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  1. Hi,where are you in the country?

    I'm interested in the Rangrover.

    Cheers Barry

    1. duncmc



      Not too far from the NEC or Junction 4 of the M6 in Coleshill.



  2. 600 tonnes sounds like a heck of a lot of wood. However, not knowing anything about that sort of thing I could imagine that it wouldn't take many BIG trees to get that much. Can't even imagine how big the pile would be, or the cost to you to dispose of that waste HH.
  3. I could only get a ring spanner on. Had to do it all that way I think.
  4. My Landrover related plans for 2017 are; fit a new airconditioning condensor to the RRSport, and get it regassed. Get the gearbox rebuilt. do those final little jobs that have have been meaning to get done on the Range Rover Classic...paint the tailgate black, finish the retrim of the sunroof aperture strip. sell the RRC which needs to go to fund the restoration of my P38, and make space in the garage. have a big garage clear out and get rid of my old RRC/Defender parts. fit a new roller garage door to replace the bust up and over. Hopefully the RRSport will then fit in. fit new brake discs and pads to the F2 in my then sorted garage.
  5. I haven't personally used Bilstein's so can't comment on that. However, I have also previously used OEM spec dampers, and only had them last a handfull of months. Last time I had this problem I choose to fit terrafirma gas dampers. I choose them combined on what was available, reviews and cost. They worked well and lasted until I sold the car. In fact I bet they are still on it.
  6. Did you get that bolt out Simon? I would personally do the weld thing too. Bolt extractors don't work very well for me either. Just google Keith fenner easy out and look on Youtube for the "So you broke it off in your hole".
  7. Take it easy. I had pneumonia back in 2013 I think.....it takes longer to recover from than you think. It knocked me for 6 for a good 3 or 4 months....and I was a very fit chap back then. So, don't do too much too soon. Get well soon though. I also know what you feel to drive a car, and one that is faster. I currently mainly drive a Kia Rio 1.0 thing with 74bhp and BOY is it slow!! It makes the wife's freelander seem really quick!
  8. Hopefully that will be a very nice car. Can't advise on the petrol, but as far as the Sport goes......all the usual. Check the electric gadgets all work, check for steering wobble, clunks from the suspension/drive train, check that the gearbox isn't slipping and works properly in normal mode, sport mode and hi/lo. Check the air con, check the lower tailgate release button works properly, and then just all the normal car stuff. Tyres, brakes, alloy rims for kerbing etc etc. I would suggest a search on the net to see what others say. On rrsport.co.uk for instance. I have heard that the injectors need regular cleaning and can block for instance.
  9. I find the best way to stop them breaking down, is to not drive them and not even move them! I have only done 500 miles in 6 months in my RRC.
  10. We have had 2 D3's from virtually new. No big problems with either.But my friend did have big problems with both of his. My RRS is costly to fix, but it is old and worn out. I'm catching up on service work that hasn't been done I suppose. The wife's F2 (touch wood), has been very reliable, just normal service stuff. It's up to 96 or 97k miles now. And an '07.
  11. All you have there is the standard v belt setup. No serpentine.
  12. I look every day too. In fact my browser comes to this page before the rest of the forum.
  13. I like it! Hmm, a 110, with a P38 4.6 as a donor for the air components and the engine...then megasquirt.........hmmmm
  14. I am off work today with a tummy bug. Just woken up from a snooze where I dreamt about going out to my stone built garage in the house I don't own to take out my Defender and my Range Rover Classic that were parked in there. All because someone from the forum was coming round to collect a thing that I had sold on the forum for sale pages. Anyway, I got in the Defender (It was a 110 I think) and started it up. As the engine roared into life, the bonnet lifted up and it levelled out.....it was a Defender on air suspension!! I didn't get to start the RRC. As I drove the Defender out, the other forum member arrived. Now, a Defender on air suspension...that would be nice.
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