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  1. I'm all for it. It's upped the value of second hand engines by at least 200quid and I've got second hand engines for sale
  2. Max allowable roof load (dynamic) for a D1 is 65kgs
  3. We only set up the website two days before the show - for £2.49 Eventually the website will have information and ideas on it. We are also looking at producing a range of useful stuff in conjunction with a couple of sponsors...
  4. We had a stand again. It was very successful. We also had a great time - my liver may recover Best AO yet - finally less of the "charge what we like, some mug will pay" crowd, lots of bargains. Some great stuff. Superb social scene. We'll be back for the September Our no expense spent site is at www.beardies.co.uk
  5. Buy the HG fromElring direct - lots of copies floating around. It's hard to mess up a 200 ,but it's nice to upgrade it a bit.
  6. Been pulling timber around for a very long time now. Still run big clearance ops. Most contractors don't use Hydraulic or pto on little vehicles like Land Rovers. No point. Firstly hydraulic is for big timber, most of which is heavier than a 110/130; secondly it's blessed expensive and a pita to fit, needs moremaintenace and the parts are expensive. A decent, well made winch like the TDS 12k will work all day pulling small stuff (up to 18"), is very efficient in it's current draw, easy to maintain and easy to fix and the parts are cheap. Even our plant trailers run electric winches... Even a Winchmax 13k is good for all day working logs; slow and steady
  7. Foley have been exempt form legaiity for years
  8. Britpart are the only supplier of LR parts to offer a two year warrantee - without the need for professional fitting
  9. No cost, but feel free to donate to the Forum. Oddly enough, I also have 80m of steel rope...
  10. Oh, and I forgot, if you want an X9, I have some
  11. I have a working,but needs love, Pierce on my bench. It's barely 14k lbs, but you are welcome to it. It was a kind gift from a Dutchman on here, so it's yours if you want it. Gratis Worm drive and ideal for sedate but massive recovery Also got a Husky 8000 in bits in a box - but money will have to change hands as is owes me. Not much, but I need to pay the same Dutch man for what he paid for it...
  12. Worth noting FFOR now close on Friday JimBob at Gigglepin does a good motor gasket, worth the pennies
  13. My cheap carp front springs have sagged to the point where the tyres are rubbing on the arches on full articulation. I've got 764's on the rear, with 18mm of spacers. I'm thinkig of going 764's on the front for a 1.5" lift and bettr weight carrying... Any comments/suggestions? I run a relatively lightweight winch bumper and a G10, I've swapped back to silly string, no silly bash plate. I run 245/75x16's, soon to be on standar disco rims to bring them back inside the arches more. RAW4x4 Shocks, SuperPro Bushes (not castor correction), standard arms....
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