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  1. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Finally managed to be allowed by the insurance company to have it checked by a garage of my choice, after they had it on their four wheel alighment set up it became apparent that it was in deed out of alignment, and this was after the first garage had had it back on their own 4x wheel alignment gear.. twice..!! Drives great now.. The paint work was also of a poor standard so the guys at my garage mechanically mopped it for me.. Unfortunately for them the poor guy caught the top of the wheel arch with the mop and it now needs to go in to them again to put it right... Pleased it drives straight now though.. I guess I should mention Direct Line Insurance have been brilliant through out the whole process..
  2. ABS/Handbrake light fault

    I had an abs fault drive me nuts... Can't recall the hand brake light being in the loop.. ?? I had it backwards and forwards to my very helpful local independent LR garage.. plugged into their diagnostic tool more times than I can remember.. Changed sensors, hard wired the loom, had them rebuild the front hubs, changed Wabco unit too. In the end the only way I cured it was to buy a £50.00 Oscilloscope kit that ran on my lap top, and check the signals from each sensor whilst driving.. A "New" front sensor was at fault.. !! I feel the only way to see whats actually happening is to drive the vehicle and monitor the results.. Hope you get to the bottom of it as it can really drag on.. db.
  3. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Going to be examined by an insurance engineer then on to a garage of my choice..
  4. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Hi, I have complained and this is the result after they have had it back....! Onto the insurance company then...?! Cheers, db.
  5. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Hi All, Just had my 2012 110 returned to me from the insurance approved repair garage, managed to slide it into a rather substantial gate post My question is should it veer to the left when driving in a straight line if you take your hands of the wheel.. It's not following the camber of the road as I tried it many times on a flat piece of road... I took it back and they had it for the morning and tell me it should naturally follow the camber, along with "it has big tyres on it" too...??? I have driven over 30k in it and it never veered before..?! Along with the bumper not being positioned correctly, and orange peel paint work... "It's the modern paints we use today"...??? Any thought...?? Cheers, db.
  6. O/T What have I blown this time..? :(

    Makes a change....? cheers, Ralph..
  7. O/T What have I blown this time..? :(

    All fixed now... just a lose wire on a relay.. no actual damage done, just an annoying coincidence...
  8. Hi All, Couldn't fine a place to post this as it's non land rover, so apologies.. My Ransome Lawnmower runs a Kubota diesel engine.. I was jump starting it of my Landie (there is a LR connection). Once I had it running I removed the jump leads for my Landie and went to reconnect the Lawnmowers battery in doing so I managed to reverse the polarity AHHHH!! So to re cap Lawnmower running, battery connected the wrong way round..... I guessing that it would be the same blown item on any vehicle....? Starter moter is ok on the bench, started relay clicks, ignition lights on, so no cranking operation. Thanks in advance, db.
  9. Tow hitch drop plate..

    I have the tubular rear bumper set up, the ball hitch is on the lowest setting... Just had a thought, is there a standard hight the ball hitch should be as the fault may be with my trailer.. I believe it's as it come from the factory so one of them is not as it should be... ??
  10. Greasing Props.. Not!.

    Hi Guys, sorry for the late reply. The grease gun I have locks on very well, the grease does get pumped in, although it isn't coming out of all of the uj spiders, only a couple of them.. I'm going to take the props off and have a good look to see what occurring.. watch this space... well! best not cos I'll be awhile...
  11. Tow hitch drop plate..

    2012 Defender 110, Land rover managed to install the standard tow ball a couple of inches to high, my Indespension twin axle trailer has it's front wheels just off the ground.. Thought I buy a drop plate set up,only to see the following attached to the advert... The towball slider plate can be moved between alternate heights by removing the 3/4" pins Base plate 270mm long Vertical hole centres are 45mm This product is not EC type approved and is not suitable for use on light passenger vehicles (class MM) first registered on or after the 1st August 1998 ?? Help..
  12. Greasing Props.. Not!.

    Hi Guys, Tried to grease the rear prop UJ today, the gun was under a lots of pressure so the grease wasn't getting to the places it should, I removed the nipple, pushing in the ball bearing and placed it directly in the gun, grease flowed through. Reinstalled the nlpple, marginally better, pushing black discoloured grease out of one of the bearing cups, the other three no luck... What to do next...? Cheers, db.
  13. TD5 v TDci

    Td5 tuned to up the power & overdrive is the way I would go if I was looking to buying one again. As mentioned before the Td5 runs out of gears on the motorway, i found i was dicing with the lorries all the time, over take them on the straights, down hill, come a sight incline and tuck in behind them, only to overtake when possible, makes for tiresome driving. Tdci you can pick and choose when and where you overtake.. I have a 2.2tdci now and can fly past them all day, trouble is i find i now drive a lot faster overall. Now have to factor in speed cameras. I liked the low down pull of the Td5 too, it really is horses for courses.. The six speed box is great 50mph in forth then another two gears to go.. Td5 would reach 50mph and take a while to creep up to 70ish.. Tdci is nicer inside too, heated seats, heated front screen, (best upgrade to a defender ever), better heater controls, electric windows, air con, all would / could be added to a TD5 if you wanted to.. I did a round trip of 14hrs the other month in my Tdci, don't think it would have been as easy in my old Td5... and I thought that was great... Just my thoughts.. Good luck with your search and let us know which way you goo..? db.
  14. 110 2012 brake lights... Not working .

    Ture bloody true, lost side lights and dipped beam on the way home... Going to attack it in the morning to knackered now, 14x hour round trip.... Zzzzzzzzz... must check earths... Zzzzzzz..
  15. 110 2012 brake lights... Not working .

    I guess the junction box is the fuse box under the drivers seat..? I found out that 13 & 14 (14 has power to it...! ), feed off number 5 fuse in there. I lost my reversing light a few months back Mmmm..? Still at the moment I have temp rear brake lights so it's another job added to the never ending list of L/Rover ownership... Zzzzzz thanks for your replies Guys..