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  1. His career is very varied- If you get a chance to visit, the arcades in Southwold and London are well worth a visit. My first exposure was when I was about 5, although I never relaised it until a couple of years ago. He illustrated a book 'making a car' which was one of my favourites. It was only when it turned up when clearing out books from my parents loft. I distinctly remember being fascinated by a page about putting the instrument panel together- which is one of the things i've ended up doing in my professional career. Definately have a delve on his website, and if you can lay your hands on a copy, his book 'Almost Everything There is to Know' is fantastic. Amazon link Hadn't realised how much it is going for now!
  2. Indeed- Some great things happening!!!
  3. I'm sure that many members here have good memories of Tim Hunkin and his series 'Secret Life of Machines'. Personally Tim has been an inspiration, definately shaping my attitude to engineering, and as a result of an article he wrote I ended up working in the Exploratorium in San Fransisco. Tim is releasing a new series, starting next week on youtube 'The Secret Life of Components'. If anyone hasn't seen the original machines series- I'd recommenc checking them out too. SLOC
  4. When I was in Surrey, a lot of what I needed came from the local scrapyards, which meant it was cheap! More recently I've used Ringwood Precision who have an online store. Similar to ebay prices, but I have always had good service.
  5. No problem! I worked with Ianto very early on in his career, probably more than 15 years ago! There is definately a lot of 'opinion' out there in youtubeland, so I thought it was well worth sharing here to cut through some of the rubbish!!
  6. A friend of mine from my days working at Pinzgauer, who then went on to lecturing At Harpur Adams has recently started a new Youtube channel, covering engineering of off road vehicles. Hopefully this might be of some use to the members here. Youtube Off Road Engineering
  7. If I were starting a llom from scratch I'd go for the Deutsch DT/ DTM/ HD range. They can be had in a really wide range of sizes from 2 ways to neary fifty, lots of options of wire size too, and whilst the tools are expensive new, one tool genuinely does the full range. They are waterproof, easy to assemble and importantly disassemble when you pin one wrong. They are very widely used in the low volume automotive world- buses/ fire engines/ earth moving machinery/ prototype vehicles/ military vehicles- The company I used to work for would default to them for pretty much all prototyping and low volume jobs, unless a differnet part was needed as a mating half. I have a tool- if you keep an eye out on ebay, they do appear from time to time. Actually the generic military tool has some advantages over the deutsch tool as it's quicker to change terminals. You would need a m22520/1-01 tool also known as a DMC tool or astro tool or AF8. You also then need a turret/ positioner. Can't remember the number, but will have a look when I next go out to the workshop.
  8. I'd recommend 'Chassis Engineering' by Herb Adams Chassis Engineering as a good introduction. It is aimed at racing and as it's American it tends to have a focus on oval tracks but it has a good range of information on general vehicle dynamics and chassis design. It doesn't particularly cover offroad use but all the basics are there.
  9. As others have pointed out the only sure fire way to get good results is to match the terminal, wire and tool together. This can be quite a minefield as even the insulation diameter can affect the crimp.The difference between a good and poor crimp can sometimes come down to a few 10th of a millimetre. For some of the more common types there are aftermarket options- for example the superseal ones listed further up. They aren't as good as the original tool, but generally give adequate results. Can't say i've come across one for Mate-n-lok though. Many of the common automotive connectors are now avaialble from the big four catalogue distributors (Farnell/ RS/ Mouser/ Digikey). I wrote a guide to crimping a few years back- you might find it of interest. http://www.superpants.net/crimping.html
  10. Dow DC 4 Available from several of the catalogue electrical suppliers e.g; Rapid I have a tube that is about 10 years old- don't get through it very quickly, but very good stuff!
  11. Morning, I have this morning had a second instance of a fault showing in the display as 'Steering Column Locked'. Searching around suggests there has been a land-rover technical bulletin on this, LTB00290. Can anyone point to where I can find a copy- My googlefu has so far drawn a blank! Thanks
  12. I worked on the installation of the ZF auto box in the Pinzgauer when the Euro III engine was installed. We too ended up with a somewhat jaunty angle, primarily to get the propshaft at the correct angles. Mys suspicion would be that this is the case here.
  13. Stainless is highly uncommon- Are you sure they actually are fully stainless? I would generally avoid stainless- it has a significantly lower conductivity than copper (and it's alloys), and plated copper has very good corrosion resitance.
  14. I have one of the ortelieb ones which is good if you want to go light weight, or easy packing, but they are a bit awkward to fill. I also have a nalgene cantene which is a bit stiffer, but a bit easier to fill Cantene. Both of these are robust, and no leaks after years of use. If space isn't an issue, I too find the Nato black ones great.
  15. Certainly installing the add on brought up photos that weren't previously showing up for me.
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