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  1. I have the TT126 and have towed with my 90 or Discovery loaded with not much difficulty, just have to remove the ladder bar for the Discovery. I've towed the 90 from Surrey to mid Wales a couple of times with no dramas, COG is higher but the trailer is still pretty stable. As above, it is heavy at nearly 1.2t plus with the 8' steel ramps but is strong and a great workhorse. Mini diggers, aggregates, rubble and Land Rovers no problem.
  2. It was a tad chilly with the water up to my chest. Unfortunately the main isolator decided to give in in the deepest part so lost power for the winches. Kept the engine running though. A little water in the PS fluid but all else seems to be OK.
  3. We took my auto D1 to the Croisiere Blanche last month. For slippery climbs the auto was fantastic, put in D and press the go pedal. Descents to start with were a little scary as the ratios weren't ideal, low 2nd would see you running away with yourself but 1st needed judicious squirts of the throttle to keep the back end under control. Certainly concentrates the mind with some of the slopes and drop offs we had too contend with.
  4. I would like a copy too please. Thanks Peter
  5. Anyone know what time scrutineering is from and what is the start time? Also can we camp overnight?
  6. I'll be there. Previous nights party hangover not withstanding.
  7. I've never managed to get in touch with him either. Tried PM, email and phoning to no avail. Need to get my TD5 Disco sorted before lots of towing coming up soon.
  8. Just come in from the garage. Nothing else will now be done . (Except test drive, load kit and car onto the truck tomorrow.) Best go see if the wife is still talking to me
  9. Well, thanks for all the replies, fact, opinion or otherwise Now have 50mm2 crimps and the loan of 10mm2 to 120mm2 crimper from my local wholesaler. Will set to tommorrow evening. Peter
  10. Should be able to borrow a crimper from the local electrical wholesalers. I posed the question having seen the woefully inadequate crimping on my spendyish 35mm jump leads. I was thinking that I might solder those over the crimping.
  11. I'm about to rewire my winches and was wondering what the consensus was on the above.
  12. My understanding is that if it was constructed before 1998 and fit for purpose it is OK.
  13. 90 under 400 miles D1 under 800 miles D2 under 2500 miles Impreza under 3000 miles Canter about 8000 miles All taxed, MOT'd and fully comp insurance. (No wonder I'm always skint)
  14. That doesn't help though, as mentioned above, the people who have bought a vehicle and transferred the insurance prior to selling their existing car. Nor with those that have vehicles who compete in events that require road tax and covered by MSA insurance but who do not drive on the road.
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