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  1. Cat D... Not really a problem.. :)

    The best cut n shuts, the audi quattro into a sport look alike, 305mm sliced off.. Cat C's have to have a VIC only to check the chassis numbers, not the repairs...
  2. Cat D... Not really a problem.. :)

    I'm not recommending any such thing...? I related not telling your insurance company to when we nail a new rear quarter chassis in, on axle stands, on our driveways, with a diy mig welder in the snow, which in truth is major chassis work, Cat C..?! No checks required.. re Cat D all my insurance company wanted to know was if it had a currant MOT, at the time it went back on the road it didn't as it was less than three years old.. Again, no checks required.. Just pointing out how strange our laws are..
  3. Afternoon All, I have my Cat D up for sale, having owned many Land rovers over the years from Series 3’s 88" & 109" a brief affair with a V8 Disco and back to Defenders it always puts a smile of my face regards the fears that surrounds Cat D’s. As you can buy a rear cross member, a 1/4 -1/2 chassis to happily swap over with the aid of a diy mig welder, there is no engineers report to obtain, if it’s old enough not even an MOT required, the welds do not need to be done by a coded welder, the brakes, suspension, steering components are removed, some times “up graded” none of which are checked out for safety, correct installation etc.. No need to notify your insurance company either…!! In days gone by, perhaps it still goes on these would be called "cut n shuts!' we on the other hand ask the question when buying a Defender or Series... "how's the chassis?" the reply comes... Oh! I've welded in a rear 1/4 chassis!" - Great we reply, thats one job I won't have to do...:) Only in Land Rover World... Just for fun... Snowing outside so finding excused not to go fling the spanners at my other project... !
  4. Puma Heater Fan not working..

    Well. the first half of our journey was Brrrr... cold... Then fan started working ... Great...! I love intermittent electrical fault....
  5. Hi Guys, Just about to set of home x85 mile journey and the heater fan has packed up, checked fuse 30amp?? which is fine, any other suggestion to have a quick look at before set off...? Brrrr.... db.
  6. Just caught fire. !!

    I’ve covered 34k trouble free miles in her up until now. I’ll check the earths too. Thanks for for the advice.
  7. Just caught fire. !!

    Hi Guys, Just completed an 85mile drive, in my 2012 110. As pulled up, I smelt strong hot brakes type smell and then the carpet around the handbrake burst into flames..!!! I jumped out and had the beat the flames out with a coat, it was well alight and took what seemed like ages. i rolled underneath to find the outer sheath on the Cable had melted, and it was touching the conduit of the wiring loom which had slightly started to melt too !! I pulled on the Cable and it come out of the handbrake lever end without any resistance.!! As I’ve managed to slip a disc in my back I had just entrusted it to a main agent full service..!! (Yes, I know..!!) Could they have over adjusted the hand brake to the extent that it ran so hot it cooked the handbrake Cable ?? Cheers, db.
  8. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Finally managed to be allowed by the insurance company to have it checked by a garage of my choice, after they had it on their four wheel alighment set up it became apparent that it was in deed out of alignment, and this was after the first garage had had it back on their own 4x wheel alignment gear.. twice..!! Drives great now.. The paint work was also of a poor standard so the guys at my garage mechanically mopped it for me.. Unfortunately for them the poor guy caught the top of the wheel arch with the mop and it now needs to go in to them again to put it right... Pleased it drives straight now though.. I guess I should mention Direct Line Insurance have been brilliant through out the whole process..
  9. ABS/Handbrake light fault

    I had an abs fault drive me nuts... Can't recall the hand brake light being in the loop.. ?? I had it backwards and forwards to my very helpful local independent LR garage.. plugged into their diagnostic tool more times than I can remember.. Changed sensors, hard wired the loom, had them rebuild the front hubs, changed Wabco unit too. In the end the only way I cured it was to buy a £50.00 Oscilloscope kit that ran on my lap top, and check the signals from each sensor whilst driving.. A "New" front sensor was at fault.. !! I feel the only way to see whats actually happening is to drive the vehicle and monitor the results.. Hope you get to the bottom of it as it can really drag on.. db.
  10. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Going to be examined by an insurance engineer then on to a garage of my choice..
  11. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Hi, I have complained and this is the result after they have had it back....! Onto the insurance company then...?! Cheers, db.
  12. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Hi All, Just had my 2012 110 returned to me from the insurance approved repair garage, managed to slide it into a rather substantial gate post My question is should it veer to the left when driving in a straight line if you take your hands of the wheel.. It's not following the camber of the road as I tried it many times on a flat piece of road... I took it back and they had it for the morning and tell me it should naturally follow the camber, along with "it has big tyres on it" too...??? I have driven over 30k in it and it never veered before..?! Along with the bumper not being positioned correctly, and orange peel paint work... "It's the modern paints we use today"...??? Any thought...?? Cheers, db.
  13. O/T What have I blown this time..? :(

    Makes a change....? cheers, Ralph..
  14. O/T What have I blown this time..? :(

    All fixed now... just a lose wire on a relay.. no actual damage done, just an annoying coincidence...
  15. Hi All, Couldn't fine a place to post this as it's non land rover, so apologies.. My Ransome Lawnmower runs a Kubota diesel engine.. I was jump starting it of my Landie (there is a LR connection). Once I had it running I removed the jump leads for my Landie and went to reconnect the Lawnmowers battery in doing so I managed to reverse the polarity AHHHH!! So to re cap Lawnmower running, battery connected the wrong way round..... I guessing that it would be the same blown item on any vehicle....? Starter moter is ok on the bench, started relay clicks, ignition lights on, so no cranking operation. Thanks in advance, db.