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  1. Roverdrive

    Quick help if possible?

    Doesn't sound right. Does it seal at all or not? Can you compare the thread to one of the old ones? Your local motor factors should be able to supply bleed nipples, or even a half decent garage workshop.
  2. Roverdrive

    Odd clutch moment

    Hope it isn’ t he same issue I had. He pedal felt “funny” and a few presses later the clutch fork punched through!
  3. Roverdrive

    Clutch assist spring

    I’d go along with that HfH. Had a look at one at my local supplier and thought it would be a right wrestling match to fit, so decided not to bother. I had enough trouble with the standard one.
  4. Roverdrive

    No-power Power steering

    Look at what hasn’t been changed. Could a hose be delaminating restricting flow? is the header tank clean of debris? i managed to drop the cardboard disc out of the top of a bottle of oil in once which cause very hit and miss steering!
  5. Roverdrive

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Check to see what angle the cd can be installed at. Some are specific on orientation.
  6. Roverdrive

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Mudstuff dash here. Has been really effective and does all I need.
  7. Roverdrive

    Advice needed re noise from propshaft/gearbox

    From memory there is a circlip on the half shaft retaining the centre part of the FWH. You will need to remove this as well as the bolts
  8. Roverdrive

    Chassis maintenance / upgrade

    Hurbie Sorry you will have to ask them direct. I have no idea of prices, though there site does say they will be able to offer the pressed OEM style chassis soon as well. Present ones are four pieces welded together
  9. Roverdrive

    Chassis maintenance / upgrade

    There is a new kid on the block making chassis https://www.xdchassis.co.uk/ I have seen one in the metal, and the welding is excellent
  10. Roverdrive

    mpg for 300tdi 110csw

    I have a 300tdi CSW with a Brownchurch rack, winch, and running 265/75r16 mud terrains. MPG has been consistently 25/26 MPG mainly town with short motorway runs at 70 MPH, and towing a tipping trailer at weekends. If towing the caravan long distance it drops to 21 MPG.
  11. Roverdrive

    Wiring loom damage

    Going off the Lucas colour coding, white / slate is the convention for tachometer feed. Have you got a retrofit tachometer? I don’t believe these were ever a standard fit. These are fed from the alternator, at least it was on my RRC.
  12. Roverdrive

    Kinetic rope

    You might want to have a look at this link http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/Recovery/ It will give some ideas of the forces involved in recovery. I prefer winch recovery where possible as you can control the forces applied. KERR puts a lot of force in to the operation, and if a recovery point fails can be lethal. Just my 2P worth.
  13. Roverdrive

    Deep water

    Was the air filter dry? I would suggest a compression test. If any water got in you may have bent a rod.
  14. Roverdrive

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    On the Disco 3 the traction control applies the brakes only. It does not limit engine power unless the yaw sensor detects a potential spin ( of the vehicle not a wheel ) This can be overridden by the button on the dash so you can “drive it like you stole it” 😆 HTH
  15. Red 90 Typically on a marine engine it is due to operating conditions changing, for example heavily fouled scavenge spaces, damaged turbine blades etc. By increasing the boost I am operating closer to the surge line.

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