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  1. I have one of these winches... Seems there is part of it missing... On mine there is a black box mounted above the top 2 rails... On the top of the black box is the socket for the remote operating switch.. The black box has 3 wires of about 8 inches long coming out of it going to the 3 terminals on the top... It ialso has a much longer (3 foot long) red cable which is for the positive supply.... the earth as you mentioned is underneath... I guess you made it work without the black box but didnt you get it with it, or the remote lead? Cheers Carl..
  2. Ah Ok, thanks for that. I guess the fact that I have moved the damper ahead of the axle, I can remove this harmonic damper...??? If I remove it, will I be able to hear boy bands doing harmonies? LOL.. Joking..
  3. I have been looking underneath the car and have found something that I do nto recognise, nor do I know what it is or what it is called.. I will try to explain.... It is a small 4" round thing, made of metal and maybe 1" thick.. the sterring damper is on the rear part of the axle, and this is localted very close to one end of the steering damper, bolted to the chassis. From the centre of the circle, there is a short piece of wire rope which loops around to the opposite side of the round thing, also into the centre. I can only imagine it is a damper of soem kind, but for what I would not know.. I have fitted a kit to have a new steering damper located at the front side of the dif so the old one at the rear side of the dif is now removed.. Hope someone can help identify Cheers Carl..
  4. Hiya, yeah, tried pressing all the 5 doors switches, to no avail.!!! Where is this crash sensor and what does it look like... I see 2 crash sensors on the engine bay just behind the headlights with the yellow wiring loom cabling..
  5. Ner, cant see anything there. Looked everywhere now, and do not see any spare connectors or wires around that area..!!! bummer...
  6. LOL... I have just been stood there in front of the car for 10 mins, bonnet up, cannot find a switch for the alarm. I found each one on each door, including the rear door, so i know what these look like, but cannot for the life of me find one under the bonnet..!!!
  7. I just went to have a look at the radio to see if I could remove it. I do have a pair of them 2 prong thingys that remove car radios, but, this radio only has a single hole on each side.. Now gonna need some idea how to get that out.. Just as a reminder from one of my previous posts, my disco was a Jap one.. Brought in just less than a year ago by the ownder from day one. A oldish Japanses lady. I cant imagine that she has had any mods made to the car. LOL.. But ya never know I guess..
  8. Is this green thing I know as a 10AS also called a spider unit?
  9. Hi there, went out in the Disco today. Gets in car, all starts up fine, friend was in the car with me when I noticed that the cover for the footwell was hanging a little low, so he used his foot to pus it back up again. I was about to reverse off the drive when I noticed that the hazard lights flashing. I was a little bemused at this so checked the hazard light switch, and that switch was not not pressed. Very odd. I had to stop because I cant drive down the streets with this. Wondering what had happened since the last drive in it, and nothing came to mind, and then remembered the footwell cover had just been adjusted by foot..! I went down there ans found a box called AS10. Just like this one.. https://www.blackbox-solutions.com/shop/help/SM031.html it was clicking in time with the indicators, so was clear that this had something to do with the problem. I removed the 2 leads and flashing indicators stopped. Each time I have put them back in, indicators continued to flash..!! I can use the car just fine with this AS10 green box removed, with the only noticeable pain now, is the remote central locking is not working. I replaced the keyfob 2032 battery and that has not made anything any better. I have had a look around this site at previous posts, and by all accounts, removing the AS10 green box would immobilise the car, but, it has not done that.!! Battery has never gone flat on the car, so cant see any reason forthis to have suddenly happended for this. I cant imagine that the green box being moved by my mates foot coulf have caused this, but hey, I dont know, if it did, then this box is a very fragile box. I have taken the cover off it to see if there is any noticable problems, and i do not see any dry joints etc.. Anyone have any ideas? Can it be reset somehow without technical equipment? I do have an alarm here at home that I could easily fit, but not sure I can get it to get the central door locking working..? Cheers Carl.
  10. Having had my Disco now for 2 weeks, I am preparing some changes like 2" suspension and front winch bumper. The other thing is Wheels and tyres. I have been looking around to try and price these items.. But I am asking myself questions I do not know the answer to..!! My current wheels are 16" Alloys. Fom seeing pictures I understand they may be called "Freestyle". I have read through a lot of posts on here and I have not seen anybody mentioning using them alloys and putting on some off-road tyres instead of the std road tyres. The other thing I saw on a thread regarding Disco tryes was, someone mentioned a maximum size tyre that would go on without modifying the wheel arches. I cant find that post but I seem to remember somebody mentioning 33".. The question I wanted to ask is... Is that the diameter of the tyre when infalted or is it some other measurement.? Also... When I read specifications of tyres, I dont normally see any of the mention this.. I see mentioned 265 x 75 x 16 for example.. I am confused as to how i know what a 33" tyre is with those measurements... I know in my mind, I quite fancy a fairly wide tyre without being too silly.. If they can go on the alloy, why not.!! If they cannot, I will try see which steel wheel i prefer.. Cheers Carl..
  11. Hiya, I am looking to find out if there are any places I can go with my Disco to do some light off-roading for a play during the week? I am based Chester, so North West and Wales is good for me.. Cheers Carl..
  12. I am, doing it from the passenger side, still standing out of the car, it is right there next to the A Panel, so I have a good stance and good pull. waiting for someont to come here and press the bonnet down for me..!! I am not pulling the wrong handle am I? LOL
  13. Ah OK, I never thought about the weight thing, but, this prompts a 2nd question.... Can I use the shocks and get a new set of 2" springs? Cheers Carl.
  14. I was wondering, I can get hold of springs and shocks for 2" lift that were previously on a LR90. I am thinking as my Disco '96 "looks" like the same chassis... Is it? And can I put thiese springs and shocks onto the disco to give it a 2" lift? Cheers Carl..
  15. Just been and bought a disco from a nice Japanese lady. It is a 1996 V8i on an N plate with 60k on the clock. In a metalic turquoise. It is looking good. One thing I did not know when I went to buy it was, it is from Japan. She brought it over from Japan approx 1 year ago, and now she is going back to live in Japan, so rather than ship the car back to Japan, she sold it to me. !! I looked under the car as soon as I got there and I have to say, it is superb. Not an ounce of rust in sight. It really is like a 3 or 4 year chassis under there. Saw one little oil drip, checked it, coming from the power steering resevoir and not from the engine. It has not been cleaned to hide anything. When I had called about the car, there was someone interested, but, he did not want to buy it eventually. I asked why, and they told me that when he tested the car, he put it into dif lock, and it would not come out of dif lock without a lot of trouble. They took it to Land Rover dealer and they fixed it quite simply.. Got to say, absolute bargain...!! I do have a proiblem though..!! While I was there, little oldish Japanese lady opened the bonnet for me... Now I am at home, I am buggered if I can opene it. I pull really hard on the handle and it wont budge in the slightest... How can a little woman do this and I cant..!!! Am I doing wrong by pulling? I tried pushing, I tried twisting (it twists maybe 45 degrees only) Hope someone can help? Cheers Carl..
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