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  1. Mudmonkey

    Wide arches

    They're made of the same flexible type of plastic as the originals I think, they feel the same anyway.
  2. Mudmonkey

    Wide arches

    Apologies for the bad picture. Your original front arches will have a bit which bridges the gap in the picture between the new arch and the arch liner, you need to cut this off and sandwich it between the extended arch and the wing.
  3. Mudmonkey

    Wide arches

    Thanks Mo, its taken just over a year to get to this stage but all seems to be coming together now. I should really do a build thread but there's more pics here
  4. Mudmonkey

    Wide arches

    I've just fitted a set of these to my project, I've only gone for the fronts as I have a hi cap tub so standard width arches should be ok on the rear. As said above, they fit into the normal holes under the wing using the usual trim clips with a bit of enlarging of the holes in the arch, you do have to cut up your old front arches to bridge the gap between arch and arch liner, or buy a cheap pair of arches to chop up if you want to keep your old ones.
  5. Mudmonkey

    Identify this gearbox tunnel

    Mystery solved then, it looks to be an LT85 tunnel, I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future. The other one in my picture is an R380 one which is now painted and fitted to the truck
  6. Mudmonkey

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Not sure how I've missed this thread but caught up over a few lunch breaks, there's some great work gone into this. Love the modern touches to it too, keep up the good work!
  7. Mudmonkey

    Identify this gearbox tunnel

    Just a bit of nerdy fun more than anything. I bought this gearbox tunnel (green one) assuming it was an R380 tunnel. It was in good condition and I painted it with the rest of my panels, then when I went to fit the tunnel realised it actually doesn’t fit. Pictures below of the tunnel beside an actual r380 tunnel, I’m at a complete loss of what it could be from. My only thought is from the crossover between LT77 and R380? But that would have required a different carpet set as well?!
  8. Mudmonkey

    Cutting Roof Joists for Access

    Thanks for the pointers folks, my idea for putting the compressor up there was to actually mount it on some brackets screwed into the wall rather than sit directly onto the joists, isolated with rubber mounts and insulated to try to reduce the noise amplification. I’ll give it a go and put it outside if it doesn’t work out. At least I know the roof isn’t likely to cave in if I make a bigger access hole 😆
  9. I’m just starting to turn my garage into a workshop and wanting to put my compressor up into the roof space as well as making it a bit easier to get in and out for other storage. Would it be safe/sensible to cut one of the roof joists and add trim pieces like the picture below akin to creating a loft hatch? The joists are 4x2 and spaced at about 36cm. The roof is pan tiled.
  10. Mudmonkey

    Defender middle seat project

    I'd always thought something like the centre seat in a Vivaro would be good. It has some storage in the seat back when folded down and can be used as an armrest. There must be a van with a similar arrangement that doesn't have the two passenger seats as one unit that you could use.
  11. Mudmonkey

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123232901981 Kitted out expedition spec overland vehicle anyone?
  12. Mudmonkey

    Dual Sim phones

    I have the Samsung Galaxy J5 Duos for work, with UK and Irish sim. The dual sim functionality is great and you can choose default sim for messaging, calls etc. It only allows data usage from one sim at a time and you do have to remember to switch that over (in the settings, not physically) to the other sim when you travel although it doesn't make a difference now the roaming charges have been abolished. The only gripe I have with it is that if you miss a call or want to re-dial a number and go to the recent calls list it doesn't give you the option to re-dial from sim 1 or 2, it just dials from default which is confusing for someone who has called you on a different number, or if they dont like answering "foreign" numbers. The way I get around that is copying the number and pasting it into the dialler, which sounds more complex than it is. Other than that its the best Samsung phone I've owned, although I've only had work-issued Samsung products so can't comment on how it compares to the latest top of the range models.
  13. Some useful tips at about 18.30 on this video
  14. When talking offset you also have to take the wheels width into consideration don't forget. I used to run Sawtooth wheels (16x7" ET20) with 285/75/16 BFG Mud KM2s. The tyres were flush with the standard arches so that's around where you want to be if you don't want to fit bigger arches By comparison your freestyles (without spacers) and boost alloys are 16x7" ET33. So assuming you have 20mm spacers, you are around ET13.
  15. Not far from me, will keep an eye out

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