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  1. Had exactly the same issues with the 1/4 chassis I just did. Be warned this is no small/ cheap/ easy job. Ended up replacing loads of other stuff that had gone at the same time (mudguards, brake pipes, bushes). Having said that I'm very pleased with the result and the Disco will live on for a while!
  2. Also have the accelerator to the floor while trying to start up
  3. Nige, Sent you a PM.... not urgent. Dave
  4. What's wrong with that The brake pipe is lovely and straight!
  5. I'm using the stronghold hitch lock. I really like it, it's really well designed with minimal opportunities for the budding thief to remove it. Regardless on whether you can get your trailer out of sight or indoors, I really would recommend one of these
  6. Nige, Large black hoodie with white embroidery Large black polo with white embriodery 2 x mugs You should have just had a PayPal donation for supporters membership too
  7. New injector seals required I think. Make sure you clean the injector seats in the head well before you put the injectors back. Don't ask me how I know?
  8. Thanks. ACE isn't fitted on my motor so I'll just secure it out the way
  9. Over the past couple of days I've been doing some servicing and pre MOT work on my faithful TD5 disco. Whilst working in the right hand side of the engine bay I came across a stray terminal hanging down from the chassis leg. I've had a good look through the engine bay and can't find a terminal that it connects to. Unfortunately I haven't got a rave I can check it with. The wire colours on the terminal area yellow/black, yellow/pink and orange/grey. Can anyone shed any light. Thanks
  10. Any other markings on it mate? What winch is it attached to? A warn?
  11. I binned mine. It was a complete PITA. No regrets from getting rid of it either
  12. Have a look at this; http://www.woking.gov.uk/environment/envcrime/abandonedvehicles Most borough councils use the same power to remove vehicles from the road where the police have no power to do so
  13. I'm all for testing trailers. However I don't think that there are any changes on the table for this year. Trailer testing laws are still set out by the DVSA as; https://www.gov.uk/annual-test-for-lorries-buses-and-trailers/vehicles-that-must-take-the-annual-test
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