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  1. It is avalve driver and just gets 12v input logic at low current and opens and closes the valves according to the logic. It contains the MOSFETs. No internal information is available as to what the resin block contains but it's something which you could easily reuse to drive your valves correctly so the coils are not overheated with 12v dc
  2. Maybe they (landrover / wabco for the BCM) should have programmed a duty cycle into the EAS controller to limit the number of starts and continuous running cycle to save the very expensive compressor though and lock it out under fault if it cycled too often. Getting a bit offtrack but maybe it's something to consider adding to the microcontroller code. The best explanation of the RR EAS system was I think this one which is worth considering integrating into a microcontroller... Or at least similar... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.landyzone.co.uk/attachments/eas-system-information-document-pdf.60384/&ved=2ahUKEwjD_dy1yNHoAhXObsAKHSOJArQQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw2YdciZpxmIGcLe9yNuiJSt I have also got some pressure sensors (each corner) which I did consider may be useful to determine an off-road situation where one wheel may be loaded but then it's what you do with that information because it would probably be useful with more information such as a 9 axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer.... Speed sensor.... Steering angle.... And all of a sudden the code is very complex... and what you want to do with all this info .... Automatically by microcontroller....
  3. If I ever get my 90 finished (now have a chance + instruction from swmbo as furloughed over virus). I have a set of RR classic front and rear air bags that will clip straight on to the bottom axle mount (just remove the old coil spring mount. For the top of the classic mount I am using the normal shock mount retainer plate modified to accept the air spring clips for the RR classic. And remote spring mounts with adjustable shocks all around (all parts to hand now... No excuse over time any more!) All tubing is 4mm od to the rrclassic air springs. I have a choice of valve blocks.... I have a RR classic valve and driver block (which will save the need for separate MOSFET drivers.... As they are contained in the resin filled driver block) Or the use of some(4) 4 piloted 5 port 3 position 1/4" pneumatic valves 4v330C (although they are limited on air pressure rating read waffle below)... So the rrc valve block may be used in the end Along with 2 proper air compressors https://air-zenith.com/product/2nd-generation-200psi-ob2-compressor-black/ (feeding a 20l (or 25 I forget) receiver (given the LR eas air compressors seem to be a common point of failure.... Followed by valve block seals) The one really good feature of the LR classic and P38 eas was the use of a regenerative dessicant air dryer..... In that when air was released from the airbags it was exhausted via the valve block and then through the air dryer which released any moisture from the dessicant air dryer and made sure that the air in the air bags was dry.... Given being the lowest point in the system without an air dryer you are likely to end up with condensation accumulating over time in the bottom of the air bags.... The receiver will only tap whatever condenses. I am overcoming this by using a dual (as I have dual compressors) membrane dryer arrangement..... One problem with membrane dryers is they bleed air.... Another is air pressure.... They are limited to 8 bar.... Hence they will go downstream of my receiver and I may put a smaller receiver downstream of the dryers with an nrv on the inlet ... Or better would be a constant pressure valve because membrane dryers work best under a constant pressure downstream. I mention all this waffle as maybe there are some nuggets to consider about dry air, valve blocks and compressors. I have another use for the onboard air too hence I wanted some resilience in air compressors each with a 100% duty cycle. No not blowing up tyres... Eas controller via ATMega mini onto a custom PCB (I need a couple so have a standard 14 high current output BTS621 dual high side switch ICs (used in the wabco ABS to drive the abs modulator.... Have open circuit and short circuit protection and fault indication ) and a number of analog inputs.... The PCB is part designed schematic wise using https://easyeda.com/ The code.... I started and returned to the Arduino IDE several times... But have used Visuino https://www.visuino.com/ which is really great visual programming software.... But when your sketches get very big and complex I struggled with the speed as it wa NTS to redraw the wires everytime you move add a wire.... You can turn off the auto wire ... But it just means that when your sketch gets even bigger it just grinds to a halt (I have one sketch which can take 20mins just to load.... ) I am now using XOD https://xod.io/ which is very similar but much more programmer friendly but it only works with Arduino compatible boards (ie a chipset listed in the Arduino family...) Where as Visuino has a vast microcontroller base.... They have also just kindly bumped up the fees for Visuino and launched a PRO version... At more cost that provides can bus interface (which I need) as I am hijacking some other sensors plus it's easier to send data around the network to multiple boards using 2 wire. I'll stick with XOD for the moment. But still gravitate to using the Arduino IDE as well. For MOSFETs, the ir540 is a good (high current plus high voltage plus cheap and available) choice... Plus these are very cheap as a quad PCB module you may want to consider (from memory.... The RRC or P38 valve block is a 7 channel valve block so two of these will work nicely if you don't want to use the standard rrc or P38 resin driver block. https://www.google.com/search?safe=strict&client=ms-android-xiaomi-rev2&sa=X&biw=360&bih=641&tbm=shop&sxsrf=ALeKk00QGM0vmoGnZmb-dX1k8arN6mkN8g%3A1586082169584&ei=ebGJXo7wIdKW8gKOvZ64Dw&q=mosfet+irf540+four&oq=mosfet+irf540+four&gs_l=mobile-sh-serp.3...8077.11096.0.11845. Interested plus subscribed.
