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  1. Roverdrive

    Wheel wobble

    Just a thought. The preload differs depending on whether you have a taper bearing or a Railko bush in the swivel. Check to make sure you have the right setting.
  2. Roverdrive

    Trailer Adaptor: How Complicated Can it Be?

    Glad you got to the bottom of it.
  3. Roverdrive

    Trailer Adaptor: How Complicated Can it Be?

    Interesting! I googled this... http://www.wiringdiagram21.com/2016/12/trailer-light-wiringdiagram-4-7pin.html From my understanding the vehicle provides the means of operating both indicators together as brake lights, as well as still allowing one to flash if turning and braking! Might be easier to change the lights on your trailer to have separate brake lights? Note that the second drawing shows the use as an electrically operated brake rather than a brake light. I also found this http://www.how-to-build-hotrods.com/turn-signals.html Half way down is an adapter for the combined indicator / brake lights. Hope this might help you in the right direction
  4. Roverdrive

    led indicators & buzzer

    Western am i right in thinking that you fit the load resistors to the trailer with the led so that you can still tow a “standard “ trailer?
  5. Roverdrive

    Steering judder

    Just beat me to it Snagger!
  6. Roverdrive

    Steering judder

    Am I reading this correcly? When stationary, and turning from full right lock to the straight ahead position rapidly you can feel a judder? if so I would agree to isolate the steering damper from the equation. Might also be worth a fluid change. It almost sounds as though the box can’t keep up with the demand input. Are the pipes all ok? Nothing pinched?
  7. Roverdrive

    Hazard Switch & Indicators - fault diagnosis

    I remember someone coming up with a plan to find short circuits. Make up a test lead with a lamp and two male spade connectors. Put the connectors in the terminals where the suspect fuse should be. If the lamp lights brightly there is a short, and you can start wiggling wires to find it. Bulb should go out when you have found the fault.
  8. Roverdrive

    Hazard Switch & Indicators - fault diagnosis

    Scratch that, I am obviously having a blonde moment. I had he 300tdi wiring diagram not the Td5. Who knew there was another fuse box? Oops. 😬
  9. Roverdrive

    Hazard Switch & Indicators - fault diagnosis

    Sorry should have added td5 90. 2001 model year I think, but it is ex military
  10. Roverdrive

    Hazard Switch & Indicators - fault diagnosis

    Morning I am in need of your collective wisdom! i have no power supply to the hazard light switch on the purple and brown wire. The interior lights don’t work either. The fuses are all good, and I have checked for 12v on the back of the fuse box. According to the diagram I have, this is fed from fuse no1. But this is shown as a purple wire, not purple and brown. Does anyone know where the header is by any chance?
  11. Roverdrive

    Auxilliary Fan size

    Don’t know if it affects Defenders as well as Discos, but I had similar symptoms when the radiator fins rotted out on the engine side of the radiator, so not visible from the front of the vehicle.
  12. Roverdrive

    12J non-start issue

    If you have a good flow from the injector pipes it should not be the solenoid. I would suggest checking the two items you have worked on while the body was off, even if only to eliminate them
  13. Roverdrive

    Bent steering rod

    Martyn The only thing I would suggest is that if the wheels take a heavy knock it may be more likely to bend more with the centre not being in line with the track rod ends. My RRC track rod bent despite having a catcher on the nose of the diff, which made for some very interesting handling. I replaced mine with Sumo bars as well.
  14. Roverdrive

    Ok I've had enough now

    Sounds like the handbrake wants adjusting. Dragging shoes can cause vibration coming to a stop
  15. Roverdrive

    What is the black mastic LR use?

    Note that tigerseal sticks like sh*t to a blanket, so don’t expect to get it apart without a struggle if at all. We used it on a bow thruster when the sealing surfaces were beyond machining. No leaks!

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