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  1. difflock confusion

    looking through the other little photos my mate snapped at the time, I think perhaps im being daft or just a little naiive. this was the OSR wheel at the same time. considering ive got HD rear springs fitted to the truck, I suppose im overlooking just how much of the vehicle's weight has been shifted to this corner and thus lifted from its axle partner? I suppose ive not really spent any time considering the whys and wherefores
  2. difflock confusion

    it's certainly possible. i could see black marks on the floor where the front wheel had been, but nothing at the back. looking at it, that rear n/s tyre does appear to have some evidence of spinning at the top of it, but if that is the case, im fairly disappointed with the ease with which it has broken traction on not one but two wheels
  3. difflock confusion

    hi guys. Ive searched and read through a few of the past 'difflock problem' type topics but not yet found one that covers the same problem as I think im having. with my discovery in position as per the photo here, the drivers side front wheel was scrubbing on the floor and forward motion ceased. with the weight off that tyre in comparison to the others, this would be expected with the difflock out, but the difflock light was on, lever over to the left. does the light mean the difflock is definitely engaged, or just that certain parts of the linkage are in the correct position? by my reckoning if the difflock were working properly, one wheel at the front with low traction should not have been an issue because both rear wheels should have been driving forward as normal? any insight appreciated jim
  4. Detatchable tow hitch

    I believe the 1998 refers to the vehicle not to the construction of the towing appliance. Im gleaning that from the line that vehicles constructed from 1998 require type approved tow bars so either way in this instance it has to be type approved.
  5. Anybody going to Donnington on Sunday?

    yeah im planning on being there!
  6. Are your mud tyres any good in the snow

    drove works vehicle on bfg at's all day then jumped in my discovery on cooper discoverer stt's. mine felt more planted, but again, siped tread on the cooper stt's.
  7. brake system questions

    thanks guys. should have said before, it's a 200tdi. I'm still considering both options. Its quite a cost difference, but I'll do me sums once i get paid and see how much I can afford the upcoming MOT to cost me. thankfully it doesnt need any welding still, but she's starting to feel a bit loose around the steering too. always the same story!
  8. brake system questions

    thanks for the input so far guys keep it coming. I need more to make an informed decision, ive got one each way so far
  9. brake system questions

    Ive got fed up of the diminishing performance of the brakes on my D1 and want to sort it out. essentially, I dont know if theres anything wrong with the master cylinder, but Im going to get one of the repair kits anyway. I do think there might be but Im also aware that theres some issue with seized or semi seized pistons. ive one caliper that seems to eat pads and one that does the opposite. Time to get this sorted. although braking performance isnt diminished as an end result, Im having to use more pedal than I feel I ought. few questions about the bits im swapping. flexis will be changed for braided, but do I fit stock length ones, +2s, or can I even fit +4s to a standard height vehicle or will they get in the way of moving parts? calipers... do I swap the calipers as a whole (pricey) or do I do the seals, pistons, bleed nipples etc and just clean the bodies? parts for all 4 should be about 80 pounds max, calipers would come to over 200. If i were to swap for new calipers, do I stick with solid front discs? should they be adequate? do i go for vented calipers and discs? certainly not interested in drilled or grooved for this vehicle. Is there anything ive overlooked or forgotten? thanks guys. any opinions appreciated. those with experience attached would be fantastic! thanks Jim
  10. V8 Crank nut removal

    If it's anything like the tdi, theres a tool that can be aquired for many pounds that holds the crank pulley while you undo the bolt but im sure a grown-up will be along to confirm/disprove this theory
  11. tightening the handbrake?

    cheers ralph! will give that a go after lunch
  12. 200tdi inlet manifold question

    it's where mine's going
  13. MadMan ETG gauge

    im assuming it's a typo on their part and it would be a 56.5mm hole to correspond with its 56mm size. hopefully someone can confirm
  14. tightening the handbrake?

    just as an extension to this if i may, I tightened up the handbrake on my 94 disco 200tdi and although now the handbrake works fine, the handbrake lever doesnt always want to sit right down when off as there seems to be 'too much' cable. Has it stretched? Is there some method of taking this slack up or is it new cable time? thanks
  15. Seat Covers?

    ive got town and country ones in mine very heavy duty and durable, exceptional fit, waterproof and very easy to clean. couldnt be happier with them!

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