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  1. That explains the question about the metallic then.
  2. With regard to the final Defender off the production line, the colour is 'Grasmere Green', and as far as I can tell, the paint code is 2207 HBV. I'm not entirely sure if it's exactly the same colour as HUE 166, as it is a metallic finish. They describe it as the 'same' colour as HUE 166 though. Perhaps someone could clarify the details.
  3. Blimey, I forgot about this particular thread. Over a decade since my last post! Thanks for the link though, Martin. Some helpful information there.
  4. Just reporting back. I scrapped it to teach the damned thing a lesson.
  5. Blimey! Nine years since my first post. I forgot all about the vegetable oil idea!
  6. Apologies for the delayed reply AGAIN! I don't seem to be getting e-mail notifications at all. I have actually given up with the damned thing as I'm sick to death of it. I also had a ridiculous situation trying to perform the simple task of replacing the bonnet release cable which involved being sent the wrong one, then ordering again from a different seller to save time, to avoid any more mistakes, which resulted in being sent the wrong one AGAIN! So I ordered yet another one from another seller, who kindly sent the correct one, which I fitted and adjusted, went to test it, gave it a pu
  7. I suppose that's possible. I'll have to have a look, in addition to checking the pipes for air leaks at the tank end. It does seem odd though that another problem would present itself at exactly the moment the lift pump broke - unless of course they were somehow related. There wasn't much filth in the sediment bowl, so I wouldn't have thought there would be a blockage. I'll have a look though.
  8. Hello Sorry for the delayed reply. I have only just got round to having a go at it tonight. I have put the new lift pump on, having made sure it worked first by pumping the main operating lever (and satisfying myself that the old one was broken - which it was because I couldn't get it to pump by operating the main lever), then I made sure this new one was pumping once I fitted it, but before fitting the pipes - and it was working. So, I have slackened the bleed nut on the filter housing (fitted a new fuel filter), turned the engine over to get it on the cam so the priming lever works, the
  9. Thanks for your replies everyone I'll get one of those cheap lift pumps from Paddock Spares, then if that doesn't cure it I'll delve into the pipework! Thanks again!
  10. Morning! My 1996 Discovery 300Tdi recently disgraced itself by conking out at anything over tickover, which I thought must be a blockage. Also, a few weeks previously it suddenly became slightly more reluctant to start, which I thought might be the lift pump on its way out. I have cleaned out the sediment bowl, which had some filth in the bottom, but not much (no water in it either). I have also fitted a new fuel filter. When I went to pump it through with the lift pump lever, it wouldn't do anything - no resistance at all, and the lever just hit against its stop. I have tried about twe
  11. Right then, after two months of my life revolving around the weather forecasts I have finally tackled the damned thing and fixed it! Despite the intermittent occurrences of the problem, and everything convincing me it was going to be an electrical fault (a notion fortified when I noticed the absent wiper motor earth lead), the problem turned out to be seized wiper spindles, as suggested to me above! I can't imagine why (or how) an intermittent seizure can exist, but it did! I took the wiper motor out and noticed the motor body was red hot, as everything had seized a few degrees past the p
  12. Ahh thanks! I thought I had better double-check before I went off and starting poking around for a Halibut Rotator. Mike
  13. Okay, thanks, I'll look into that also. I hope it's something that doesn't require the wiper motor being removed! I take it that HR means high resistance though, doesn't it? I couldn't think of anything more specific that it could refer to.
  14. Sorry for the delayed response. I didn't get any e-mail notification so I presumed that no one had replied! I'll have a look at the spindles firtst then. The only strange thing is that it did it intermittently for a little while, returning to normal wiper operation after each problem event. That is up until this time, because it's stil like it! Mike
  15. Hello My 1996 300Tdi Discovery has been behaving strangely in the wiper department. Sometimes when I operate the wipers (soon after starting the car, and at night, if it's relevant), the wipers are extremely slow and take about half a minute to complete a single wipe. After that initial strangeness they usually behave normally on subsequent wipe attempts! It has done this a few times at random over the past few months. Tonight the damned thing did the same, except this time the wipers only moved about forty-five degrees, then stopped mid-screen. I had to get out and assist them in return
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