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  1. I think the best way to stop the smart people of the community it just to leave it unlocked with the keys in, should really confuse them!
  2. Scream alarms are quite effective http://www.sure24.co.uk/sure-lckap08-padlock-alarm.html
  3. Mine kept emailing me sayin that I reached the limit but it still kept working fine so I just thought it was some sort of scam
  4. I'm with fridge but he forgot the last step about trying to touch up the runs with a brush after having the beer(s) ........ It gives it that lovely artexed look .......Painting never was my strong point
  5. Maybe I'll just do that, was just going to buy the bits and do them myself but that sounds easier Thanks
  6. Hi all Can anyone tell me what diameter pipe I need for my oil cooler and what size the fittings are which come from the filter for a 1994 3.9 efi v belt Cheers Ash
  7. http://www.stakesys.co.uk/department/tube_bender_machines/ this is the place anyway the guy was quite helpful he seemed to be bringing a lot in from the states might be able to get hold of some for you and he's in the uk
  8. Hi si sorry Got confused mine were the dies for the pro tools bender but I used them in my own home made bender don't no whether they will fit yours or not
  9. I went for the bigger radius on my dies for the same reason as si , jus so you can bend thinner walled tube Thought it would be useful for my exhaust as well the place I got mine seen to have every size you can think of Ash
  10. So not much good for 50.2 x 3 mm CDs would the bender you have work with this and what sort of price are they Ash
  11. Say you did have a cheap cr*py one because its all you can afford would this help?
  12. What tube and size are you using ? Have you packed it with sand to stop distorsion just wondering if this really helps? Ash
  13. Done it now was quite easy I brought a x brake in the end and fitted the prop from a disco on the front everything fitted together well cheers for the advice Ash
  14. I'm only 22 tried all of them they don't won't to no ! All I want is the theft bit incase it gets nicked really I dnt no if anyone does just that
  15. Hi everyone I'm building a challenge truck ATM and I'm getting to the point where iv spent quite a bit of money and I'm thinking of. Insuring it iv tried a few companys but they don't want to no as it sorn and is just goin to be trailered so I was wondering if anyone could help with some ideas ? Thanks Ash
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