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  1. "The world was soon to find out what happened when you put LINUX into a Land Rover"
  2. The engine mounts are also different on the 2.6 from the "standard" LR placement
  3. It is too late, you have already light it up Your "check" is in the mail cheers Peace Through Supperior Firepower
  4. The last time I saw Norman [an Aussi on walkabout in Colorado [wife got a job and all he has to do is play with his Landie]] he said that he is "on staff" now since he has sent them so many NA articles. It could be that it will only show up in the NA LRM.
  5. it is not out of focus, it is only 5 m resolution imagery which means that each pixel [element] covers 5 m of real world. This scale is typically used for agribusiness and state/ regional mapping. For the detail that we are looking for we need meter or submeter imagery such as is available over most of the major cities in google earth. And yes if you park/ break down in the same spot for a long time you can then "find" your Landie on google earth: 39.38.44N 104.54.49 cheers Your Local Geospatial Analyst
  6. I can not speak for car batteries but in Submarines this pheonomenon, known as gassing, is a big concern [that and the "other" gassing problem of seawater getting on the battery [YOU don't have a problem with Chlorine gas do you? ]]. Granted this is 120 cells each of which is the size of a 5 draw filling cabinet and outweights a VW bug. There are storied of a battery hatch [2 ft diameter, 1/2 in thick plate] being taco'd and thrown up two decks [~16 ft, two more "plates" of steel and assorted pipes. cables. girders, people] by explosions from improperly vented batteries. At least once a month [more often if we were practicing casualties we had to do a full charge [the equivalent of taking a completely discharged battery and putting it on a charger in the house/ garage] which required the boat to be surfaced or at periscope depth and then check the gravity of all of the cells to make sure that they had ALL taken the charge and one had not reversed, collapsed or failed. Yes you will be wanting ventillation for your battery compartment. cheers A proud member of the Silent Service since '92
  7. The demonstrated embroidery brings to mind thoughts of satin/ nylon bowling [curling? ] jackets Now THAT would stand out in a closet full of Landie related cloths cheers John
  8. What about the Frankenstein/ Face Lift model and put the birthday somewhere back in '98 or '99 [or was it '00?] when the "former magazine sponsor" started it?
  9. That is what I currently have sitting in the spare bedroom with the Landie parts [NEED a garage ] cheers
  10. One word: Thompson [stock equipment on many high end 4 bar linkage FS bikes] The other consideration is to ensure that you are not running the post beyond the "safety line". It is there for a reason. If you need the seat higher you can get long lengths, and the bike may be too small for you. cheers John '00 Haro XCS '96 AMP B3 '94 Trek 7000 [now single speed] '88 Murrey Beach Cruiser '99 Kona Jake the Snake '96 Cannondale R500 '?? Tesh Track Bike '7* Peugeut Tourer [x2]
  11. Tonk and Landi41 are pretty studley, if you ask nicely maybe they will will hold it on for you For part sources: Rovers North Atlantic British [not much series stuff anymore but worth keeping on the radar] British Pacific British Northwest Thatched Roof Garage [i have not personnally delt with them but I have heard good things] Rovers Down South [if he is back in business after his little rain storm . I have not personnally delt with them but I have heard good things] For small light parts: Paddocks and Craddocks [uK] e bay [uS and UK versions] OVLR has a good tabulation of part number crossovers for "perishable" parts like gaskets, seals and filters If you have a good "old school" hardware store near you take the existing bolt in and have it matched [remember that it has a good chance of being SAE, metric, or BS] Keep us informed cheers John
  12. Welcome I presume that you are in the New World as you are posting in the N. American forum [you will get better answers as to resources if you tell us more about your location ]. If we are not able to answer your question in here you may want to move the question out to the Series or International forum although most people look at most of the forums. To your question: When you tried to start it did you get a steady clicking along with the starter motor trying to turn, just the clicking with no starter motor noise, or total silence? That "clicking" is/ should be the starter solenoid which has a reputation for sticking/ dieing [shade tree "solution" is to whack it to get the solenoid moving again] and if dead puts a full stop to all starting evolutions As to the "earth" of the vehicle I would say check to see whether the "+" cable from the battery goes to ground {earth} or to "stuff" like the above mentioned starter solenoid [from your description I would tend to agree that the vehicle is now negative earth]. I would recommend you invest in at least a test light if not a multi meter as Landies, like all British cars, are blessed/ cursed with Fine Lucas Electrics [bTW even the MINI has "Lucas" problems ] Further on the recommendation front would be to get the Service Manual [Green Bible] and Parts Manual [White Bible] both of which are worth their weight in Gold for owners of Series Landies We are here to help, we may bite, prod, be sarcastic, be cynical, etc. but we will help or at least try. Welcome to the brotherhood cheers John
  13. For a ball park the pressures for a 2.6l are 8 -12# at idle [and the idiot light], runs 40 -60# pressure relief ~50# at 30 mph on a hot engine. Ask me why I know this off the top of my head, go ahead I dare you BTW my pressure problem is BACK
  14. That is great info on the comarison betweent he Dana 60 and the Salisbury, I have added it to my archive of "good stuff to know" for the Land Rover [someday I am going to want to put a locker in the back of the SW ] cheers
  15. That image is commercially available 1m resolution [or would be if you could see the original not the poster/ pretty picture]. Here is a shot from Google Map of work [the source of the previous image, this image is from the competition ]Dial Up Warning. This is between 1 and 5 meter resolution.SI from Space. and for UK content:Tower of London Google Map is a great inovation [and yes I have a vested interest ] and has generated some concern internationally [india and Israel in particular] about the terrorist/ big brother connotations. As you can imagine it has been immensly popular [like Google needs anything else to inspire interest [stock price is currently nearing $500 a share for a company that just went public last summer]] for exploration, mapping and route finding cheers
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