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  1. After a little research I've come up with some ramblings, as I understand it there are two simple-ish ways to do this. Either using a turbo controller such as a Digibooster, the kit all in is £165. Or convert to boost controlled, I found some universal boost actuators online which come with a selection of springs which would be useful to tune the vanes since I can't find anyone that has fitted an "off the shelf" actuator. The actuators are around £70
  2. Also interested in any more info on this. I know a place with a scrap V6 A6 in.
  3. Ultra4 King of Britain 13-15 Oct 2017 Kirton

    I might nip along on Sunday as its not far from home assuming spectators are allowed.
  4. Can anyone recommend a press

    We have a 30T Sealey press at work which looks the same as the one Doug has just bought. It is good but I wouldn't mind a bit more fine tuning of the table height as there is a big jump between the holes. Either that or a longer cylinder. I've pressed out my radius and trailing arm bushes over the last couple of lunch times and they took around 20T to initially break free. I'll be doing the A frame ball joint next week which I think will take a bit more persuasion.
  5. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    A variation on my first submission. I think the first logos would be difficult to produce into cut decals because of the intricate ".com". Also I prefer the lower case "x" in this second incarnation.
  6. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    Another Microsoft Word attempt or three
  7. 255 85 16 - non MT tyres...

    285/75/16 BFG ATs seem to be a favourite for the Puma guys, I think they're what Twisted fit to most of their trucks aswell. I remember there being plenty of threads over on Defender2.net about them. I ran 285/75/16s but in MT flavour, the only issue I had was lack of steering lock until I went to larger offset wheels.
  8. Should I buy it?? 😅

    After all that work they haven't even thrown a bit of satin black on the gearsticks! It looks a nice truck but, at the end of the day, Series 3s are still relatively cheap and to me the restoration work isn't worth the premium they're charging. This could be different for you depending on disposable income, practical skill and how much you value your own time.
  9. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Looks good Graham. Really enjoying this build
  10. Importing a landy from Northern Ireland

    The NI MOT system isn't linked to the UK (or wasn't a few years back) so, although it is valid in the UK, it probably wont show online, not sure how this will affect you taxing it since that is online now too and doesn't transfer with the vehicle to the new owner. Best to check the reg on the DVLA site, they may have linked up with NI since the tax changes......
  11. Finding a switched LIve in engine bay puma 63 plate 90

    Link to connector info here
  12. Finding a switched LIve in engine bay puma 63 plate 90

    I'm 99% sure that I got a switched live from a "spare" hole in the passenger side connector when I had my 2.4 puma. Just get a multimeter, pull out the rubber bungs and check which are live with the ignition. The pins for the connector are available online.
  13. Boost pin problems.

    You'll have to de-tune the pump IIRC the pins are meant to be used with a "standard" pump
  14. To scrap or not to scrap

    Looks like a genuine 200tdi, intake on passenger side, looks to be original defender decal on the back so it's real age would be between 1990 and 1994. You may get into trouble later down the line if you sell it on in the knowledge that it's dodgy?