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  1. Sounds promising! I’ve been putting off purchasing it with such title Info being about. I think I’m going to take the plunge! Thanks for the help
  2. I've always wanted a PTO driven front winch that come on utility/electric board 110's, on my 90 TD5, but I can't find any information anywhere. Has anyone on here done it? Hopefully it's as simple as shortening the prop, making some bearing carriers for the prop and bit of fettling.....
  3. We really want to move to Squamish, but the commute in to Delta every day may be a little long I think. We only had a quick stop over last time, so once everything is clear, we will come over for a couple of weeks.
  4. Looking good Me and the Mrs are hoping to get over to BC soon when all this dies down, got some potential job interviews. 6 months of summer is better than what we get in the UK! 😂
  5. That'll do I cut the runners off my original Defender seats, welded them in place and put a couple bolts in to be safe. Just bear in mind, if you have a middle seat, you'll struggle to get the doors shut with the electric seat adjuster buttons on. If you have a cubbybox, you'll be fine
  6. Perfect, thanks everyone. If you could please @Ed Poore, that would be great. The TD5 setup is easy as the pump bolts straight on, next extra tensioners etc. I use my setup quite a lot for inflating truck tyres, air tanks etc. I did burn out the clutch on my last pump trying to inflate some ait tanks on a truck a bit too quick. Now I just leave it on idle and it's been fine since. Thanks for the help
  7. I've done a few AC conversion for onboard air supply on Defender TD5's, but a mate has asked me to convert his Defender 300tdi. I've never owned a 300tdi. Does the AC pump bolt straight on to a 300tdi? Someone is selling a conversion kit, but it includes a front timing cover. Does this need to be changed to accept an air con pump? Thanks for the help! Toby
  8. Due to me needing a middle seat, I had to remove the buttons to allow the door to shut. I never need to move it, but I keep the removable part of the button in the dash incase
  9. I'll have look. I did start taking some pictures
  10. Hmmm good idea in one sense....but surely the rails would come loose overtime with just hand tightening torque.... Personally I used the original Defender seat rails, welded/botled them to the RX8 seats (RX8 main rail removed, sliding part still attached). With regards to the airbags, I've left mine in. I've installed a cut out part with battery isolator and Anderson socket incase I need to disconnect battery or jump start. The battery is still somewhat accessible with the seat slid forward, but I wouldn't be able to remove it. Removing the seat only takes 2 mins anyway.
  11. I tried 3 stores (2 in Manchester, 1 in Conwy), none of them had any. Just seen one for sale on eBay for £150
  12. I'll be popping over tomorrow to buy one. Will give it a whirl!
  13. Where the arrow is pointing is a Parrot handsfree. Next to the Parrot is the pin entry for the Sigma alarm. The centre console I made myself from 1mm steel and then coated with bed liner type material. The panel with the switches on is from Amazon. It's a tidy way of housing the switches volt meter and 12v sockets. The fuseboard is from a Volvo Truck (I work for Volvo, got this one handy out of the scrap bin).
  14. I used the original rails off my defender seats, stripped them down to the bare rails, same with the RX8 seats, and 'merged' them together 😄 It will all be worth it once you get them in, it's like driving a different car!
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