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  1. uninformed

    Rover diffs

    Ill give you a call and we can go over what I need thanks mate
  2. uninformed

    Rover diffs

    yes they do....
  3. uninformed

    Rover diffs

    If Im fitting a new carrier (MaxiDrive) and new Ashcroft HD CW&P, what are my options for pinion flange and seal etc? Can you recommend a TIG filler rod if I ever decide to peg it cheers for your help
  4. uninformed

    Rover diffs

    Palm to face.... šŸ˜ž
  5. uninformed

    Rover diffs

    @Hybrid_From_Hell Ian?
  6. uninformed

    Rover diffs

    Not likely a 90 as they were not sold in Australia until the Td5s. As for the thread, I was chasing it with a 3/8 UNC cleaning tap and it just doesnt seem right. BSF is right between UNC and UNF for pitch count. Minor Dia was about right for BSF. Ill have to grab a bolt on Monday and see if it fits the other
  7. uninformed

    Rover diffs

    Hi all, I have 2 rover diff centres ( the main cast housing, crown wheel and pinion and carrier/differential). Im after a bit of info. Any idea what they are from? early RRC? on the underside of the cast housing, there is a large flat section with two blind holes threaded. What is this thread? (im guessing 3/8 BSF) is there any strength difference between the older 10 spline pinions and the later pinions? cheers Serg
  8. uninformed

    Converting 300tdi to TD5

    fuel tank, pump and lines as well I would think? Different belhousing and input shaft to gearbox?
  9. uninformed

    What axle innards does the 70th Anni Defender use?

    Iā€™m wondering if Quaffie where involved...
  10. uninformed

    Series IIA/III vs 90/110/Defender

    thank you @landroversforever looks like the coil sprung rear arch is more semetrical or boxy so to speak.. Old swb didnt get the wheel very centred lol can anyone tell me the measurement from axle centreline to rear of a 88" and the 90
  11. uninformed

    Series IIA/III vs 90/110/Defender

    Thanks Mike, not too concerned about the location, more so size and shape. I would be fitting flares over them.
  12. Hey all, how much difference is there between a series and a coil sprung rear wheel arch ( the actual alloy panel) dimensional differences? shape differences? cheers Serg
  13. uninformed

    Correct Swivel Pin housing

    you can also put the bearing cup in the freezer
  14. uninformed

    New product from xcess4x4

    Regarding underneath vs on top.... for what these are doing, underneath will be in tension, top side will be in compression. Now its been pointed out to me that steel, has the same strength in both tension and compression IF BUCKLING CAN BE ELIMINATED. How one does this with the same materail size I do not know. Example, get some 3mm mild steel wire. Hang it vertically, how much weight would it hold at the bottom.... stand it vertically, how much weight would it support at top? Problem with any of these added to a stock housing is the added stiffness ends well before the axle flanges..... not ideal but not saying they are junk either
  15. uninformed

    Does anyone know this Defender

    Thans for that guys (thumbs up!) Tyres look narrower in my pic than in that link. Im sure its just the illusion. No LR diffs by the looks though

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