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  1. Funny you should mention that, My job for tonight was to swap the fuel pressure/ damper valve. I would make sense that, while stood, the injectors would fill, but then there wouldn't be enough pressure to fill them quick enough. I will keep you posted Maybe the battery going flat scenario has nothing to do with the fault, just coinsidence. I have just read your adventures regarding the pressure/ fuel pump. I was thinking the damper was the regulator. Looks like i'm gonna have to bight the bullet and buy a complete fuel pump. @rse.
  2. Hi Guys, Really could do with some help here please. Story: Got up to go to work, left interior lights on all night, flat battery, used my other car to jump start the Freelander. Freelander started, then cut straight out, tried again, did the same, tried again, but gave a bit more throttle for a few seconds, then it held it's own on tickover. Noticed back window down, common problem i've read, I'll sort it when I get to work. Drove 45 miles to work, after 30ish miles. Hill Decent and TC light came on the dash, no performance difference. Got to work, parked up. An hour later, went and tried to re callibrate the rear window. No joy, tried a few times. Read that you could 'cycle test' by holding fog switch down, and turn ignition on/off. No joy. Not to flatten the battery, tried to start the engine, turned over, fired, revved to about 2000, died. tried again, this time, turning over, but no fire. Every now and then, the engine will fire up, but then die, as if you turn edthe ignition off. But all the lights stay on the dash Called RAC, the guy spent an hour checking everything he could think off, no joy. No codes, nothing. Got car recovered back home, done some tests: Fuel cut off switch checked and bypassed Fuel pump running and delivering fuel to the throttle housing Plugs sparking. Coils swapped Cam sensor swapped Crank sensor giving reading (info via RAC man) Engine runs with easy start, then dies when Easy Starts removed. I can only think now that somehow I have reset the mapping or ECU somehow. Any Ideas what may have happened here, I have absolutly no ideas left to try. Many thanks in advance 1.8k Series 2004 Freelander
  3. Yes, the LCD Trip/ total display. The old Clock displayed circa 140,000, after having it re-adjusted, it says 225,000, the guy who did the adjustment said he may have forgot to put it back to miles, If I did the maths 225,000 KM is the same as 140,000 (ish) miles. So I am guessing he didn't put it back to miles. It was only because I have fitted everything back in place, I was trying to avoid taking the clock back out and waiting 4 days for the guy to fix it. As I said, I think it's respectful not publishing details of how to 'clock' the display, (of which I am aware of the process)so I though someone may have pointed me in the direction of elecronicaly changing the scale. Big thanks for the reply Western. Regards
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'm going to have to send it back to the guy who upped the mileage for me, he will have to reprogramme it there. Ta!
  5. I have been finishing off a rebuild of a 90 td5 with a 300tdi Engine. I have put in a new clock, which now shows the correct mileage, but, the distance is now showing in Kilometers. I have tried holding down the reset button whilst turning on the ignition, but to no joy. Can someone tell me how to change the clock to show Miles NOT Kilometers? I appreciate that we don't want to go down the 'how to change the odometer' route here, so if you need to PM me I would be greatfull Many thanks
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