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  1. elo, does any1 know or has some1 got the on-board video's of the second special stage at the last round? thanks Jack
  2. And Jack Baldwin nd grant mundy, as we did the second special stage, but haven't been marked on it..?
  3. The second special stage, that was the race around the track? Is there a time for Jack Baldwin and Grant mundy team 28?
  4. we done sunday, at 11.30 broke front cv with only 8 punches, so stripped landy down, then continued in rear wheel drive and then went on to get 15 punches.
  5. Lucy, we'll be there for the last round, should be a good crack... thanks Jack Baldwin
  6. hi, its in roundhill woods, wiggington, tring, herts, a very good site, worth going for a play, i shal be there with a few mates... for more info, or for site location visit, www.burnhamoffroaders.org.uk thanks Jack
  7. Hi, i have a defender 90 v8 truck cab, its bin moddifed for challenges, i have the radiator in the back with a 16" fan, but it seams to run very hot, i think its the water pump not man enough to pump water to the radiator at the back, does any one know of a in-line water pump used or that could work? many thanks Jack
  8. thanks for the replys, found the problem, after changing loads of stuff on the truck, it turned out to be 1 of the fuel pump wires bin choped/snaped in half, and was touching on the chassis to earth, and when going over bump not touching earth and then playing up.
  9. hi, try Tyres direct, they seem to be a good cheap and worthy sellers. http://www.tyresdirectuk.co.uk/
  10. Hi, ive decided to bring my defender v8 auto back to the road after sitting for a year, just a little problem or could be a big problem, it starts fine, runs ok, then it wil start splutting and nearly die's? leave it for a while then seems to be fine then it will start spluttering again? can some 1 help or offer some susgestions? thanks jack
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