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  1. When checking the radiator fins look on the back side nearest the fan as that is where they tend to rot. The front can look perfect.
  2. Any update Nige? looking to move to LED in the future and while I like the look of the trucklites I certainly can’t afford them
  3. PL My vehicle is a 300 Tdi. The drawing I normally use is probably the same as yours for the 1997 MY. In my hunting for info, I found a drawing which indicated it was for a 200 Tdi which did not have the relay, hence my question. Needless to say I can’t find that on line drawing now!
  4. Stuart Has it ever worked properly? Have you done any work on it recently if that is the case? is the key returning properly to the “ignition on” position after starting?
  5. Vulcan Thanks for that. The only drawing I could find seemed to indicate there was no additional relay between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid hence the question. I’ll rewire the existing then, just ordered the correct colour cables.
  6. I’ll have to check tomorrow, but I think it is for an alarm sounder which is normally mounted behind the headlight.
  7. Nope talking about the starter motor solenoid
  8. Ok difficult to know what you mean by lighting up fully without seeing it. Do you mean full brightness ie brake light? If that is the case you probably have the side light and brake light wires the wrong way round. If the 200tdi is the same as the 300tdi, the main feeds come in to the right hand side rear corner l and loop across from there to the left hand side.. check the cable to the left hand side is connected to the bullet connection in the right hand side.
  9. Cheers for that PL. I am happy with the wiring to change, the question was more a case of if the ignition switch is up to the task of directly operating the starter solenoid rather than using a relay. The existing alarm has already been ripped out along with the 10as by the previous owner(s).
  10. A quick question regarding the starting circuit on the 300tdi. Is it necessary to have the relay under the fuse panel, or is this purely for the immobiliser system? I know he earth of the relay is switched via the immobiliser. The wiring has been chopped about on my vehicle already so I was wondering if this could be removed to help trace an intermittent starting problem. As far as I can see the 200tdi does not have this relay, can anyone confirm this? cheers
  11. The attached drawing shows the light fed from the black/ red and a black for earth. A bit misleading as on my 1997 vehicle, he light is part of the switch as shown by Western above. Hope this is of some assistance in tracing what you need
  12. As far as I can remember, my hazard light switch illuminates, all be it dimly, and is easy to miss if you are not aware of it. I think that and the single dash lamp flash together. Can’t check at the moment as I am away from my vehicle
  13. Just to add my tuppence. i used genuine polybushes on both my 88” coiler and later on my RRC for trials and they lasted the time I had the vehicles, with the exception of the panhard rod bushes which needed changing every couple of years. my present 110 has the blue super pro bushes which have been on for two years now, without replacement.
  14. Did you put the correct thickness head gasket back on? It should be easy to turn not tight in places, unless of course you have the injectors in when you will feel resistance as the compression increases.
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