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  1. Hi all, Has anybody fitted TF814 Tree and rock sliders to there 130 ? The instruction sheet supplied i assume is for a 110 , Before i start has anybody any hints or tips ? many thanks Paul
  2. Hi, ive got a bearmach fault code reader thing and ive done a google on the code but not any the wiser !!!
  3. Hi , i keep getting this code fault , turbo boost control posistion A curcuit signal high time < minimum, can anyone tell me what it means and what to check or replace ? its a 2008 2.4 TDCI many thanks Paul
  4. Get that alot on Ebay, its normally a wheel nut thats offered, when you read the listing tho, most do say " breaking" in the title or description Paul
  5. I ordered new hinges ror my Defender 110 csw from my local main dealer and they supplied Britpart, i thought i would try them untill i found that the NEW hinges had more play in them than the ones i was replacing !!!! I WILL NEVER BUY BRITPART !!!! And i am surprised that main dealers stock the rubbish !!!!! Paul
  6. Thanks for advice, its booked in for wednesday to have injector seals replaced, fingers crossed !! Paul
  7. Hi all, Am having an issue with my pump again, or rather i am assuming its the pump, When i turn ignition on pump sounds more than it used to, but am wondering if i am just noticing it more as when i go to start it sounds as if its priming, vehicle will start but only after three attempts. The pump is just a year old and is genuine as my wallet will confirm !!, ive changed the fuel filter and its made no difference. When running pump can be heard but its not overly loud, also after running car will start with no problems, even after an hour or so but left over night and it takes three attempts or do the "five pumps" to prime the system. Could it be air in the system ? there is no fuel leaks anywhere but it seems to me that the fuel is not being pumped at start up or kept at a pressure ?? Any advice would be great and am hoping its something easy and simple as dont fancy replaceing the pump again !! many thanks Paul
  8. The treasury must be over the moon with the extra revenue !!!!! Paul
  9. Cheers guys, its due new filters in next few weeks so will do them asap and i try spraying wd40 up my plug hole, I never thought of that D'oh !! Manual is being fingered as i type !!
  10. it could be but mine is disconnected, in 4 years of ownership its 1st time ive ever seen it ,
  11. Hi all, Am wondering if somebody can shed some "light" (sorry) on what this symbol is, I am guessing its something to do with fuel filter ? It lit up very brightly tonight for the first time ever, and, although it went out it shone for a few minutes after i put £20 of fuel in, strangley it never went out straight away but seemed to be on a dimmer switch, Have i any need to worry or do anything else ?? Many thanks Paul
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