  4. For PCBs https://easyeda.com/ Very cheap very fast delivery (before covid19)
  5. help.... LAND ROVER ERC 9568 / INA F-202171.1 seems NLA??? 47mm of, 24mm wide with an 8mm hole thanks in advance rob
  6. Alaskan chainsaw mill? Used one a bit with oak sleepers, works a treat https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/alaskan-mill-landing-page/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwgOzdBRDlARIsAJ6_HNnhLiya8e80jlw9GhoJvlqr1NPBQZAFvRYRen97wNszPtVg5pcB8roaAgdqEALw_wcB
  7. I've got one similar, very handy. Mine is 20t, and have considered swapping the hand jack for a pneumatic one for about £50, saves the faf when trying to work one handed and other hand steady a stack of old bearing races I use as guides or presses. I normally split the old bearing races and use the inner and outer races. Work well when pressing in New bearing races such as wheel bearings because they are split they are just undersize
  8. Yes I know a long shot....😁i am looking for more an exploded diagram than a part number for the range rover Evoque steering wheel air bag retainer. The bit that clips into the steering wheel and holds the squib and also holds the horn / steering wheel center plastic logo. Basically the metal frame and plastic sprung clips you can see in this image That hold the front logo cover on Thanks
  9. ...well I've learnt something, thought soil was soil, didn't know that you get land and beach detectors , thanks
  10. Always useful if you've ever lost a nut or bolt in the grass or stone drive Alternative... Big old speaker magnet on a string.... Dragged back and forth over the suspect area...
  11. I did not have a problem, because its Android One it is "pure Android", i.e. there is near zero manufacturer input into it. Worked in english out of the box, all the updates arrive directly from google every month, I don't have the wait for the manufacturer to decide when they want to release something etc. Have a read of android-one here: https://www.android.com/one/ Xiaomi apparently released the A1 to rival the google pixel at a much lower price, there is a review here: https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/xiaomi-mi-a1 The phone is essentially exactly the same as their xiaomi Mi 5, except because its android-one it does not come with their apps (like the samsung browser etc), you can install any apps you want, but it just comes with the default google apps (chrome, maps, gmail etc) from that you can install whatever else you want firefox waze etc. and you have no wasted space with unable to remove manufacturers apps. I transferred / cloned my old phone without issue to the new one just followed the walkthrough when powering up. On previous phones (Iphone 4 + motorola motoG) I went through (smashed / fell appart / bits fell off) about 4 / 5 otterboxes. At least with this phone I'm not worried about a £400+ phone that I keep for 4 years and it costs me ~£100 / year.... I can afford to buy a new one every 18 months at ~£150 and still be at the same cost of a phone... I got mine from here, arrived DHL in about a week https://www.tobydeals.co.uk/en_GB/product/xiaomi-mi-a1-dual-sim-64gb-black-1.html looks like its gone up as I only paid £129.99
  12. I have one of these xiaomi with Android one, and very happy... No manufacturer carp apps Can use sim + Microsd card Or dual SIM Or with an adapter.... Dual SIM plus micro SD card. Think of it as exactly the same as the Google pixel which runs pure android exactly the same as this I have a protector for it... But at that cost I'm happy to buy another if it smashed it It's very similar to the Samsung i have for work, but way better. Bought it on AliExpress for a little less than i could get it as linked. They do a 32gb and 64gb one... I went with the 64gb as I wanted the space https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=ms-android-xiaomi-rev2&ei=3yk9W_CbFNLzkwWYj43oCQ&q=xiaomi+mi+a1+64gb+black&oq=xiaomi+mi+a1+64gb+bl&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.1.0.0l3j0i22i30l2.11156.11895..12954...0....88.254.3......0....1.........0i71j0i67.2Sb8v1RO13M.
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