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  1. Dave sorry for the late reply. Just spraying my doors today. 20 degrees and sunshine. Can rub my hand down the door after 5 minutes. Don’t know about flatting off
  2. I had similar issues so doubled up on the reversing lights - two instead of one. Will check with leds I have. Ended up wiring a work light in as well so I could select it if required
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I have nailed the vehicle colour as Epsom Green. Would you believe the local motor factor had two tins of said colour on the shelf, and as the triangular panel behind the door had terminal rot I tried a quick and dirty patch test. The result is well within 20 odd years of sunlight fading the original. I am still in contact with Paintman who has been really helpful. He has sent out another batch of paint with a black undercoat this time, so will try that on the doors when I get home and report back.
  4. Not exactly what you were after but I found this link to a Durite push button hazard switch with a circuit diagram. Working on my phone so not very clear but I saw references to similar terminal numbers https://www.arc-components.com/0-484-50-12v-hazard-warning-light-switch-8148.html
  5. Just something to be aware of, not all alloy wheels have the same load rating which is normally cast on the inside of the wheel. You need to be sure the sum of the two wheel ratings exceed the max axle weight of that axle.
  6. I used to see one quite regularly in Liverpool about 20 years ago when I lived there. It was a very faded red even then!
  7. Too late for the tip about the grease nipples. Doh! I did push fresh grease through the spider by loading the caps, and back pressing it out of the grease nipple hole. I’ll have to remember the tip for when I do the rear prop, cheers for that.
  8. Thank you for all your input. Dodgy Epsom appears to be the colour. As soon as I can contact the paint shop I’ll be having a word. At least I have two doors that no longer flap in a breeze!
  9. Landrover ownership, the gift that keeps on giving! Felt a slight vibration yesterday over 40 mph and had a quick look underneath when I stopped. One of the UJs was cream crackered. The last time I did them I could only get replacements without grease nipples. Which bright spark thought that was a good idea? All done and dusted ready to go back on now, and a lot easier now I have a vice on the bench. I found it useful to screw a pice of wood to the bench to support the prop when it was in the vice.
  10. Eightpot it was mixed by a paint shop unfortunately not close to me so even with the current circumstances not practical to visit. I have however cut a panel out of the old door to send to him! I did use a grey primer under the green. The door as supplied came in a black primer. I can confirm the number as being LRC 961
  11. Gents Thanks for the suggestions. in the sunlight it looks a lot worse but given the state of the original door I can’t really complain I am indeed painting with rattle cans Eightpot and was lying the doors flat. You got me! I found an old tin of Galway Green and did a corner of the door and it is a much better match considering the 23 year old paint. I had a look on the Rimmer Brothers web site and the Galway is listed in the section for older vehicles so looks like I was given duff info in the first place. Western I had not considered Tonga green. Was that a common colour?
  12. Morning I am having a right nightmare with painting these doors! After the saga of the clear coat reacting with the colour and having to repaint it seems the colour is wrong! I was led to believe that the colour was Epsom green but it is a lot lighter. I had a tin of Galway green which I painted the side frame with a few years ago and it seems a closer match but again I was led to believe that colour was not available on the 1997 model year. Please see picture. Does anyone know the correct colour? I would welcome your thoughts Mike Derrick Sent from my iPhone
  13. I have my work light wired in such a way that it can be selected to come on with the reversing lights via a switch on the dash, or via a switch by the back door, but only when the ignition is off. Stops me leaving it on when driving.
  14. Yep old style relay fitted and lights worked but as expected too fast, so changed all four lamps back to original until I could source a replacement flasher. Then of course I started tinkering with something else and while digging around on the bench found a spare LED flasher unit, so all change back to LEDS again! Must get a spare flasher and keep it in the cubby box.
  15. That’s the first port of call this morning. Luckily I kept the old non led relay so at least I can try that. Seems to have coincided with using the battery isolator.
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