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  1. Insurance Premium after stolen/recovered

    I did have a7 years NCB, never made a claim since I started driving, but since the theft, they have reduced this to 3 years as I claimed for the damage to the car. I can't see a 2000 year car being considered for a classic policy yet, but it's worth a try I suppose! I normally rack up around 15k a year. I've now changed the vehicle to being locked in a garage (now locked up in the workshop every night). I could afford to pay the £2100 a year, but I can't bring myself to do it out of principle! I'm being left with not much choice but to sell the 90 and get a company vehicle and maybe a project Land Rover.
  2. Insurance Premium after stolen/recovered

    My insurance company have knocked my no claims down the 3 years. The insurance system is ridiculous, because some little p*^&k stole my car and smashed it up, I should have to pay for it I suppose there's nothing I can do, except look for another vehicle
  3. So this time last year, my 2000 90 TD5 was stolen. After 2 days I received a phone call to say it had be found, awesome. I went down to the crime scene, the back quarter was all smashed in, the rear door was damaged beyond repair, the drivers door was damaged, the radio had been stolen, they had somehow snapped both rear shockers and caused other various body damage. The quote to repair came back at £3100 all in, which the insurer agreed to pay. Now 12 months on, I've had my renewal through. I was originally paying £600 a year (25 years old). It has now shot up to £2100! I've shopped around and cant seem to get it any cheaper! Does anyone have any advice? I didn't even pay that much on a TD5 at the age of 17! I refuse to pay this amount at the age of 25 with 7 years no claims! Cheers Toby
  4. Remapped TD5 boost pressure....

    Cool, I'll have a look now. Cheers
  5. Remapped TD5 boost pressure....

    The tuner did adjust the wastegate with the tune, which I thought was pretty common with remapped TD5's. Hmm I am tempted to take the car to a different tuner and get another opinion. My car has the usual: Alumnium intercooler EGR removed Air filter Straight pipe It's still doesnt pull as well as my friends 15p that has been remapped though. Anyone recommend any tuners local to Manchester? Cheers Toby
  6. Evening! I've had my Defender TD5 mapped for about a year now, and the standard intercooler popped yesterday, so I've ordered an aluminium one. I was curious as to what boost pressure figures various tuners are using. Cheers! Toby
  7. Firstly a little bit about my 90: 2000 TD5 EGR removed Remapped ECU by Mastak and boost turned up to 22psi 149k miles No active fault codes The problem mainly happens when the engine is cold, and doesn't happen all the time. On start up everything sounds normal, car idles fine. I'll pull out of a junction, and the 90 will pull a lot harder and accelerate a lot more than normal, but makes a strange noise as if there is a blockage somewhere on the intake side. I thought maybe the wastegate was sticking but this is free. The only other thing I've noticed is the throttle seems to 'stick on' for a couple of seconds after lift off, but I can't see the two problems relating. Im a bit stuck as what to look for now. Any suggestions ? Cheers Toby
  8. [UK] Black Defender stolen last week

    Try listing pictures and description on Facebook local for sale pages. That's how mine was found when it was stolen. You'll be surprised how fast it gets shared on there! Toby
  9. Defender 300tdi diff in a Defender TD5

    Awesome, cheers for the info guys, much appreciated. Toby
  10. Defender 300tdi diff in a Defender TD5

    Mines a 2000 90 TD5 with a non-Salisbury rear axle. I just wasn't sure where there were any ratio differences and the reason for people charging so much more for TD5 diffs over TDI ones. Much appreciated! Toby
  11. After spending a good hour or so searching, I can't find a definitive answer. I have a 2000 Defender TD5 with a banging rear diff. I've managed to find a guy locally who sells diffs from 300tdi's and TD5's, except the TD5 diffs are twice the price! Is there any difference? Will a 300 diff go straight in and accept the half shafts? Thanks in advance Toby
  12. Black smoke

    My Defender TD5 is mapped and does smoke when under load but clears when boost builds. I have a fast road map with boost increase to 20 psi as recommended by the tuner. A common problem for black smoking is the turbo elbow going soft with age and collapsing under high boost, so this might need changing. Toby
  13. Defender TD5 lumpy at 60mph

    The waste gate was partially seized. All sorted now. Thanks Toby
  14. Defender TD5 lumpy at 60mph

    One of the first things I did was change the injector loom and clean the ECU out so I know that bit is all good. I'll plug it in, change the filter and report back. Toby
  15. Defender TD5 lumpy at 60mph

    I'd have no chance of even touching 50mph in 4th gear before the stuttering starts. I'll change the filters and clean the lines out. I was unsure whether this was common or not. I'll plug it in tomorrow and see if anything comes back