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  1. Of these 2 pipes: Can anyone tell me which one is going to the cooler and which one is the return? https://www.paddockspares.com/pbp101150-pipe-oil-cooler.html https://www.paddockspares.com/pbp101160-pipe-oil-cooler.html
  2. Hi Guys, I am looking got upgrade my alternator as I do a fair bit of winching. Can anyone tell me if the below linked alternator will bolt straight onto my 1996 3.9 V8? http://www.island-4x4.co.uk/alternator-4046-120amp-denso-amr2938g-p-509.html
  3. Hi I have purchased a Hawkeye unit for my 1996 Discovery 1. I can't for the life of me find where to plug it in, does anyone have any idea where you do it?
  4. Thanks guys... Ill maybe give one a go and see for myself.
  5. Has anybody tried one of theses distributor condom thingies?? Do they work or is it as bit of a gimmick? http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GDC117BMWPKIT
  6. Thanks guys, yes I think I will be looking at new rods and Pistons. I have a few names of guys to contact for advice. I will post up what I end up finding out.
  7. Hi, I recently accuired a P76 V8 of unknown history. I have stripped the engine down and I have found it to be in poor condition with heavy scoring on the piston skirts, cam wear, a very slack timing chain and wear on the crank. My main worry though is at least 4 of the liners are not in line with the deck height and I am worried they have slipped. A picture say a 1000 words so here goes.. No.8 cyl main worry is bad area at approx 10 o'clock. No. 1 cyl similar. No. 4 liner sitting proud. No. 3 liner recessed. What do you guys think? Is this block worth bothering with? I also have a 3.9 rover stripped in the shed with a good block but the crank is toast. Is it possible to fit the p76 crank to the 3.9 block i.e grind the main brgs down to rover size or line bore to P76 size, which wold be the best option? Does anyone know of any rods which would be suitable if I used the 3.9 Pistons with the P76 crank?
  8. Yeah thats hard going that thread (as most are on Pirate!) I ended up just looking at the pictures lol.... Whats the diameter of the Safari bushes?? Would be good if the radius arms could be machined to fit those.
  9. They are not in production anymore. The voided polybush ones SOA 93 mentioned are from poly bush in the UK they are on this link. Ref 1AG http://www.polybush.co.uk/shop/view/14_Series_I/1_Kit_2_-_Land_Rover_Defender_(90110_-_1994_to_2001) This guy fitted them to his Disco 1. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/land-rover/1368426-analyze-my-set-up-want-more-flex-2.html
  10. Its the bush at the axle end, the earlier ones were 38mm wide and were solid rubber, the newer were 45mm wide and have an extra metal ring in the middle of the rubber. Not sure when they changed but on the Range Rover I think it was bout 1985. Mine is an 88 and certainly has the wide bushes. So if you have stolen the ones off my Disco lol then they are sure to be the stiff as a board new wide type :-( Yeah they wont flex much just picking up a wheel bushes are stiff as a steel girder... Drill the bushes :-) Have a read.. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/land-rover/61187-holey-bushes.html
  11. From what I've come to understand from hours of trolling the net about all you can expect out of the front end with standard geometry is about 11"-12" shock. The standard ones are 8" I think the ones I have in the Rangy are 11.5" and advertised as +5" Shocks. I assume its +2.5" up travel and +2.5" Down travel? what are your radius arms off? The narrower early ones are better for articulation and move a bit more freely.. I have some OME 2751 +2" springs front springs at home they are 200lb/inch.
  12. I've used them a couple of times Reece and never had any problems so I'm assuming something must be up! Always had quick communication and had the parts within a week.
  13. Thats a shame, was looking forward to seeing the Lada in action. I'm finished in the Gulf now, out on a new build ship in Quebec. I tried coming round the shed when I was at home but couldn't get in lol..... Had a slight technical hitch with my range rover and a river though........... Cant wait to see what that ridiculous lump of steel is for.... Electrics are an absolute piece of tiddle compared with he **** you do mate lol....
  14. Looking good there Reece! I hope Rick doesnt know you are on the Landy and not his Lada LoL.....
  15. Well picture a box of frogs with them all hopping and jumping around on each other. Thats what I imagine it is possibly like inside your brain! Hence "Mad as a box of frogs" It has to be with all the whaky, wild and Awesome ideas that come out of that mind.. But dont worry in this instance it is definitely meant as some sort of compliment Now get back to work, the Rover has to be ready by Friday for Costa..
  16. Yep it is very sad that the pics are no longer showing.
  17. Yeah no problem at all. Mine is also offset slightly, still pulld you in the same direction :-) And no I don't let the dog drive.....
  18. Yep a true wild man, mad as a box of frogs!!
  19. I'm still looking for pics on fuel tank set ups and also what is the best way to go about joining the roof?
  20. Thanks for the info guys, anyone got any pics of fuel tank set ups?
  21. Hi, I'm considering bobtailing my RRC and would appreciate help on a few points. Has anybody reatined the headlining? If so how did you go about cutting it and rejoining it? With removing weight from the back end will I need to replace the rear springs with a lighter rate spring? I currently have OME 761 fitted to the rear. Also can anyone post up pictures of what they have done regarding the fuel tank and positioning? Thanks Guys...
  22. No its an LT230. I think it was just caused by too much right foot! I was in the bog for over 2hours and after looking at video of them trying to get me out only the passenger side wheels were spinning! I dont think the diffs like it with all the power going to 1 wheel per axle for 2 hrs hehe...
  23. Just thought I would update on this problem. In the rear diff the pinion bearing had collapsed and seized but the front diff had also gone due to the crossshaft in the spider gears failing. So I blew both diffs in the same bog!!!! I now have Maxidrive front and rear ends so hopefully no more blown diffs for me..
  24. Hi, I have a 1988 RRC which is my offroading toy. I have also came into the possession of a 1993 Disco 1 which has less than half the Km's on it. I am going to overhaul the 3.9 v8 and fit it into my classic which has about 400,000kms on it and is a wee bit tiered to say the least and also the fine spline axles. But I was wondering are there any other parts off the Disco I should swap over that would be considered an "upgrade". I think I read somewhere that the brake booster is better, is that correct? Thanks
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