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  1. I tried 3 stores (2 in Manchester, 1 in Conwy), none of them had any. Just seen one for sale on eBay for £150
  2. I'll be popping over tomorrow to buy one. Will give it a whirl!
  3. Where the arrow is pointing is a Parrot handsfree. Next to the Parrot is the pin entry for the Sigma alarm. The centre console I made myself from 1mm steel and then coated with bed liner type material. The panel with the switches on is from Amazon. It's a tidy way of housing the switches volt meter and 12v sockets. The fuseboard is from a Volvo Truck (I work for Volvo, got this one handy out of the scrap bin).
  4. I used the original rails off my defender seats, stripped them down to the bare rails, same with the RX8 seats, and 'merged' them together 😄 It will all be worth it once you get them in, it's like driving a different car!
  5. I was worried about the potential loss of leg room, but there doesn't seem to be much difference. I cant put my seat back as far as possible due to my toolbox behind (the back of the seat hits it), but i'm 6ft and I can cope. You can see the original RX8 heated seat switches on the bottom right of my centre console. I may change the switches in the future to match the rest of my switches, but they'll do for now.
  6. Fitting them without those rails is relatively easy. The most time consuming bit was cutting off the RX8 mounts and wiring them up. I used the original RX8 switches but ran them through a custom made fuse/relay center behind the passenger seat. I think I've had my heated seat on every day since I fitted them 👼😂
  7. Finally got round to 'finishing' this off,even though it's not 100% finished, I need to add more switches/gauges yet, but it's painted, fitted and being used! More than happy with how it turned out and it's exactly what I wanted!
  8. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’ve got a 2000 Defender TD5 and always wanted a dashboard that has some use! The most time consuming part was making templates, measuring, cutting, remeasuring, throwing template away and starting again numerous times. I’m pretty happy with the end product. Just need to put some form of coating on (thinking maybe Raptor or some other textured finish). More gauges Gauges are one the way, once they arrive I can do final hole cuts and get it fitted Toby
  9. What is it your after exactly? Mac Tools are Britool distributors/spares suppliers. A mate of mine is a Mac Man, I could ask him if you need parts?
  10. Like with most tool suppliers, they make it difficult to contact directly. They prefer you to use franchise/who you bought it from
  11. I looked in to this aswel, but found all the injection moulded consoles already have a "pre set" layout of where things go, which didn't appeal to me. I had a Raptor in my old 90, and it was awesome, but just not as "factory" looking a I would like. So i've decided to build my own....just need to make the sides now and then I can start cutting the dash
  12. Confirmed the head has cracked again. Managed to source another second hand head and get it tested and cleaned on Friday, fitted Saturday. Toby
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