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  1. Always worth runnin some redex or forte through the system with a couple of gallon in the tank, Cetane is boosted and cleans t'injectors out nice
  2. Cheers for the replies guys, yeah personally I'd have the 2.4 if could find one, I've got me td5 disco which will have the nuts tuned off it once I've done the clutch (and got the cash) but we are thinkin workhorse jump in go down the field come back chuck trailer on, bit of expense but we need reliability, the d3 lacks the latter and the d4 is still out of price range, And I spose they hold their money too
  3. Well after a hellish time with my d1 300 and my dads p38 my dads out of the blue wondering about looking into a new defender for towing and general trustworthy motorway towin cattle up to carlisle n places (plus a bit of offloading chucked in for fun)... What's the crack on the new ones??? I know it's a marmite drivin position etc etc but anyone got experience with the pumas and the 2.2's???
  4. That would explain the carp pedal, is it a tiny pipe?? Could it possibly be the egr vacuum pipe??
  5. I was informed the scuffed bumper was sold as I had second dubs on it :s
  6. Not to mention the dual mass flywheel on the manuals, does my tits in squeelin first thing in morning
  7. Good man, sounds like you got a better deal than the dog my mates bought lol
  8. Im okay now ive calmed down lol I asked the question the women said that they will be more than likely be the same price, genuine enough people by the sounds of it and they were genuine with the reason for the delay I'm on the list just a waiting game now
  9. F**kin ballbags, just had a phonecall telling me that they have non left.... Highly annoying as I placed order last week, although ice been informed they'll ring me when/if more come in....... I wait patiently with baited breath
  10. You'll hear turbo whistle a wee bit more and I noticed it to be abit louder as you've basically removed a silencer the only pointer I can give is to check to soot round joints and to reseal them with silicone or summit, and just check you've allowed for movement and the pipes not binding on the crossmember on anywhere
  11. Going off a mates investigation imto plate legalities for his trans-am 8/9 yrs ago there's nothing in mot/legal manual that states a front plate has to be on display.... It's just the norm and down to the policemans judgement on the day
  12. Yeah rust on a d2 body is alot rarer than a d1 not abolished but rarer as I found looking through a handful in one day, early d2 rear chassis can rot sometimes due to unsubstantial paint/rustproofing from the factory (I had mine rustproofed at the garage I bought it from, garage owner was a discovery nut so knew where I was coming from and allowed for this even though he didn't expect me to ask for it lol)
  13. Jack it up on the chassis to increase the gap betWeen the engine and axle, the old flexi cat pipe will bend about with abit of angling etc for removal, the new pip will go back through the gap sideways and then manipulate it to sit up underneath the turbo, tis quite simples if your lucky took me 25mins to do the whole job start to finish I've heard people say it takes hours...... Oh dear
  14. I think it also depends on ho much tread is left, my discos coming up to the wear markers on scorpion road Tyres and I notice mine is like yours is explained compared to my 300 on m/t's which runs smooth in comparison
  15. Can't see a caravan being a problem at all, my td5 manual tows my tri axle fully loaded 3.5t cattle trailer too) most the time so as stated it'll be a walk in the park for 4 times in the yr I aost wish id've got an auto but hey ho
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