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  1. I converted my 90 hardtop to a kingcab for challenges so I could have some storage inside and not have the seat so vertical which is always the problem in truck cabs. Hopefully attached are some pics. I just peeled off the rear section then cut out a big chunk from roof and sides then riveted the back part back on. Chopped a small section off the rear door then it fitted in fine. Made some panels for the corners and some extra bolt holes to hold it all down. Probably if I was organised, I might have got some little windows for the sides to give more visibility but it is not bad. I left m
  2. The chamfering is generally to solve a noise/squeal/groan issue I believe. At worst case, you may get some undesirable noise. Certainly shouldn't get any damage issues.
  3. My entry for Rnd2 has gone off yesterday so hopefully another Class1 truck for that event. Harbury nice and local for me so thought it rude not to enter. Not sure I will do any others though. Any more details of where the Harbury event actually is? Hopefully see some of you in a few weeks. Cheers, Dan
  4. My Dad used to own a sailing boat called an E-boat which was 2.8m wide at largest point and we used to tow that behind a 4WD and even the car once. I guess it was probably still legal as the trailer was thinner so the wide parts of the boat were classed as overhangs. looks like it was pretty close to needing a Police escort though and we always just scraped through the road works without a phone call as the limit there was 9ft6 and we were basically 9ft. Was a great little racing boat but very odd as 9ft wide but only 21ft long!
  5. To clarify, I think the ABS and motors work in tandem to stop the vehicle. If ABS/hydraulics have failed then clearly the motors have to help decel. Also depends what speed you are doing when you apply the Electric park brake.
  6. Think you will find it is actually the ABS that does the stopping then the motors wind on the handbrake part once the vehicle is stopped.
  7. Some people now design it so that if you hit the brake and throttle together, the brake is master and it cuts engine power (so no more left foot braking!). I guess that was not the case here.
  8. Lights coming on (and boing sounds) are often seen as a customer annoyance unless serious so a lot of systems try not to put lights on at every minute action/fault unless really necessary/legal.
  9. So here are a couple of my pics. Nothing wonderful but only a little camera and a little man to keep an eye on! Also got pics of the various farm animals as well but guess you are not so interested in those!!! Cheers,
  10. Well I made it along with the little one (nearly 2). Unfortunately arrived to see a blue motor with number 80 on the side being towed to a barn behind a JCB so I guess Steve it was not a great day for you. Thought it not the best time to come and say hi as guess you were busy (still there working away when I left as well!). Had a great time though and think I have found something the little one really enjoys as all I got for the first 30mins was WOW every time a motor went past. Was great to watch and I took a few bits of vid and some pics. I will try to put up some pics later this week i
  11. May come along as not seen a comp safari up close and the little one seems to love cars so something new to see and nice and local. Dan
  12. You could make a king cab as they seem to get called. I used my hardtop roof and cut a big chunk out of the middle then stitched the back part back on. Does require some work of course but I had the same concerns as you. I use mine for comps and hardtop got clobbered and poor visibility. I didn't want TC though as uncomfortable to drive as seat even more upright and I wanted to be able to store some stuff inside due to weather/security issues. I now have around 20cm behind the bulkhead before the end of the roof so this is enough space to stick in personal gear, sleeping bags etc. I then
  13. Cobalt definitely a lot stronger. A mate runs a workshop and I have seen him seriously lean on small cobalt drills and they don't snap and drive straight into tough metal. Used a lot for drilling holes in broken studs so an extractor will go in. No chance with HSS, Cobalt straight in.
  14. I retapped the hole in the Disco lump to accept the TD sender. The thread is very similar but it seems to have sealed okay as no leak in the last couple of years.
  15. I broke the top lug on one of my front calipers a few years ago although luckily during testing brakes on the driveway so not so dangerous when funny noise and soggy pedal as the fluid leaked out. No traction control but probably an age thing.
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