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  1. Clattering 200tdi (disco engine in a 90)

    Glad you found it. Could have proven expensive if left.
  2. 300 tdi low coolant alarm

    I just used the cap and relay, no fancy circuit. just make sure you get a relay with an 87a contact which is normally closed with no power to it such as this one. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/products/7826950/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_Relays-_-General_Purpose_Relays-_-PRODUCT+GROUP&matchtype=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6NKQ_byz1wIVjpztCh1DzwBWEAQYASABEgKwbPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. Clattering 200tdi (disco engine in a 90)

    Check the crank pully nut. Had one come loose on a 200tdi
  4. Rear Wash Wipe Woes

    As Peaklander said, there is a joint above the headliner above the passenger door. It is normally a non return valve. Mine was thre wrong way round but had been working for years!
  5. x defend pedal lock not fitting

    Here you go, this is how mine sits.
  6. 110 Stuff

    Assorted pics
  7. x defend pedal lock not fitting

    Mine sits with the hinged piece vertically against the seat box when stowed, and when locked on, is in line with the door pillar. It presses the brake pedal sufficiently to hold the vehicle on a slight incline, I certainly can't push it!
  8. Clicking noise when taking up drive.

    Don't know if it is relevant but I had something similar when moving from rest, forwards only. It was more of a chirp than a click, but was a failed near side engine mount. Happened again a year or so later when one of the mount bolts worked loose.
  9. X defend pedal box fitting and painting

    I used some non slip board tape for a skateboard deck. Works great
  10. 300TDi Ticking noise

    Might be as well to check around the exhaust manifold as well. If it is only audiable on boost, it might only be a small leak at this time. As said before, look for signs of soot about the back of the head and manifolds. You might be able to use a soapy water solution to find small leaks, but unless the block is cold, it will evaporate very quickly.
  11. Engine Hoist/ Clutch replacement

    Make sure you measure up the distance from the front bumper to the centre of the engine so you get a hoist with sufficient reach. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one but the cylinder fouled the bumper. Took some creative rigging to get the engine back in.
  12. Strange voltage fluctuations

    Thanks gents You hit the nail on the head. The main earth runs from the battery to the gearbox with a clamp half way along to give the chassis earth. Looks like corrosion here. I ran another earth from the body to the engine block, and now back up to 14.2v at tick over no load. Drops to 13.9v at tick over with every conceivable electric load on. Climbs back to 14v at a fast idle, so all looking like back to normal. in incidentally I picked up on the varying voltage while driving because of the Sparkbright LED voltage monitor I had fitted, so thank you Simon As well!
  13. Strange voltage fluctuations

    Thanks Bowie Batteries are connected via an x-eng split charge relay, nothing complicated. The earths are tied together, and one has an earth direct to the winch, the other direct to chassis. Will get underneath while the rain has stopped and check the terminations. Should have added that while maintaining a steady load and rpm, the voltage fluctuates by about 0.7v. It used to be rock steady as long as the load didn't change.
  14. Strange voltage fluctuations

    Hi all strange problem with the charging on my 300 Tdi. It is often left standing for 3 weeks at a time, and this time home struggled to start. It has a twin battery system and a 100A alternator. Ran it for a few days without any issues, then one evening after using head lights, it struggled to start after a 20 minute stop. Checked the voltage this morning before starting, and both batteries were a 12.7v which is a bit low compared to normal. Fired up no problem, and voltage rose to 14.02v. Again a bit low compared to the normal figure of 14.2v. Adding electrical load dropped it to 13.3v. On one occasion. Trying the same test it dropped to 12.5v with headlights and spotlights. Strangely starting the heater blower seemed to poke it in to life and he voltage then cam up to 13.6v the alternator is about a year old, and was a genuine parts replacement not from a blue box. Does this sound like the diode pack giving up, or should I be looking elsewhere? Both batteries have been charged up overnight so will refit hem today, and monitor what is happening.
  15. Pressure in crankcase 300TDi

    If I unscrew the filler cap on my 300 tdi with the engine running, it stays in place on the rocker cover "fluttering". If I was to put my hand over the filler I would feel some pulsing or pressure. I would call this normal. If when you remove the filler it nearly takes your head off and rolls in to the corner of the garage you have a problem. Are there any other signs such as blue smoke, using a lot of oil ( other than leaks! ) etc.?