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  1. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’ve got a 2000 Defender TD5 and always wanted a dashboard that has some use! The most time consuming part was making templates, measuring, cutting, remeasuring, throwing template away and starting again numerous times. I’m pretty happy with the end product. Just need to put some form of coating on (thinking maybe Raptor or some other textured finish). More gauges Gauges are one the way, once they arrive I can do final hole cuts and get it fitted Toby
  2. What is it your after exactly? Mac Tools are Britool distributors/spares suppliers. A mate of mine is a Mac Man, I could ask him if you need parts?
  3. Like with most tool suppliers, they make it difficult to contact directly. They prefer you to use franchise/who you bought it from
  4. I looked in to this aswel, but found all the injection moulded consoles already have a "pre set" layout of where things go, which didn't appeal to me. I had a Raptor in my old 90, and it was awesome, but just not as "factory" looking a I would like. So i've decided to build my own....just need to make the sides now and then I can start cutting the dash
  5. Confirmed the head has cracked again. Managed to source another second hand head and get it tested and cleaned on Friday, fitted Saturday. Toby
  6. I was aware of different injection pressures, but was unsure if this was monitored by the ECU or not. I did read on landyzone of a guy who says he has fitted a 15p in to his 10p, coded the injectors and off he went, but that's only one person, I can't find anyone else. Thanks for the input
  7. I normally get them pressure tested by my local engine shop, they charge me £60 to test old head, if it has failed, they test and clean the new head for free. I think I'll whip the head off and get it down to them, typical it happens when everywhere is shut for parts etc but I'm in work over Christmas and need a car ☹️ Looks like the Mrs is getting up at 5 and taking me to work 😄 I can't put the head failures down to anything other than the over fueling of the remap....or maybe I just have really bad luck 😅
  8. Hi Steve, I have the proper Sykes Pickavant pressure tester that goes in the injector hole. The head is still on at the moment. Unfortunately this isn't the first time it has happened (this is head No3 in 2 years!). It also has steel dowels fitted from when I previously did the head. I also changed the injector seals/washers about 2 months ago due to a starting issue, which the seals/washers cured. I'm leaning towards just replacing with another 10p. I've been looking to swap to a 110 for a while anyway, so maybe this is the time. I have attached a picture of the previous head crack, from coolant gallery in to cylinder 3. Thanks Toby
  9. If it's a fairly straight forward swap (i'm limited on time), then I will throw a 15p in. I just haven't got the time to be going getting pipes made, making brackets etc. To be honest....I have a feeling my remap has something to do with the constant head cracking (this is the 3rd cylinder head to crack in 3 years....) It does overfuel quite a lot (black smokes heavily under load) and I am loaded quite a lot of the time due to my fitted toolbox/racking etc and towing trailers. The map will be getting changed as soon as the head/engine is swapped. Thanks Toby
  10. My 2000 90 TD5 has been smoking quite a bit for a while now and a compression test confirmed cylinder 2 was low. I've been pondering for a while now whether to pull it and rebuild it. As of yesterday afternoon, the cylinder head has failed...again. Header tank was empty and engine locked when I went top start it up this morning. After turning it over by hand I've now concluded the head has cracked again after filling the yard with white smoke. I've decided I'm going to throw another 'known good' engine in out of a friend who is breaking a few Discoverys. My question is...should I carry on with the 10p engine, or put a 15p in? I can't see any reason why a 15p wouldn't run off the 10p ECU once the injectors are coded? Or would I need the 15p ECU aswel? Are here any benefits to putting the 15p in? Has anyone on here done the swap? I'm a truck mechanic so the swap is not a problem, it's just the differences between the 2 engines I am unsure of. Thanks in advance Toby
  11. Any build thread on this? Where did you source the turbo?
  12. I built one for my 90 after seeing the price of new ones! I went to my local steel place and bought a 20m of 25mm rust stock tube for £6, then I had a load of pre-bent 25mm 90degree from scrap skip at work. Took me best part of 2 days to make it, having to notch all the tubes etc, but definitely worth it!
  13. So....I came to start it this morning, and it wouldn't turn over. Checked battery, Ok. Checked header tank...empty. Ater turning it over by hand, it started. I can only assume the cylinder head has cracked again and filled a cylinder, causing it to Hydraulic. Still lots of white smoke! looks like it's time to take the head off again
  14. I set off to work this morning around 4:30 and after about 20 mins I noticed my heater wasn't blowing warm. So I pulled over, check coolant level, ok, checked heater leaver on heater box, ok. I carried on to work and parked up. After sitting at work for 12 hours, I started it up and there was lots of white smoke. The smoke continued for the next couple of miles, and it was really thick. Thick enough that I couldn't see the car behind me! I replaced the cylinder head 12 months ago as it had cracked causing coolant to leak in to a cylinder. The coolant level now doesn't seem to move now though. I'm going to check again in the morning and see what sort of smell is coming from the smoke. I'm thinking maybe and injector cup has cracked.....but this doesn't explain the intermittent heater. Any help is appreciated! Toby
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