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  1. Used a RRC for years with an auto box and a BW transfer case for years in ALRC trials with some notable success. Much preferred it to the manual box. You just need to learn how to use it
  2. A few things come to mind. They should never have called it a Defender, because it does not have the “Swiss army knife” adaptability. I’d go along with Discovery Extreme as well. My 300tdi 110 has just gone up by £3k in value at least. I have looked everywhere in the brochure and can’t find any mention of part number LRS 8888, or Land Rover Spider. How can they expect any credibility without a spider? I still want one.
  3. Arjan In the UK the blue wire is for the rear fog lights
  4. Could the guide pin be stuck out holding the boost pin down?
  5. First car at 16 - 1952 series 1 80” Avenger 1500 GT Marina coupe 1300 Series 3 88” Series 3 lightweight- converted to 3.0 Ltd v6 Series 3 lightweight comp safari motor with tuned 2 1/4 Rover SD1 3.5 ltr Lada Estate with group A engine Range Rover pick up Ford Escort Estate Ford Sierra Estate Discovery 1 Discovery 2 auto Discovery 2 manual 88” hybrid coiler 101 forward control Range Rover classic x 2 Discovery 3 Freelander Discovery 3 Skoda Fabia 110 Defender - still have Skoda Octavia vrs Skoda Octavia vrs 4x4 in addition Honda CB125 Kawasaki GPX250 Honda Revere 600 Kawasaki ZXR 750 H2 Triumph Street Triple 675
  6. I would hope your garage would have spotted any oil on the disc from a leaking hub seal? I would question the statement “all wheels are getting the same amount of braking “ did they mean side to side per axle? Front wheels should see a much greater braking effect- 4 pot callipers versus 2 pot on the back. If there is no side to side discrepancy then you should look at axle location. Don’t see why they would change the springs.
  7. They are a very coarse conical left hand thread. It is just a case of getting one closest to the size required that has good initial bite. I have used them on broken studs and rounded nuts. From memory mine require a 22 mm socket to drive them, they do not fit directly on a ratchet.
  8. Nice one Mav! Redneck ingenuity alive and well in Aberdeenshire. Now add a heating coil from the engine and you are good to go.
  9. I can vouch for the effectiveness of those Irwin type extractors if there is enough meat on he stud to use them. Mine are branded “Craftsman “ from Sears in the USA, and have got me out the poo a few times!
  10. That’s what I have used and it works fine. note that not all the Range Rover style floats are the same. Some have a resistance even when “closed” others don’t. Mine is one of the latter.
  11. I converted my 1997 110 to vented discs a few years ago - no issues. Nowhere near it at the moment, so can't take pictures, but I think they were allmakes calipers, with Britpart discs.
  12. Doesn't sound right. Does it seal at all or not? Can you compare the thread to one of the old ones? Your local motor factors should be able to supply bleed nipples, or even a half decent garage workshop.
  13. Hope it isn’ t he same issue I had. He pedal felt “funny” and a few presses later the clutch fork punched through!
  14. I’d go along with that HfH. Had a look at one at my local supplier and thought it would be a right wrestling match to fit, so decided not to bother. I had enough trouble with the standard one.
  15. Look at what hasn’t been changed. Could a hose be delaminating restricting flow? is the header tank clean of debris? i managed to drop the cardboard disc out of the top of a bottle of oil in once which cause very hit and miss steering!
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