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  1. Well how much you after for them, &How they work or is this for a series.
  2.  Hello Mike. Can I have the TDI  K&N filter please & would you post it at my cost please????

    1. welling4x4


      Mike could you contact me about tdi  filter please. 

  3. lady's & Gent's After reading the comments on here & doing more investigations I found that the earth wire on the gauge had came out of the connector so new bit or wire & connector tried it & HAPPY DAZ'S it worked as it shoud. so just got to give it a blow out to see if it stay's in the white & not go into the red,( will keep you All posted) Many Thanks for the help.
  4. Here goes then.I replaced thermostate replace temp sender , replace temp gauge, BUT when I put the ignison on the temp gauage goes up to 1/2 way before the engine is started, then as the thing get's warm reads into the red. I have put a new wire from the back of the gauge to the sender & still no joy. So any ideas/clues would be great.
  5. Hello Their, The answer was yes. the old cowling was put back on with the electric fan fitted inside & then the rest of the space was filled with rubber so their were No gap's around the Rad or Intercooler. Hope this helps.
  6. syncromesh on it's way out :( Sorry for the bad new's :unsure:
  7. Gent,s. 2 Put my 10 bob,s worth in. I was going along. The same lines as yourself But Looking. On Flee-bay I bought a brand new RS Cosworth intercooler & it fit,s bang in the middle Of the rad space. I had to move the rad 2 the middle of the Space.the i/Cooler cost me £101.00 & that was with postage So plenty of cash left over treated her to all new silicon hoses. Moved a brand new 5 core heavey duty rad £135.00 including pp. Into the middle of truck.I/coolerinfront. Pump tweaked & the resualts were outstanding. Now the downside. Engine getting very hot, & tempature reading high/into the red, on motorway,s so on 1 side gives your **** hot performance But that,s the thing You have to live with. :-D
  8. Hi Their, Water pump is doing what it should do. Thermostate is also doing what it's meant to do, Tried another temp sender, & still the same reading. NOW am @ a complete loss. I must admitt, yes I drive it very hard some times But that should not keep the gauge up into the red should it ?I have a kenlow that come on when the motor get's up to tempature & then keep's running until I stop the vehical & kill the battery switch Or it's been running for a long time. :( :(
  9. I will be their & 1/2 of the BRISTOL & WEST OFF ROAD CLUB as well. so Happy Daz's ,bring on the (tat) I mean bargins.
  10. Thank's for the reply. BUT when I put a new sender in I put a New wire feed also.So that was another thing I struck of my list ??? I have now lost patients with it as I don't know what else to check .
  11. Hi All. I to am suffering from the same. List I have changed is as follow's. New Rad. New thermo, New Bigger intercooler,New temp switch.for a defener. New temp gauge. Shorter stright through exuast & still it run's realy hot. some have said it's because I drive it to hard ??? not sure about that. this is a disco 200tdi engine into a defender, PLEASE HELP.
  12. Truck is nearly up together @ last :)

  13. Truck is nearly up together @ last :)

  14. Thank's for coming back to me Lad's. I think I will take the advice & take it to a windscreen fitter & get it done 4 me :( :( :(
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