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  1. I once said that Bob knew the part numbers of Bodicea's chariot.... He's a good shot with a rubber bush across the counter .... Pete
  2. Get into the habit of draining it properly at least once a week to clear out the moisture. It's surprising how much water collects in the tank ! Cheers Pete
  3. I did this successfully with a 200TDi in my Series using a euro pallet that was cut down slightly. Just remember this is a 200kg lump and have a plan of how you are going to unload it....... I didn't !! Cheers Pete
  4. It's 3 phase as it refers to different wiring configurations if o remember. You can buy rotary inverters to maker this sort of thing work on eBay. Not sure I would want to work under a lift that I had put together from a bunch of bits I'd never seen working though !! Cheers Pete
  5. I've just picked up the 4x4 jack from Halfords tonight, along with a tall tool chest and all for £80.... The jack is £79.99 inshore and they have 15% off til Sunday however if you go online and reserve and collect it's only £39.99 and you stil get 15% off....! Same sort of thing with the toolchest which should be £110 Jack seems well built so I'll wait and see.... Cheers Pete
  6. Boost diaphragm would indicate I have a turbo, which I don't... Timing is spot on, or as close as you can get with a Zeus timing set... This is a 200Di installation, with the turbo currently lounging on the floor in the garage !! @ Les - lift pump is definitely ok, as I checked it as you suggested a while back, not realising I had the optional spacer installed ! All seems to point to the injection pump itself, which I may change as it has the leaky spindle issue anyway. Cheers Pete
  7. Right..... Quick job to replace the lift pump without the spacer, and runs much better ! But.... I've still got the judder/misfire/lumpy running at full revs, and I'm sure this is when its just before the limiter on the injection pump so I assume it must be something to do with the injection pump. I'm inclined to try another injection pump, but I can't face the hassle of removing the old one either ! Any other ideas anyone...? Cheers Pete
  8. Methinks that is coming out tomorrow then !! I remember it being in the box, but it was 3 weeks between stripdown and rebuild and the old ones went in the bin !! Its got all the hallmarks of fuel starvation so hopefully this will sort it. Cheers Pete
  9. Cheers Western, as usual a perfect answer !! This is a top view of what I have, which makes me think a spacer is not required !! With the spacer in place, am I correct in thinking that the lift pump won't be operating at full range so I will be getting fuel starvation ?? Cheers Peter
  10. Evening all I've got a problem with my 200tdi that seems like it's misfiring and I'm narrowing it down to a fueling issue. The injectors have been swapped for a newer set but the problem still occurs at high revs. I rebuilt most of the engine before fitting it but I'm now wondering if it's fuel starvation at top revs a it idles and runs perfect to about 3000rpm. Question is, when the lift pump is fitted to the engine, does it have a spacer plate or not...? I'm just wondering if the spacer is stopping the full travel on the lift pump and before I take it out I thought I would ask !! Or am
  11. Frank Pickles Just beaten my insurance by £25 for this year - now £102..!! :-) Cheers Pete
  12. I did this not long back and I paid Richard Hall at Glencoyne engineering £50 to modify my flywheel housing with all the correct studs, dowels and cap bolts, and fit a new crank seal in the process. The rest is straight bolt in stuff, alternator needs a couple of mods if you want to use your series one as you need to lose the PAS pump. Other than that, its just a case of taking the old engine mounts and bolting them to the 200Tdi block and everything lines up..! Cheers Pete
  13. Afternoon... I've got a 200TDi (minus the T..) in my SIII and its doing odd things at full throttle. With the throttle wide open, and under load, it appears to be hunting with a drop in power every 2-3 seconds that is a bit like a petrol on kangaroo juice.... Question is, does the 200TDi fuel pump have a limiter (not that I think I'm hitting it !) or is this the sign of a duff injector..? Or is the fuel pump U/S..?? Lift pump and filters were replaced with new, as was all the pipework when it was installed a few months ago. Cheers Pete
  14. Tel Out of interest, did you pay by credit card..?? if so, your card company is liable under the lovely Section 75 rules. This is a nice little bit of legislation that makes it easy to get your money back if something fails to meet expectations. Good guide here Cheers Pete
  15. Dan Wot he sed !!! Saw your PM but only just ! Cheers Peter
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