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  1. I'm very keen on getting Skytag, contacted them and they say they'll discount the up-front cost from £249 to £75 for a group buy. Monthly packages stay the same as here: http://www.skytag-gps.co.uk/ Drop me a message if interested, I'm keen to sort this out by the beginning of next month, after a neighbour's LR went walkies from his front drive last month.
  2. I've a Trutrac in the back axle. Not a locker, so if you lift a wheel you're still stuck (or you'll be left-foot braking), but if it's slimey or on gravel you'll see a little more grip. The only negative I can assess is that, when cornering hard enough that the inner rear wheel might slip a little, it'll push from the outside rear wheel instead which gives you a shove around the corner but tends to tighten the line, feeling like oversteer. It's only just noticeable, enough that I'm not sure it's not just 'tuck' on the rear trailing links geometry or similar, but the ATB would explain it. It's no locker, but it's a great budget option.
  3. Thanks guys. I think we've settled on the Crown at Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, camping next to the pub and there's even a ford to access www.thecrowninn.wales Three Pigeons came up as one of the other favourites too, the ford swung it though! I'll let you know how we get on.
  4. Hi all, A group of us are heading to mid-Wales for a camping weekend, a day of laning and some time out with the kids. I'm looking for pub food and camping nearby where we can have a fire and a beer while the kids are (hopefully) asleep. I can trawl the websites but a recommendation would be invaluable. I'm looking around Bala but happy to be swung north or south. The lanes will hopefully be tame, scenic and aren't the focus of the weekend.
  5. There's a few of us old hands dipping in from time to time. I've avoided the divorce but have moved house and added a moneypit to the fleet (and rechassis'd the Ninety). Anyone know how to put two child seats into a soft-top Ninety?
  6. Bit of a hang time on this but I've been busy... Here's some pics of my setup, homebrew manifold and the turbo from an L200. It's not pretty... Boost control is just by pressure through a Td5 diaphragm and a counter-pressure spring to reduce the pressure for first movement. The effect is excellent pullaway performance (through an auto box) and comfortably 25mpg or better on a run.
  7. Blimey, your diagram looks complicated. I'm running a Mitsubishi VVT on a 300Tdi, I have a Td5 boost capsule with an external spring (chosen by mostly trial and error, with a little science stirred in) to counterbalance the closing force. That moves the vanes and manages the boost. The result is great, really boosty at low revs, I see 0.8 bar at 1000rpm and 1.3bar at 1400rpm. It naturally targets full boost though so the vanes are always as closed as possible, which I think contributes to 25mpg (mine is an auto Ninety too). The hardest part was making the manifold to hold the turbo, it's run for about five years now and it's great. I've been to Spain and Morocco with it, it's really tuneable but I've turned it down now to keep it driveable.
  8. Back to the top - we filled the place and now another has dropped out. The trip leaves this Friday for two weeks, but now the ferries are paid for so this is a cheap opportunity to see the desert! Be in Portsmouth on Friday 7th Oct for 8pm, we'll drop you back on Sunday 23rd at 8pm. The Volvo is going back to the Lake District so pickup is possible most places. Come and join us, it'll be a giggle!
  9. I'm planning a three vehicle, six person 4x4 trip to Morocco in October, but one of the participants has had to drop out. We could go with five, but it'll be a drain on the group. Two of us made a similar trip in 2014 so the transfers and border should be fine, the intention is to cross from Portsmouth to Bilbao, have one overnight in Spain and get into Northern Morocco quite quickly. We'll travel south slowly to see the Dade's Gorges, Cirque du Jafar and cross the High Atlas. I'm planning to head west from M'hamid to Foum Zguid, spending a dark skies night in the desert as the highlight of the trip. Departure will be Sat 8th October, returning Sun 23 October. I know it's short notice but we need to be mindful of the group dynamic. The other participants are pretty easy-going, outdoorsy but not "boozy lads". We have a lab equipment salesman, a rail manager, a transport manager, a mechanic and a logistics administrator. Someone with medical knowledge, Arabic or "better-than-schoolboy" French would be helpful, but we survived the last trip without problems. To keep it interesting we're taking two old LandRover Ninetys and a Volvo C303. Cruising will be hot, noisy and about 60mph. Costs will be split sensibly between us, probably around £1100 each including ferries, fuel and food. There's no profit for anyone and no promises of organisation or success. Backup plan is via the other two cars. Contact me, John, on 07779 081520 if you're interested.
  10. Does anyone know what the difference between 300Tdi and Td5 hard brake pipes are - diameter, unions, config? I'm rebuilding my Ninety at the moment, it's a 2.5NA but I have a Td5 bulkhead and servo and late 300Tdi or Td5 axles. I need to re-pipe the whole chassis anyway, but I can't see an easy way to buy a Td5 pipe sets. I'm going to use Llama flexi too - anything else to think of?
  11. I bumped into Nick (Tangoman) in Cheltenham a couple of years back, he'd found he has too much spare time and cash since getting rid of his LRs so was thinking about getting "something for a little laning"...
  12. I did some more investigation today. It clicks happily into both positions, the detent is working fine and the position looks good, 12 and 2 o'clock as per Ashcroft site. I lifted the selector plate and all looks clean and oily as it should - but both props still turn together! It looks like the diff is bust - off to the classifieds!
  13. It's an auto so possible but not likely. I've certainly not sat spinning a wheel abusively to damage anything - by my understanding it broke "while it was in the garage" (but that's what they all say).
  14. Not the usual issue with a difflock so the search isn't helping. My Ninety (with LT230) is stuck in difflock, can't turn either prop independently with wheels raised and a nasty windup feeling when cornering followed by a loud bang as it unwinds. The tricky question is the cause - the lever and mechanism are free so the plunger on the side of the box moves in and out freely with a click, but it's still in difflock either way. It moves in and out of hi/lo range easily too, but that's separate. All the online guides point at freeing the linkage but nothing deeper. It's going to have to come apart, if it's a common or easy fix. Otherwise I'm in the market for a difflock assembly!
  15. Thanks guys. Mine are copies as they're welded and don't have the kink in the back plate. I'll pick a suitable shock, +5" is more than I expected!
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