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  1. have checked vent to tank - that's ok. No visible leaks that I can find and tank is clean. Anyone else an idea???
  2. Dear All, I have a 2.5 N/A diesel engine in my Series 3. It is suffering from what I would describe as fuel starvation. Starts OK and will run for about half a mile then loses "power" and is very rough on idle. If I switch off and restart it runs fine for a few moments and then goes "rough" again. I have replaced the lift pump, the feed pipe from the tank, the filter and the stop solenoid. The tank is all good with no rust and is clean inside. The gauze filter is still on the feed pipe in the tank. As it is an intermittent fault I am running out of options (and money!). When running right the engine is good and pulls well. I am sure it is to do with fuel and not anything else. Any ideas anyone? Leigh Rowland
  3. Thanks a lot. Will explore the vacuum pump - you may be right Phil. By the way I hail from Rugby (many years ago). Regards, Leigh
  4. I have just put a 2,5 diesel engine into my series 3. The engine is known to be good but had been standing for some time.I have not fitted the oil cooler. The engine starts quite easily and appears to run well without very much smoke at all.It seems to have plenty of power and pulls happily on the road. However it is literally pumping oil out of any available orifice. It started doing so around the oil filter housing and then the dipstick . It is breathing very heavy through the Oil filler cap and some traces of oil are coming up and back into the air intake. Now it is pushing oil out through the front crankshaft oil seal. There is no other "breather" on the engine save the one through the oil filler cap. Even on the road there is little blue smoke from the exhaust, so I assume the rings are ok.Anyone got any idea what may be the problem?? Leigh
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