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  1. If you are planning to clad the outside with ply bear in mind that the sheets are usually imperial in size.
  2. I managed to get CB and CD/radio in mine. Bit of a struggle to get a full size CB in, I used a Midland mount which allowed the CB to stand out from the pod a little. Allowed enough space for my Carling switches between them. Great bit of kit though.
  3. I've got the ones from Paddocks as above. Seem to be pretty hard wearing and have survived a few challenge events. Just hose them off and put in the washing machine when SWMBO is out. Come up like new. Not exactly snug fitting though and each seat is one piece.
  4. Hi Ben, thanks for posting the question. If we could work out a better way of stopping the ingress of the sand/mud that would help. The bearing at the end had seized and there was a muddy paste inside the brake. Couple of teaspoons of brown water in the gearbox but managed to blow most of that out and repack. I've not taken the motor off yet to look at that end. Better get on with it
  5. Hi Jim If mine makes it to SimonR in Horsham I can arrange collection from there. Peter
  6. Got most of my cb stuff from http://4x4cb.com/ helpful chap and good service. Info about SWR from their website http://www.4x4cb.com/public/page.cfm?CatID=645
  7. Hi there Anyone interested in co-driving at the Challenger 4x4 Minstead Trophy at Slindon this weekend? I'm posting this on behalf of Paul from Challenger as he isn't near to a PC for a while. Anyone interested please call Paul on 07818415276.
  8. Hi Jim Was hoping that the "around 3 days after payment is made" was going to work I'm still in but I guess I'll have to find another source for my new winch for next weeks Challenger event.
  9. My 90 is down at Challenger 4x4 having a new rear crossmember glued on and winch fitted so I'll be there.
  10. Hi Nige I've got this model http://www.evolutionpowertools.co.uk/uk/evolution_rage2.html Cuts box, angle, RSJ's no problem with very few sparks. Bit noisy though but no lubricant needed They have got a few ex demo machines for a few quid off as well. http://www.evolutionpowertools.co.uk/uk/ex_demo.html
  11. Hi Jim Not heard from you but would like to confirm 250ft as before. Cheers Peter
  12. I've been using this one http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/product/10939.htm for running MM on my Toughbook. Data cables are apparently available but I run it on bluetooth as it works really well.
  13. Hi Jim Thought I'd missed out. Dead laptop meant I wasn't able to contact you back when. I'm back in for 250ft if that's OK. Cheers Peter PS I've sent you a PM about payment if it helps.
  14. So if I can pick up a cheap Toughbook what would be recommendations for gps?
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