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  1. i agree steve the event was run well its just a shame about the disco roll, as i say other than that it was a bloody good day. id say the organisers did a good job. watson
  2. personally i would go for the silversrtone, because the block are slightly further apart so they don't fill up so quikly. the fedima ive heard are very heavy and the simex are extremely expensive watson
  3. hi all i went down yesterday and had a good day, at first i was a bit dubious but they ran it well. but the only worrying thing is the marshals down there have not got a clue what they are doing bar 1 0r 2 of them this was shown when they pulled a disco ON TO its roof trying to recover it. but they are hoping to run it every three weeks. watson
  4. ifor williams all the way, the leaf springs are far better with a load on the trailer than the indespension and wessex trailers. josh
  5. firstly good luck hughie secondly i emailed portlerover they other week and got a good informing email back, i was very impressed with the service, have you considered ashcroft to make your shafts?? josh
  6. to me it sounds as if your clutch is slipping, does it rev to high pulling off and does it feel slugish to pull off (yes i know it is a land rover) josh
  7. thankyou so much for all of your advise it helps allot!! we have a date set now, 2010 and ill post up the route when i get a copy thankyou josh
  8. when is she planning to do that josh
  9. well basically we need to know the laws, the politics how to get through borders without being aressted or shot, were should avoid like the plague and were we should go, how long it might take driving ages. everything basically its only in the early parts of planning thankyou josh
  10. thankyou very much have you done it yourself josh
  11. thankyou mike i will have a look we wont be going for longer than that josh
  12. hoping to drive to africa and back in the next couple of years, so i need some advise from some advise from some experts, so is there any were to avoid, go, advise on fuel advise on prep anything is desperatly needed PLEASE josh o and is there anyone in africa that would like to meet and travel with us for a bit
  13. whitbread, north off road i think josh
  14. yup thats what i was thinking and if you really want to push the boat out get the mega dulux performance kit josh
  15. hi steve looks like you had a good time but come on more picies please josh
  16. i know loads of people running the gwyn lewis, i personally reckon thats your best bet but possibly with x-springs, scrapiron have a good kit but they are expensive, service is c**p and you can get a similar kit from lrs equipe 4x4. lrs linky thingy josh
  17. Your bottom shock bushes may be worn, allowing the damper to move up and down worth checking josh
  18. i'm hoping to do Santas challenge 2008 as my first event driving i was just wondering when i book on and who else is hoping to go?? josh
  19. i might be able to get it to billing aswell i will let you know josh
  20. i live quite near whitam i could pick it up for you and store it possibly, but i dont know wether im going to billing so could arrange pick up from mine im near bures, suffolk about 10 miles from colchester?? josh
  21. hi jst if i remember rightly you just disconnect the battery so nothing can short, then disconnect the cables off the motor but remember were they go because it can be a sod, and then there are two long bolt in the back of the motor, undo both of them then pull the motor off but be-carefull of the gasket unless you want to replace it i am sure someone will correct me if i am wrong
  22. that story is awsome whats your mates competition td5 got on it?? any pics from the story?? watson
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