discussed that it is common here in Oz and that ive had it done.
  11. Yes I had found your thread and read through it, Thanks. Good temp drop on your 200Tdi 110 with front mount.
  12. I hope you are not suggesting this for me.....
  13. Thanks, I had figured as much. And even worse the coolant hose layout for Td5 vs 300Tdi. I had heard of someone fitting a D2 Td5 radiator into a D1 300Tdi so figured Id ask.
  14. Given the water pump is on the other side, and the 300Tdi 200mm/8" closer to the radiator it is a pain in the butt and doesn't fill me with confidence. I can get a wider tank made here with the inlet/outlet on the correct side for my engine. Custom hoses would need to be made, but I dont have to worry about clearance issues.
  15. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Given the differences in 200Tdi to 300Tdi and then to 2.8 Tgv, I think its still inconclusive. TBH I was really interested in seeing the plumbing set up for the 300Tdi. I really wish LR didn't change the set up from the 200Tdi (I feel it was noticeably better). While ill probably run an off the shelf front mount IC I will be working with an Australian company to build my radiator (copper). Ill have to look for your IC thread, and good luck with the M57, they seem to be a good engine choice for our LRs. 👍 I should have also added Im not a fan
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