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  1. Hi,where are you in the country?

    I'm interested in the Rangrover.

    Cheers Barry

    1. duncmc



      Not too far from the NEC or Junction 4 of the M6 in Coleshill.



  2. My Landrover related plans for 2017 are; fit a new airconditioning condensor to the RRSport, and get it regassed. Get the gearbox rebuilt. do those final little jobs that have have been meaning to get done on the Range Rover Classic...paint the tailgate black, finish the retrim of the sunroof aperture strip. sell the RRC which needs to go to fund the restoration of my P38, and make space in the garage. have a big garage clear out and get rid of my old RRC/Defender parts. fit a new roller garage door to replace the bust up and over. Hopefully the RRSport will then
  3. OK. You do need to get the codes read. I assume that you are putting the piece of wire across the black and black and pink wires on the blue diagnostic plug which is usually at the front of the underneath of the passenger seat. (RHD car). And not jumping the wires on the relay. If this is what you are doing, I would check the wiring to the diagnostic plug.
  4. Whenever I have done the blink test I have never had to remove the relay. Just jump the wires. When you say the ABS light stays on, do you mean even when you drive the car?....it doesn't go out until you go over about 5mph.
  5. I must admit, that I am starting to think about maybe getting one of the early Evoques used at the launch. This is after driving the wife's Freelander 2 a lot, and actually quite liking it. My daily drive V70 is getting long in the tooth at 160,000 miles, so it will be time to change soon. As I do 25,000+ miles a year a car now needs to be 40+mpg. Evoques now fall into that, so maybe...still not convinced though.
  6. You are welcome. It's always good to get a positive outcome. My RRC has the same battery drain.....I am hoping that it is the wake up on my EAS ECU.....I have 4 leaking airbags too. I just leave the battery disconnected for now. I will eventually get around to sorting the EAS...after the welding. From what I understand the system on the RRC was just developed a little further from the P38. I have also read on RangeRovers.net that the system is a modified Routemaster Bus system! So, it is a reliable system if serviced and understood correctly. Which on a car, because it was different at the
  7. Worn out air compressor, and there could also be air slow leaks allowing it to settle when left parked. Apparently the compressor should charge the air reservoir fully after 2 minutes. This guy on eBay seems to know his stuff on P38 air suspension. http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/symlise_automotive_ltd?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  8. Emulsion? Using up whats left on the shelf all mixed together perhaps?
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