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  1. cool thanks for that, we will also be there selling the remains of 30 odd various landys that have died or been broken over the years, change of business means huge clearout. we started yesterday & should be ready by then.
  2. i heard last year that there will be an autojumble in march but dont know when exactly. does anyone know anything about it?
  3. ok ok, yes maybe we should have attempted to drive this section, it was a fun event and we were just having a good time,
  4. we were testing our new freespool out at this event, so we winched pretty much everything, but back to the op bowrope gets my vote.
  5. just stumbled across this thread and thought i can add a little fuel to the fire. Being that ive been competing for 3 years with a single winch on a truck that has been adapted to pull in all directions via various stainless rigging hooks. my winch ropes possibly get more of a work out than on a multi winch vehicle, i know my truck is lighter than most however it can still weigh a good bit when its up to the bonnet in the brown stuff. i have tried out ony 3 types of rope and have settled for now on 125 ft of 12mm bowrope. for one david is in the south and attends some / most of the comps i enter, he always carries a good supply of spare ropes motors albrights etc etc. his customer care is second to none from what i know, the product is at a fair price and it works for me. david will listen to what you say and take on board your thoughts. i generally have been getting 10-12 events mostly 2 day from a rope, then i buy new and keep the old as a back up, there is no real reason for this other than thats what im happy doing.
  6. id like to see this event aimed more at the kind of vehicle that was doing the rounds when mike was too. full bodied for starters, no tray back of any kind 35" tyre absolute maximum. vehicles must arrive under their own steam taxed & mot'd insured for the road is a good idea but may put some long distance competitors off. whatever is the outcome it can only be better that the sham it is right now. ps. nige im pretty local to you and happy to help where i can.
  7. its not the issue that they will fix it when it breaks, if it breaks when competing and you can't fix it there & then your event is over, will they be paying for you entry fee & cost of traveling etc etc. i think not. if you want a winch that does not break go saley, as for red like i say id be waiting till any problems there might be to have been sorted before you go 2.5k in. but they do look cool and so far reports are good. only time will tell. but its a great situation to be in having such choices. if the new red winch performs well at the top level id expect a glutton of cheep gp winches on the market, keep your eyes peeled.
  8. there are plenty of second hand gp about at the moment for around 2k & most people in the comp scene run 8274 gp style winches so spares are normally about at most events just in case you need some ?? ive not seen any reds in action yet so for me id be waiting a year or so just incase any issues come up.
  9. you seem to have got some really good support for this series unfortunatly awdc south seems to be suffering a tad this year, im hoping the CNW series will run next year too, so us "southern fairys" can join in the fun. are there any plans laid out for 2013 yet ??
  10. for those of you who have not yet been to bobs place, i can confirm that the site is excellent with a wide range of terrain, not one to be missed.
  11. you dont want 1956015 you need 195 r 15 or 19580 r 15
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