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  1. Roverdrive

    Leaking diff pan - temporary repair?

    Depending on where the hole is, it may be possible to screw a self tapper in and use chemical metal over the top after cleaning well with brake cleaner. Make sure you are nowhere near the crown wheel. I had the same issue on my Salisbury axle just before the MOT! Held fine for a month before replacing the bolt on pan
  2. Roverdrive

    clutch bite point/slip

    That was what I was thinking. I don’t know if it is possible but I can’t think of anything else that hasn’t already been suggested
  3. Roverdrive

    clutch bite point/slip

    Is it possible to remove the slave cylinder and inspect the release bearing through the hole? I am wondering if it is seated correctly on the fork. With you saying that you can back off the pedal adjustment and still have no free play I am wondering if it is something mechanical rather than hydraulic. If there is no free play, the release bearing won't last very long either.
  4. Roverdrive

    Spring way round help please anyone

    One looks like a variable rate spring the other isn’t. They are not a matching pair of springs, or have I misunderstood the question?
  5. Roverdrive

    Led lights

    Bryan this is the kit I bought to sort mine out https://matchlessclueless.com/product-info/installation-guides/led-indicator-diode-installation/ initially for motorcycles it worked perfectly on my 300tdi. I went down this route to make sure I got the correct diodes . I should add that I did not use the scotch lock connection
  6. Roverdrive

    Led lights

    RDX do a fix as per Westerns post in January but a bit spendy At £22
  7. Roverdrive

    Led lights

    Check your wing repeaters. If one of these fail, all indicators flash when trying to indicate left or right. For a proper fix, you need diodes in the supplies from each side to the dash light. I’ll see if I can dig out more info when I get home
  8. Roverdrive

    TD5 110

    The load carrying weight of the wheel should be stamped / cast on the inside face of the rim - i.e. visible if you lie down and crawl under rather than take the tyre off. I had similar looking rims on my 110 station wagon when I bought it, and they are rated to 650kg each, which was well below the maximum permitted axle weights. I am not near my 110 just now, but remember the max permitted axle weight being 1850kg. The wheels I have now ( Boost alloy I believe ) are rated to 950kg per wheel. The axle weights are stamped on the plate with the VIN number, but that was on a 300tdi. Don't know if yours will be the same.
  9. Roverdrive

    Forum relay request

    Travelling from the Wirral to Ashburton early September if that is of any use? More likely to be A roads than M5 till past Hereford depending on time of day.
  10. Roverdrive

    High power LED reverse light

    The fog and reversing lights I believe are NAS spec. The work lamp is a 27w LED unit
  11. Roverdrive

    High power LED reverse light

    I fitted something like this https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=led+p21w&client=safari&hl=en-gb&prmd=sivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjDxer02PbcAhXFDMAKHWd1C3oQ_AUIEigC&biw=768&bih=938#imgrc=62BoFBSbcGnmhM: and also doubled up the fog and reversing lights so there is one each side. I have also got an LED work lamp over the door which can be used to come on with the reversing lights with the ignition on, or manually from the rear door with the ignition off
  12. Roverdrive

    Brake Troubleshooting - looking for help

    When you did the servo test, did you exhaust the vacuum first with the engine off by pumping the pedal until there was no hissing and the pedal went hard? If you did, and there is no change in the pedal when you start the engine, you need to look at the vacuum pipe in its entirety as a start. Is there anything teed into he pipe from the vacuum pump to the servo? You say there seems to be more brake effort in reverse, so perhaps verify this by jacking up each wheel in turn and trying to turn the wheel with the wheel-brace while someone stands on the brakes. Were you off reading in France? Could you have damaged a brake pipe at the front? if you post your general location, you might find there is someone close by who could help.
  13. Roverdrive

    Engine Saver Low Coolant Alarm

    I can confirm that an aftermarket one will operate a standard relay. Been in for a couple of years now, and works fine. It gets tested every time I check the oil, just to be on the safe side!
  14. Not so sure about the Puma set up, but I thought there should be a lock washer under the bolt heads? Is it possible that the bolts are bottomed out in their holes rather than tightening down on the flange? might be worth measuring the depth of the hole vs the length of the bolt to check.
  15. Roverdrive

    Wheel wobble

    Just a thought. The preload differs depending on whether you have a taper bearing or a Railko bush in the swivel. Check to make sure you have the right setting.

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