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  1. It's in Hebrew I think Israel but we all can speak landrover. It's not a patch on the old ones ie real ones.
  2. I am full of problems this week doing all the jobs I should have done but any way , the oil light has never worked I have checked the bulb and continuity all the way from the switch to the bulb all ok . So anyone have any idea . The brown and white is a earth I assume so where the live coming from?
  3. Yes but it was the wrong plate that was fitted. The one fitted was for a auto. Thanks for all the info
  4. I thought that as well but I just woke up and thought my eyes were wonky 😀
  5. There is a rubber gator and a steel clamping plate it was just that stupid plate that was blocking the movement of the level and stopping it engaging fully. They will be a reason for it in an auto
  6. It's a manual that was well done to find that so it not meant to be there, that would explain why it works now. I have no idea past history of car god its 30 years. Who knows who fitted that. A lot of people dont use difflock ect so maybe none ever found it a problem. The ligh came on ect. Still impressed with finding out only fitted to autos ect , oh and it's a 90 transfer box .god know how that got there
  7. Well it was stopping it going into diff lock. There is no play in any off the linkage. It just stopped the travel of the lever the pictures above show it lined up and the position it move to when difflock is engaged. It works fine with it removed. So your saying it meant to be there? Even more confused now. With that fitted wont engage properly.
  8. No it was the plate that was stopping its travel.
  9. Hi right I thought that my difflock switch was not right, so I bought a new switch. The light would flicker on and off ect . This is my first defender had disco 2 10 years ect, difflock was locking sometimes and then not others. I checked the full linkage all perfect ect. I have rebuilt the lt77 it's fine ect. The last thing I looked at was the hi/lo difflock lever. That xxxxing plate was what was stopping it going into difflock. It fits over the hole it a rectangle and its a square its limiting the movement off the gear stick. I refitted it when I built the gear box as it was fitted when I took it apart.works fine with it removed. What's that from? Heres more pics , first one with it lined up second with difflock engaged. What's it from ?? Works fine without it ,with it wont fully go into difflock. Any one know
  10. Thanks I am not going to put anything near 3.5 ton on it. I recon it will weigh about 500kg done. I might look into that iva thing . I only asked about the length as I do know the wheel base of a 110 and thought I would ask here instead of google. I could make it 6meters but that's excessive. If a find a wrecked 110 with a rotten chassis cheep I'll buy it and make another chassis. That's really what it's for. I probably end up with ford focus on it. The chassis thing brings them out of the wood work since I mentioned that. Lol
  11. No it's not. They cant prove I just built it. If I want to offer info that I just built it fool me. In court it's not what's true that matters it what you can prove ,hence the tyre rattings
  12. I know what happens. If there are no plates ect axel plates ect. Vosa go on the tyre ratings as to what weight it can carry. As exceeding weights working load and breaking load is a factor of 5times the working load. I dont want to argue with anyone just asking about the length and that new fancy plate . I built trailers since 1988 and now some pencil necked politician gets together and invents a new law I now need to pay to get a test . I am a plater. I know some people want to follow all the rules no matter what they are. I ain't that guy. When I passed my test that entitled me to drive 7.5 ton lorry . Not any more the difference irrelevant eu law but more or less the same test
  13. We can only pull 3. 5 ton I the uk with a defender , the axels will be fine. I sure the working limit has to be a factor of 5 before it fails. 5x1500 ie 7. 5 ton each A defender will pull a lot more but its stopping it that becomes the problem. I have experienced pulling a lot more weight that the pulling machine can handle. Nearly went through a house with a tractor with a dung spreader full of dung and the trailer brake was not connected.
  14. Yes thanks for the advice re the government rules. My trailer will be fine . Anyone asks made in 1991 around same time as my 90. It's not a dig at you I just dont listen to totally irrelevant eu rules
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