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  1. Thanks for the reply Simon, I wasn't aware that the bumpers were still available.
  2. Hello, What are good rust free doors and a front bumper worth these days? Thanks
  3. There aren't a lot of early ones around, they range from 75 through 82 models. I have seen the occasional 72 to 74 but they are rare. What are the European ones like for rust, are they as bad as in the UK? The way the Pound is at the moment compared to the Aus dollar, it's worth looking into at least. Cheers, Eric
  4. Hello from Down under in Australia, I am just after some feedback on availability of used 2 door parts in the UK, here in Australia there are quite a few mid to late 70s vehicles which sell for not a lot of money. Is it cost effective for someone to buy complete vehicles and ship them back to the UK? Is there a need for parts, are there enough people restoring them or just need to keep them on the road? Thanks, Eric
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, it sounds like the studs are infact smaller but have the same PCD. Swapping to later hubs is easy enough providing he can source some, he lives in remote Papua New Guinea. Then some alloys with open centres like hurricanes should fit straight on. "Landy-Novice" What model 110 and drive flanges are you running to have clearance issues? Cheers, Eric
  6. Hello, I have a friend with an early 2A lwb who wants to fit alloy wheels, it has the double sided wheel nuts on it. Are the wheel studs the same diameter as later coil sprung rovers? Will hub/drive flange clearance be a problem, needing to use open centre wheels? Cheers, Eric
  7. Soren, I love the idea of the LT230 front output for the drive, very neat and simple. You will find that powering out the will birdsnest the cable on the drum, use freespool where possible to prevent this from happening. The 10 spline shaft won't last long and you will need to put a support on the opposite side of the drum to the diff. Can you freespool the drum from the diff, possibly using a free wheel hub? What are you using for a brake? Cheers Eric
  8. Thanks for all the replies and pics, I know the Malaysians convert their volvo portaled comp trucks to discs but haven't found any pics or info on how they do it,I will keep searching. Has anyone been able to contact OMT offroad recently? If someone can make some stubs I would be interested in a set. Eric
  9. Does anyone know if OMT offroad still make their disk brake kits? I've tried emailing them but get no replies.Failing that do HOFS make their own kit? Cheers Eric
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