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  1. Well how much you after for them, &How they work or is this for a series.
  2.  Hello Mike. Can I have the TDI  K&N filter please & would you post it at my cost please????

    1. welling4x4


      Mike could you contact me about tdi  filter please. 

  3. lady's & Gent's After reading the comments on here & doing more investigations I found that the earth wire on the gauge had came out of the connector so new bit or wire & connector tried it & HAPPY DAZ'S it worked as it shoud. so just got to give it a blow out to see if it stay's in the white & not go into the red,( will keep you All posted) Many Thanks for the help.
  4. Here goes then.I replaced thermostate replace temp sender , replace temp gauge, BUT when I put the ignison on the temp gauage goes up to 1/2 way before the engine is started, then as the thing get's warm reads into the red. I have put a new wire from the back of the gauge to the sender & still no joy. So any ideas/clues would be great.
  5. Hello Their, The answer was yes. the old cowling was put back on with the electric fan fitted inside & then the rest of the space was filled with rubber so their were No gap's around the Rad or Intercooler. Hope this helps.
  6. syncromesh on it's way out :( Sorry for the bad new's :unsure:
  7. Gent,s. 2 Put my 10 bob,s worth in. I was going along. The same lines as yourself But Looking. On Flee-bay I bought a brand new RS Cosworth intercooler & it fit,s bang in the middle Of the rad space. I had to move the rad 2 the middle of the Space.the i/Cooler cost me £101.00 & that was with postage So plenty of cash left over treated her to all new silicon hoses. Moved a brand new 5 core heavey duty rad £135.00 including pp. Into the middle of truck.I/coolerinfront. Pump tweaked & the resualts were outstanding. Now the downside. Engine getting very hot, & tempature reading high/into the red, on motorway,s so on 1 side gives your **** hot performance But that,s the thing You have to live with. :-D
  8. Hi Their, Water pump is doing what it should do. Thermostate is also doing what it's meant to do, Tried another temp sender, & still the same reading. NOW am @ a complete loss. I must admitt, yes I drive it very hard some times But that should not keep the gauge up into the red should it ?I have a kenlow that come on when the motor get's up to tempature & then keep's running until I stop the vehical & kill the battery switch Or it's been running for a long time. :( :(
  9. I will be their & 1/2 of the BRISTOL & WEST OFF ROAD CLUB as well. so Happy Daz's ,bring on the (tat) I mean bargins.
  10. Thank's for the reply. BUT when I put a new sender in I put a New wire feed also.So that was another thing I struck of my list ??? I have now lost patients with it as I don't know what else to check .
  11. Hi All. I to am suffering from the same. List I have changed is as follow's. New Rad. New thermo, New Bigger intercooler,New temp switch.for a defener. New temp gauge. Shorter stright through exuast & still it run's realy hot. some have said it's because I drive it to hard ??? not sure about that. this is a disco 200tdi engine into a defender, PLEASE HELP.
  12. Truck is nearly up together @ last :)

  13. Truck is nearly up together @ last :)

  14. Thank's for coming back to me Lad's. I think I will take the advice & take it to a windscreen fitter & get it done 4 me :( :( :(
  15. Hi All. need a bit of Help here. Has any 1 put a Front windscreen in a defender 90 & if so is it a easy job ??? Is their any Tricks or Tip's that can be passed on or shared Please. Regards, Andy. who can't drive my 90 as the screen is badly damaged
  16. Varta every time . I got a pair wired in paralle & it has never ,never let me down even when it was -16 this week :i-m_so_happy: :i-m_so_happy:
  17. Hello Their, Is this going to be @ the Bristol & West show ground ???
  18. 200 tdi All day long :rtfm: :rtfm: :rtfm: :rtfm: :rtfm:
  19. Hi All , I have got a warn X9000i, the fault it has is when you put it in free spool & run out the rope it's fine when U winch in or out under load, the brake don't hold & the drum just free spool out . Or when it's underload the winch does Not hold the vehical unless U hold the clutch / free spool lever in postion ??? any advice would be great. I have been told that you can take it apart & turn the cluch/free spool 180% & that would sort it out .Any ideas or fixes on the fault would be appreciated ???
  20. Hello All & Happy new year . My question is I have a defender with a 200 tdi Disco 1 engine in. I have a fabricated down pipe going down to the sump. this is a 200 size exhaust. Now I have bought by mistake/ not knowing they were different a mid & rear side exiting 300 tdi exhaust. so does any 1 know where I can get or even if I can get a front section off a 200 tdi disco 1into a 300 in stainless steel.
  21. So what's the way to sort out the lag issue ?? This seems to be a right pain in the arse now. All I wanted was a bit more ufm . @ top & bottom end can't this been done please ?????
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