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  1. Thanks Les, Do you think it would pass an MOT sitting on the roll bar the way it is? That would at least by me some time to be able to sort it. The car only gets used by my wife to get from the house to the horse stables, so doesn't do big trips/mileage. Thanks again Adrian
  2. Many thanks for the replies Having been around friends kit cars, I've seen plastic fuel tanks and batteries held in place with ratchet straps with no ill effects and passing MOT's, so didn't realise it was such an extreme thing to do? I work away during the week so struggle for time to actual carry our short notice repairs. The front of the craddle has rusted and sheared off near to the bracket attached tot he bulkhead. My only concern is that as soon I try to undo the bolts on the front, the bracket its self will just come off due to corrosion. Because of this even finding another secondhand craddle wont be an easy task to fit. Are there any aftermarket craddle's available that use alternative mounts? Many thanks Adrian
  3. Whilst fitting rear brake discs today I noticed that the fuel tank had dropped slightly. The cradle has rusted and split so the fuel tank is now resting on the anti roll bar. Only problem is its due to for an mot this week and with work, I'm not going to get time to fabricate anything. Does anyone know if there's room to get a ratchet strap in there to support it? Would this pass an mot? As was thinking this would make the tank secure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Adrian
  4. I fitted new Britpart black poly bushes to my 300tdi back in February, but yesterday started to get a knock from the front passenger side when hitting a pot hole or bump Are these bushes likely to have worn after only 6 months? What bushes does everyone else use/recommend? Thanks Ade
  5. Can anyone explain how the Sealey VS431 angular torque gauge works? I'm looking to buy a gauge to fit a head gasket to a 300tdi at the weekend, but the reviews on the standard bar type seem pretty poor, saying that they are useless The VS431 is a clip on type, but can understand how it works? Any help would be great Many thanks Ade
  6. From a recommendation on another forum, I picked one of these up on my way home last night, But after pulling the dash apart to fit, starting issue was the same So I then proceeded to remove, brush up and refit all the earth braids. Checked continuity with my tester, and all appears good. But again, no difference to the starting I will look into buying some new earth braids and fitting them, as its not going to hurt anything I dropped it in for its MOT this morning, so will see how that goes I will probably look into testing the feed to the starter solenoid to make sure that's OK even when its not starting If that proves OK, I assume it must be the starter? I which case I'll be getting in touch with Bearmach as its only 5 days old! Thanks for all the help, keep the suggestions coming if anyone thinks they have an idea as to what it might be Ade
  7. I seem to have an intermittent starting problem on my 1996 'N' registration 300tdi. Its manual transmission 2.5 tdi. When going to start the car, it operates as normal. Glow plug light comes on and timers as normal. Then sometimes it starts no problem, but other times there is nothing. No attempt to crank, just a click/clunk. You can usually get it started by repeated attempts at turning the key The battery is a brand new 019 type with 950cca, and it also has a brand new starter motor and alternator. All of which were fitted last week as part of the cars refurbishment. The stop solenoid on the back of the injector pump seems to be wired into a 12V cable from the glow plug timer relay on the back of the fuse box. I don't whether this is normal or something that was done by the previous owner as it is just solder into the cable as it enters/leaves the relay Is there anywhere best where I should start the investigation? I've been searching on google and a common problem regarding non starting 300tdi's appear to be a "spider" wiring on the alarm? Also, does anyone know whether the this starting issue would affect an MOT, as its booked in tomorrow Many thanks Ade
  8. I've spent too much money on second hand or reconditioned boxes over the years, only to find 12 months down the line they are leaking or have too much play. I'm hoping the new Adwest box is the answer, but only time will tell Thanks Ade
  9. Managed to get hold of the production manager (at last!). They don't have the one I wanted in stock but can knock one up and get it out to me today for delivery tomorrow Turned out to be really helpful once I was able to get past reception onto the right person
  10. I hope there steering boxes are better than there customer service! Still can't get hold of anyone
  11. I emailed Megan this afternoon, but not heard back yet. Will also try that number in the morning, as the one I tried this morning was different (0118 969 2351), and the woman who answered the phone just took my details and didn't have a clue what I was on about, no one rang back What delivery like from Adwest? as my MOT is due on Friday Do there boxes come complete with a drop arm already fitted? Thanks Ade
  12. I've tried phoning Adwest twice already today, left my details on both occassions, but still no call back Just had a look at Paddocks, link below: http://www.paddockspares.com/parts-and-accessories/land-rover-discovery-1/steering/power-steering-boxes.html Which one do I go for? Is the outright purchase the same as recon, but you dont send your old one back to them? Thanks Ade
  13. I'm starting to think the steering box is knackered! Wheres the best place to get a new one? Thanks Ade
  14. I'm coming to the end of the suspension/steering renewal on my 300tdi. I've replaced all bushes, rods, ball joints, steering damper, lower steering column c/w uj's, etc. But I still have free play in the steering wheel I've tried adjusting the steering box, but it appears to make no difference? Is there a certain way of doing it? I'm carrying out the adjustment on my own. Loosening the nut, tightening the allen key bolt roughly a 1/4 turn, then tightening the nut back up. Wiggle the lower column or steering wheel and nothings changed I could screw the bolt in quite a bit, to the point where its below the securing nut, but again, no change in steering play at all Scratching my head a bit on this one, as I was really hoping this was the last thing to do, so any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Ade
  15. Removed the door card last night and voltages seem fine at the plug on both uap and down operation of the switch Pulled the motor and regulator out, and the motor seems to be seized Even with the motor on the bench and removed from the regulator I cant get the motor to move when applying 12V direct from a battery pack Have ordered a new motor and hoping that should fix the problem Thanks for the help Ade
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