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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I think i'll get it looked at. How much of a job is it to get the nylon cage replaced would you think? Regards TD
  2. Hi All. Something I have noticed with my Td5 52 plate discovery is that when going distance (25 miles) on the motorway at between 60 and 70 mph. When I pull up or start driving on side roads the gear lever is stiff going left to right in nuetral. Almost as if the spring which centres the lever has fallen off. But when the car cools down for a day it becomes springy again and centres as normal. I had the oil changed in the gearbox a couple of months ago and i'm sure this cured it for a short while, but am not 100%. Any ideas what it could be? Regards TD
  3. Hi Guys. A quick update on the fuel pump issue. I got the pump changed today with an original but 6 month old one, and it turns out I had let the damn thing run dry due to not filling up when I should have. From now on it's not going lower than quater of a tank. LoL Regards TD
  4. Hi guys. Unfortunately the fuel pump on my 52 plate disco gave up today after whining for the past week. I was just wondering if anyone has and experience with them and could advise me which one to get. I understand that obviously the genuine ones would be best to replace it with, but are there any good qaulity aftermarket types which are just as reliable but cheaper? Also by the looks of it i'm going to have to cut a clean line across the rear carpet between the two rear seat load space catches in order to create a flap in the carpet to obtain access the the fuel pump, otherwise it's a case of removing the whole carpet which looks like a nightmare. Am I right in thinking this? Regards TD
  5. Do you have any pic's of where the bi metallic strip is? How is it connected to the fan? Any idea what the actual part is that I need to replace? Regards
  6. So is it the bi metallic strip that's at fault or the coolant thermostat? Which would you say? From what I can gather the fan runs constantly. Regards
  7. Not sure about before because I've only had it about 5 months? So would you say the thermostat is stuck open? Is it easy to fix? Regards TD
  8. Hi all. I'm a bit confused as to whether my engine temp gauge in my disco 2 is playing up. When driving about it goes up to half way or just above. Then when stationary for a few mins it creeps back down to about a quarter. Does the engine cooling fan run constantly on the discovery 2 Td5? Mine is a 52 reg? Regards TD
  9. Hi guy's, just to let you know I had the clutch master cylinder changed today and the clutch is now working as it should. Cheers for the replies. TD
  10. Hi Griff, just to let you know I had the caliper changed today and it was the piston that was seized and corroded. Cheers TD
  11. Hi all, a couple of months ago I had a rear drivers side caliper sieze on whilst on holiday. So after a tow home etc I tested the vehicle to see if it was still siezed and it had freed itself off. So about six weeks ago I decided to change the rear discs and pads which I did myself so I knew it was done correctly, greasing up everything as it should be and using graphite grease on the sliding pins. Then today when I arrived home from a short journey of about 3 miles I noticed the same drivers side rear had stuck on again??? Any ideas as to where I start in order to fix the problem once and for all so it does'nt get stuck on again? Regards TD Just to add it's 52 plate disco Td5.
  12. Hi guy's, thanks for the replies and helpfull info regarding the clutch problem. I've got the disco booked in the local landy mechanics to get the master cylinder changed. He has advised me that it is the same problem that Simon has mentioned 9 times out of 10. I'll post the results when I get it fixed to let you all know what the solution was. Regards Terra Dog
  13. Hi all. Driving around today I pulled up at a set of lights and waited. Then when I pressed the clutch peddle I felt a lump. Ever since then I'm having trouble when selecting reverse it doesnt let me take it out of gear once put in reverse, so I have to turn the engine off and pump the clutch. Also when in nuetral, if I lightly rest my foot on the clutch it goes down on it's own, yet when I pump it hard it works fine? Could it be the slave cylinder? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Regards
  14. ok thanks for the replies. I think i'll sell them and buy some actual disco ones.
  15. Hi all. I have bought some diff guards off a mate for my disco 2. For some reason I cant seem to get them on. I think they were off a defender. Am I just being useless at fitting them or are defender diff guards a different size to actual disco ones? Regards
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