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  1. Yup your right thats what it is, thats like a clone of a 90 , how did they get away with making them and landrover said nothing? Thinking are the bulkheads interchangeable?😀 well he knows what he needs now a shaft from a 1990 2.5 santana.
  2. Hi do you have any photos of underneath, ie the transferbox , props and if possible the engine. It looks like a 90 but the roof is that pressed folds in it. Is it leaf or coil spring. Show us the chassis or engine , has someone put different axels on it? Take pictures underneath thats screaming 90 to me. I sure those santana things you can see the leaf spring from the front. Like this. This has interested me i am editing this again, I going to go out on a limb thats a 90. The axles don't know! but that body's a 90 from the air vents ect those santana don't have vents like the 90 or bonnet h
  3. Yes that bare terminal goes live when the key goes to heat position. Problem is the brown wire with red tracer goes into the bulk head into a rubber type box from the heater plugs. I have no idea where it goes to , can't find it without dismantling my dash. Does the brown wire with the red tracer go to the heater plug nearest the bulk head? Mine goes all the way to the front nearest the radiator. I always thought that was weird. I am thinking someone ones pulled the wire all the way through, can anyone confirm this?
  4. Thanks that given me something to consider wire then to a switch. Thanks
  5. I got a 2.5 td 90 converted to 200 tdi the heater plugs have never worked, with this lock down nonsense I thought I would look. I assume I missing a feed one terminals bare see pic. Where does the feed meant to come from battery or starter? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Andy
  6. Well I have fitted a towbar to the wifes freelander 2. The question I have is I am reading canbus this and that. So if I wire up the traditional way ie splicing in , is the only problem I going to have reversing sensors bleeping when reversing? The trailer lights are led, I dont want to waste money on a bypass relay if I dont need too. I thought I would ask to save me time . Thanks andy
  7. I would love one but for what I used my defender for mud , tipping trailers moving cars , going fishing. Ect . I could not afford 40 k for a car . My 30 year old 90 does fine but I would not say no to one for free.
  8. I thought I would ask on here , well a lot of yous chap will have trailers , so i am finishing off my extension build monoblocking , well i rolled the trailer right onto it side bent the ram ect all the fluid ran out of battery ect. So has anyone ever claimed on their trailer insurance . I have never had it before this year. It's about ten years old so I am thinking it would be written off it was a car just by the age. Is it the same with trailers? I would have posted it in another category, but could not see one suitable. Any advice
  9. I went through this as well. Just leave it alone it will be fine. It's a galvanized chassis so leave it galvanized. You can go through your life worrying someone might steal it they steal them galvanized or not.
  10. Yup, it get better there are numbers on the side of the lights two rear ones 3 wire ok. You would have thought some one would have added a list with what number are what maybe I got one with no list. It does not matter now I'll just figure it out
  11. Thanks I cant see any markings on them, so its just power them up them.
  12. Right I just got a set of smoked led lights, but how in the hell do I tell which is which? I know I could power them up but surely they must be Mark's on them or something, oh and their bearmachs brand. I thought I ask before I started giving them power
  13. Right I got a superwinch on the 90 9500lbs . I have had it for years, just built car transporter trailer, so need another winch. Dont know whether to fit the superwinch to the trailer or the bearmach one it 12000lbs. I am thinking the bearmach one is just a Chinese one with there branding. Has any one got one it's the 2 speed one. Any reviews? Thanks andy
  14. Thanks the problem is the springs worn into the turret so adjusting the bolt the spring misses the top of bolt head hence the problem I think
  15. I not stripped a r380 but lt77 . The difference is from memory where 5 and reverse is. No it on the main shaft you could just replace 1 and 2 baulk rings but you might as well do the lot when your in there you'll have it in bits at that point anyway . Just seen post above just use the video from mike @britiana restorations that's what I used.
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