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  1. Defender 130 tub

    Spotted this on eBay. It’s pretty battered but badly listed so will probably go for cheap. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253461101109
  2. Repairing Birmabright panels

    These look interesting, have ordered some to see if I can fill the mounting holes in my grille surround panel
  3. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    I'm currently doing similar but with a discovery chassis with defender body making a 100". I've got all body panels mounted without any modifications to the chassis at all. I'm (perhaps stupidly) going to send off the V5 as a body type change to a pick up with pictures and descriptions attached. I'm expecting to be asked to go for some kind of general safety check IIRC that's what @muddy was asked to do when he built the milk float.
  4. V8 Limited Edition Defender to celebrate 70th Anniversary

    https://cazana.com/uk/car/Y8WKS Interesting that it used to be an autobiography model. Did they struggle to sell them at launch so decided to buy them back from dealers?
  5. I'm currently swapping a 300tdi EDC to mechanical although keeping the auto. The pumps are completely different so have to be swapped as a unit. The injectors and steel pipes are also different. There's a good post on the swap here.
  6. I did this on my Puma with a clear stop/tail base and white LED bulbs. I still have the loom somewhere so could post it to you for the price of the postage if its any use to you. It picks power up from a plug on the passenger side near the bulkhead and the dim/dip in the drivers side wing IIRC.
  7. Puma abs diagnostic problem

    https://onedrive.live.com/?id=4BC2D89C85C7C171!551&cid=4BC2D89C85C7C171 Plus other useful documents for Pumas
  8. Green laneing/off-roading Northern France

    I have these bookmarked, I should probably download them in case they disappear actually. http://www.defender2.net/forum/topic24031.html
  9. Insulating a metal shed

    Would an epoxy resin paint prevent damp coming up through the slab? This would be a better option for me if so.
  10. Insulating a metal shed

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, the shed arrives tomorrow in Meccano form. The slab is proud of the ground by a small amount, it is also surrounded on two sides by gravel, the other two sides are stone wall so I don't think moisture coming up through the floor will be a huge issue. The plan for the floor is 1 sheet of DPM laid on top of the concrete and then T&G OSB boards to the size of the shed base. I was going to fold the DPM over the boards and staple to the top side, trim off any excess and then bolt the shed through the boards to the concrete. The slab looks quite new so can't have had much of an exposure to the dogs before we moved in. I had noticed during the summer that there was a noticeable smell on a hot day, hopefully the above should stop it penetrating inside anyway. Yes, didn't think of the bubble wrap roofing stuff. I think I'll go with that. By no means do I expect it to be tropically warm in there, I just want to prevent condensation on things mainly.
  11. Insulating a metal shed

    The time has come that I need to move the Land Rover/car bits out of the spare bedroom and into the garden, we've only been in the new house for 6 months! The previous tenant had a dog kennel and had poured a generous sized (10x10ft) concrete base in the garden. Due to ease of transport when we eventually move on to another rental (or actually buy a house, god forbid) and also the significant cost saving over their wooden counterparts, I've been looking at metal sheds such as this. I know I'm going to need to insulate this to stop condensation so a couple of questions for you all before I commit; I'm assuming there is no damp proof membrane in the concrete slab, the concrete also smells very "doggy" when it gets a bit warm. I was planning to lay a membrane and some osb and then build the shed on top of that to stop moisture/stench from penetrating from underneath. Does this seem sensible? Anyone got any different ideas? What should I use to insulate the walls/roof without eating into my storage and work space? I had an idea of using 5mm foil backed foam underlay that they use for laminate flooring like this. I'm hoping the foil would give some minor spark protection for the foam so that it doesn't disappear as soon as I start up the grinder. Any other suggestions will be gratefully received.
  12. Can anyone recommend a press

    A few advantages over the bottle jack type would be; - Ability to slide the ram from left to right for awkward jobs - Pressure gauge on most which is handy - The pump arm is at a more suitable height and not directly above whatever you're pressing
  13. This is the way that the Patrol guys bypass the ECU control on their 3.0 engines using the same turbo. Looks like a cheap and easy way to plumb the turbo onto a 300tdi Further development reading here
  14. After a little research I've come up with some ramblings, as I understand it there are two simple-ish ways to do this. Either using a turbo controller such as a Digibooster, the kit all in is £165. Or convert to boost controlled, I found some universal boost actuators online which come with a selection of springs which would be useful to tune the vanes since I can't find anyone that has fitted an "off the shelf" actuator. The actuators are around £70
  15. Also interested in any more info on this. I know a place with a scrap V6 A6 in.