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  1. I've not used one of these myself, but it appears that the live plug is uninsulated on that machine and I belive that this operates at a fairly high voltage, I have heard reports of this giving nasty shocks, easily modified with insulating tape, but something to be aware of. Sorry I don't know any more about these machine. Will
  2. Thats a cool machine Paul, I've been thinking of making something like this for a while now, will just have to get on and do it now! Will
  3. Make : Portamig Model : 235 How Long have you had it / How old is it : New / about 2 wks Typical Current Price : £665 inc VAT Maximum Welding Current (AMPS) : 235 (min 20amps) Output at 60% Duty Cycle : 140amps (I think) Welding Wire range in mm : 0.6 -1.0mm Small Large or BOTH re Wire Spools : 5 or 15kg Euro Torch (Yes / No ) : Yes Argosheild Bottle - max Size that will fit : Full size Weight : 58kg (I think) What is the most typical things you weld with it - thicknesses etc : 0.6 - 8mm, 12 with big V gap Other standard Features : Min current 20amps, good for thin stuff Good Poin
  4. I've go plenty of agricultural barns with barn type doors on at home, up to 20' wise * 10' tall doors, so quite a weight! try agricultural supplies for hinges, pins on ours are around 20mm rod! ours are mainly 50mm box section frames with galv sheet covering, catch the wind a bit, but can usually come somehow, I would recommend some type of very strong catching point too keep them open and this is our usual problem and if you rely on a trusty brick or something, it WILL fail and blow closed one day, which hurts if your in the way! Hope this helps Will
  5. How about a thread where everyone can post a post about their own welder. I think knowing everyone's opinion of welders they have actually used, and what prices they paid, what they use it for, good points bad points etc would be far more useful than outright criticism of certain machines / makes not based on any solid fact at all. Also, whats wrong with asking for advise on a forum, surely thats what its there for, if you don't like that sort of thread you don't have to read it, it only occupies one line of text on you computer screen! i know I havn't posted n here much, I've been lurking
  6. Sorry for the repetition, I had looked through the threads before, but was interested in the R Tech welder, which doesn't seem to ahve been mentioned before, therefore started a new one. Will
  7. Absolute maximum is 700 pounds inc VAT Will
  8. Thanks a lot for all the advise so far, I have considered the big old second hand option, and havn't completely ruled it ouy, however it seems pretty difficult to find something that isn't potentially a disaster waiting to happen and I need a machine quite soon, so can't wait around for something to turn up. So, I've had a look around again and have come up with another find, which is the MTA211 I think it is the same as the portamig 211, which seems to be highly rated on the mig welding forum. If anyone has any views on this, or any suggestions of anything else worth looking at I'd be very g
  9. Hi thanks again for your help everyone, I think I've made a short list of three machines now, which are R tech I mig 200 Murex trademig 185 Butters AMT 220 Murex is probably bottom of the list as is slightly less powerful and poorer duty cycles, so probably between the R tech and Butters AMT, at the moment I'm probably going the way of the Butters as it is a well known make, has 7year warrenty and is a bit cheaper. Any opinions / other options would be very welcome, I will mainly be using it for Landrover / agricultural purposes, I am half way through making my own chassis for a series 3
  10. Thanks for all the help so far, The maximum I can spend inc VAT is 700 pounds, but would prefer not to go too much over 600 if possible. Will
  11. As some low life broke into my workshop last week and stole my welder along with most of my other tools , I am now looking to replace my mig welder as it was luckily insured on a new for old basis, the old welder was an SIP topmig 140 turbo which I fitted with a euro torch conversion, which, contrary to popular opinion, I find to be a very good welder, mainly for 0.8 - 3mm steel, as I also have a pickhill bantam oil cooled arc welder for anything thicker than this, however now that I have got better at mig welding and have the opportunity to buy something a bit better and bigger, unfortunatel
  12. LR parts book is very useful, lots opf exploded diagrams. Will
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