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  1. One of the problems in running a Sport is finding suitable off road tires. The Brembo brakes are fitted to the 19" rim models so finding taller rubber to replace the lo-profiles might be a problem. I'm currently looking for a second set of rims and tires for my RRS SC since I don't want to damage my Diamond cut alloys and expensive tires!
  2. I note that you're aiming at a 60lt woofer cabinet for your 12" sub. This is fine if you are aiming at acoustic perfection but the majority of the time you can get away with something much smaller...getting the depth right is important though...or as close as you can get otherwise the bass will not sound right as the cone reverbs. The MDF box I made for the 10" Rockford sub is no where near the recommended size for this size of speaker but I found that if I stuffed it with the polyester filling of a pillow I was getting nice tight bass without any 'booming' or rebound effect. I'm not enteri
  3. Here's a picture of my Discovery sub box and another with the other amps and speakers etc. I can still use most of the rear cargo space without having to remove my stereo equipment.
  4. I know this won't work on roof racks but people might find this concept useful. These are in the back of my old 130...they allow lashing or use of hooks but maintain a flush surface on the corners of the rear load bed. Made from steel plate and a 6mm steel bar.....I had them made at a local fabricators very cheaply. You can make a mock-up from cardboard and a pencil...give it to the fabrication shop to reproduce in steel.
  5. I have a perfectly good sand dune vehicle already and another that I use for search and rescue events...and since a 300TDi diesel is one of the most preferred over lander engines I want to make something out of it. This weeks rumaging came up with a Ex-Army 127' Defender Special Ops comms vehicle. It currently has a 3.5 v8 and LT85 box.....it's comes fitted with a roof mounted air conditioner and has 60,000km on the clock complete with a perfect chassis and bulkhead. I'm think this might be the base for my next overland project vehicle and am going to take a closer look to see if it's worth t
  6. I was told that the only compatible panels between D1's and D2's was the rear door.
  7. One of our American club members here in Dubai has just found out exactly how hard it is to import Land Rovers into the USA. His intention was to import his entire collection of 'Modified' cars into the USA but now that the rules have changed he's being forced to sell them all (bar one) because they've all been modified to some extent. The entire build of the car must match the VIN tag exactly....so if the car was built with a 3.5V8 at Rover... that's what it needs to enter the States. Wheels, tires, glass, chassis...you name it...it's got to be per the factory build sheet. No galved chassis
  8. My first choice was to put it into my 1998 V8 Discovery with R380...but the transplant is not as easy as I'd hoped since the 300TDi Discovery is a rare car here in the UAE and finding radiators, exhausts etc would be a nightmare. I'm looking for a 90, 110 or perhaps a 109 as the project car. The Defenders will almost certainly have a V8 under the bonnet so I'd have to graft on new engine mounts etc. Would the 300TDi drop straight onto the 2.5 straight 4 engine mounts of a 109 I wonder?
  9. I have inherited a complete 300TDi from a very low mileage Sandringham 6x6 water tender. Next question is what to do with it and what gearboxes can I use with it? Can I use a R380 5 speed from a Discovery? Or perhaps an LT85 from a earlier V8 Defender? What other options do I have? thx.
  10. We have a water fountain in Dubai that does the same but with music.
  11. Water wetter really does work. We see a lot of European rally cars coming to the UAE for races but they aren't always prepared for the extra few degrees of ambient heat that we have here. A quick easy fix is usually to drop a bottle in the header tank and hey-presto the needle drops down again. I wouldn't call it a long term solution though since I believe it's simply disguising an over heating issue that needs to be addressed in more detail. Great thread though......
  12. I had same problem....it turned out to be the speed controller switch...1,2,3,4 lever used to regulate the blower speed.
  13. I just returned from a 9 day 3900km trip to Oman's Salaleh Mountains. Traveling over wash board tracks at speeds of around 110kph the twin wheel carrier did exactly what I wanted it to do. Since there were 8 other land Rovers in the group I figured I didn't need two spare wheels so I mounted two x 20lt water jerry's on one side instead.
  14. I went to a sign makers shop and bought a few square meters of self adhesive matt black PVC. Once I cut to shape I saved the backing paper as a template for future use. The show ground people will charge you 20 quid...the sign makers around a fiver!
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