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  1. I am going to make a set and I would like opinions on 50mm or 60mm round tube or 50mm or 60mm square box section. Cant make up my mind. Any options / preferences? Thanks andy
  2. I was told when I galvanised my chassis it would rot through in a couple of years, they thought it was a old one but it was brand new metal . It was completely rusted it looked old as it had been in the acid tank at another galvanising plant but and they wanted double to galvanise it as there was writing on it with black marker , so it had been left outside for a few days and it will rust instantly after the acid tank if not fluxed and galvanized ect. So it up to you but they told me it would not last long ,and if there is still paint inside the galvanising won't take unless you do that process they wanted to charge me double for, I dont know what the process is though. Maybe someone has done an old chassis and it lasted years that's only my experience as to what they said to me. Andy
  3. No they are just o rings petrol / oil resistant buy yourself a set . I bought these from amazon .
  4. I have just done this, there is no pressure in the oil cooler lines. Cut off the existing crimps and get a hydraluic hose shope to lengthen the rubber pipes ,there is no flare on the pipes it's just a plain pipe. That's how the crimps are from the factory. Hers some pics I doing door pillar just now and the wings off
  5. Yes it is close they move the pipe round the corner , there is very little room. That's all the room you have. I see what happens . If it fine there It will stay if not I'll move it.
  6. God that generated alot of debate, mines just straight out and down with a 90 exhaust bend to couple to a 200 tdi downpipe cut. Cost £18
  7. Well just to let anyone know I got £24.50 for a 19j radiator not bad.
  8. I have I small problem , I have fitted 200tdi disco engine in ect all good all working here the problem the power steering pipe the one that goes to the pump. I have had hydraulic hose made up it wont seal correctly so I just buy the correct pipe but what one it's a 6 bolt steering box and a 200 tdi pump so is there a hose that will fit I have seen NTC9072 but no idea if that will fit. font size changed and no idea how to fix. any help would be appreciated thanks andy
  9. Get some carb cleaner , spray into the air intake get someone else to help . If it fires it's not getting fuel if it does not the timings out. Hope that helps Andy
  10. Thanks an ally one will do me £82 quid a copper recore is about £138 the prices I have seen. I was just wondering how much you will get for one at the scrap yard if it was worth driving to it or if it's something silly like a fiver
  11. Just a general question are the old radiators classed as brass or copper if you take them to a scrap yard, and has anyone done it or is it a waste of time for the money you get. Thanks andy
  12. Yup there is no authority to register, why would there be.
  13. I think I just do that mo .I was just trying to get a start/ahead finished during the hoildays, cant get the exhaust just now.The bends cost £2 each and an exhaust 90 bend £10 . I made the chassis so I not paying £144 for a downpipe. Thanks for the constructive replies Andy
  14. Hi I wonder if any of yous guy would have a picture of where the for example steve parker down pipe mates with the rest of the exhaust. I am in the process of a full rebuild and engine swap at the same time . I am not paying £144 for a downpipe I can make one easily but I dont know where I want it to exit. I have built everthing else I have search everywhere for a pic would someone be nice enough to take a pic of theirs . Thanks andy
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