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  1. I'll pop round when you're least expecting it! mmmmmmn As an alternative the worst smell I ever experienced (passengers excluded!) was Strata Florida river water evaporating as the carpets and seats dryed out. YUCK!
  2. I love the smell of gearbox oil freshly dripped onto a tee shirt. mmmmm
  3. I need a new wing mirror, and to offload a few cookies...
  4. My winch biatch let me down. So I went to Saltzburg instead. It was beautiful, but less mud more snow. just been looking at the SORC website, there's loads of things planned. I really must get down to the Oddfellows on the last wed in the month.
  5. I've spoken to Mrs Griffiths at the campsite, no need to book, just turn up and pitch in the bottom field. I'm aiming to be arriving at 9.30ish on Sat morning, so if you start out earlier I'll have to catch up with you if that's OK with everyone.
  6. I'll be coming down 1st thing Sat, maybe bringing a Pinzgauer with me.
  7. Good location, next to the fuel station! Ok rooms from what I know. No frills, so they won't mind any mud!
  8. wow Les - that's Sooooo sexy - can I come over and stroke it? Please?
  9. looking forward to it - although I should warn you guys - I scream a lot when I'm having fun!
  10. Mach's good for me. The campsites in Furnace - and we can have a fire....
  11. Nope - I've only ever had my Disco. So that wasn't me!
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