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  1. Some good info there @Snagger thanks. I’ll be custom building the fuel tank or tanks. Should still be able to have some rear just not full 110 size and maybe a secondary somewhere. I got a little time in today on my rear bulkhead body outriggers. This is a factory new item I have modified. I have capped the top in 3mm plate and will be plating in the bottom as well.
  2. I think I have all I need for now, at least until I have a tub in my hands so to speak. 110 hardtops and pickups are very very rare here, even stage 1s are hard to come by, and then it has to be parted out. And while the perentie army 110 has a hardtop tub its quite modified and has holes in it for locker boxes etc that create problems for me. Im thinking the series will be best suited. I intend on cutting it down at the rear of side filler and will try and form the folded edge. Hopefully use my rear bulkhead and its mounting points. And then the rear will be shortend somewhere between LWB and SWB overhang. Im currently working on my chassis outriggers for rear bulkhead as they had to be clearanced over my trailing arms and strengthend. thanks for your time and help so far.
  3. Well bugger me... I never would have thought that. Hopefully I can make this all work on mine.... here are a couple pics of my rear bulkhead.
  4. First off, thanks for those measurements. Perfect! Second, Im not quite understanding the above. Many years ago I use to have a SIII SWB truck cab. Now maybe I dont have the correct terminology, but just behind the seats is what I call the rear bulkhead. This angled back from the seat base then the last bit was vertical to where the side and rear windows would mount. In my mind this looks identical to the LWB Hardtop and truck cab tubs Ive seen? Given they are all the same front bulkhead, seat base, doors, roof, side and rear windows, Im not seeing how they differ. What gap are you referring for the need of a infill panel? And I wonder what my 300Tdi 110 truck cab is closer to? This is a cab chassis truck cab, so no tub. I was thinking of drilling out the rivets and spot welds on mine to remove the shot sides and do same on the LWB tub and use both togther. Reason is the upgraded strength and seat belt fixings of the Defender over series.
  5. Ok I think I understand what you are saying. I don’t think we ever got the hi-cap here until the late Tdci Defender. They would either be truck cab or hard top. I have only seen them filler forward except for stage 1. But by know means have I been paying attention until of late and I’m no expert. I would not have expected the rear bulkhead to be any different between a 88” and 109” in truck cab or hard top??
  6. Yes perfect . It gives me a point of reference. Thanks
  7. @Gazzar looks like the measurement is approximately 210mm can I trouble you for a measurement on your vehicle. From tub front edge/fold to axle centreline. And IYO how central is the axle/wheel in the arch?
  8. Unfortuneatly I dont have the time to do the build thread here. This forum is not phone friendly and even jinky on my computer and that means double the work. Instagram is very easy and quick for me and given im spending most my non working time on my LR I made the decision to keep it to instagram only. I was on multiple LR forums for years but most have dropped off with real tech last few years IMO. You dont have to be a member on instagram or have it on your phone, you can google "Kustom110 Instagram"
  9. I will be reducing the rear overhang. I am lengthening the truck cab, longer doors. I do not have a rear tub as my Defender is a Cab Chassis My intentions are to use a Series rear tub (LWB hardtop). I will need to shorten the distance from the trailing edge of the door (front edge of tub) to the wheel arch. I will need to shorten the rear of the tub from the wheel arch to rear end. again, all im after is the measurement from the door edge (front edge of tub) to the rear edge of the SIDE FILLER (the type close to the door)
  10. 90s are not common in Oz and their, along with all LR parts are $$$ these days. My rear overhang will be longer than SWB but shorter the LWB. Underseat tank wont work I dont think as I have made longer trailing and radius arms and new mounts accordingly build is on Instagram - Kustom110 (if not on insta just google "kustom110 instagram")
  11. Ok I wasn’t aware of that. Maybe I was looking at S11 and SIIAs?? I still need the measurement of the type with fuel filler close to door. Im custom building a 110 with longer cab and shorter rear overhang.
  12. Thanks very much @Gazzar Is that a Stage 1? all the LWB tubs ive seen over here (Australia) except Stage 1 have the fuel filler about 8 inches behind the door. And I just realised I should have specified LWB Hardtop tub. So im looking for the measurement of the type that has the filler close to door. cheers Serg
  13. Hey all, Im doing a custom build. Im after a measurement from the front edge of the tub (where it meets the door) to the rear edge of the fuel filler hole. cheers Serg
  14. Thanks again David, yes, SIII Stage 1 V8 swivel housing , but in a custom axle application. I need my bolts for swivel seal retainer to be 5mm longer than stock. If they were 1/2, 3/4 may sufice, but if they are 5/8, ill need 7/8 (probably have to buy 1") https://www.pegasusparts.co.uk/ourshop_90073/prod_2445609-250693-Screw-Hex-Head-BSF-x-long-Retainer-Swivel-Housing-Oil-Seal.html the above lists as 1/2" , I bought aftermarket and they came at 5/8"......
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