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  1. trod

    battery size

    thank for the input! Trod
  2. trod

    battery size

    Hi can any one tell me what size battery i need (amps?) its a 2,1/4 diesel swb living in NORWAY. Thanks Trod
  3. trod


    The tyres where given to me,so that all good . Many thanks Trod
  4. trod


    Can any one tell me if i can put a set of 600-16 (600x16) AVON TRACTION MILEAGE on to a 16"x 5.5" steel rim or do i need a 16"x5" rim. thanks Trod
  5. trod

    rim size

    hi can any one tell the differance between a lwb & a swb steel rim. thanks Trod
  6. trod

    Sun roof

    Thanks i will have a look in the morning
  7. trod

    Sun roof

    Hi ,can any one tell me where the drain pipes for the sun roofs come out and how to Get to Them so that i can blow them out from the bottom. Thanks Trod
  8. trod


    i live in Stavanger so its still a long way to Holland ,but thanks for the feed back thanks Trod
  9. HI im looking for a series 3 reconditoned gearbox,does any one have any good tips.I live in Norway so exchange is not the way to go for me. Thanks Trod Have one to sell? Sell it yourself LAND ROVER SERIES 3 RECONDITIONED GEARBOX
  10. trod

    max towing wieght

    Ive just look in series 2a owners manual (part number 4482 page 100)this is close but its listing only 760kg http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2010/01/series-iia-owners-manual/ ps also trying other forums. thanks Trod
  11. trod

    max towing wieght

    A big thanks to every one but im still looking for some manufacturers documentation to say what the max towing wieght is of a series 2a 88".and where to find it thanks Trod
  12. trod

    max towing wieght

    im looking for some manufacturers documentation to say what the max towing wieght is of a series 2a 88". thanks Trod
  13. trod

    max towing wieght

    thanks for that,
  14. trod

    max towing wieght

    thanks but a bit fuzzy is not helping me much,i need paper work.
  15. trod

    max towing wieght

    Ther is nothing listed on the log book(O.1&O.2 braked & unbraked).it as a series 2 vin plate also with nothing on.the car is now in Norway So i need to find some sort of documentation that list 2 tons,can any one help! Thanks Trod

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