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  1. when you say miles, do you mean driving or welding wire?
  2. here is for sale my beloved land rover. this is a discovery 3 door 2.5 tdi .over the years as a second car i turned it in off road aptitude.with lots of extras. front bumper ,winch ,plasma rope.4 tone 35 x 12.5 x 15 inch goodrich mud tyre on 10" wide wheel. wheel spacer 4cm each side. the body is rised 2" from the chassis and suspention 3" lift the lot on renforced axle with front and rear diff lock.extreme braided brake hoses. sterring guard ,diff guard ,tank guard with removable tow bar track road protectiom bar ,dan bar rock tree slider 3 degrers corection radius arms, articulated rear arms . front wide angle prop sharft.silencer replacment pipe. snorkel.kit roof 4 light . dislocation cone front and rear. inside the car there is rised up leather seats realy good in off road to see the front of your car. on the back instead of the seat in the boots i replaced them by cheker plate box the engine has been replaced by a 300 tdi instead of the originale 200.it has been tuned and get a big intercooler new clutch kit .1.4 transfer box because of the big tyre convertion kit hand brake. i didn't used it for almost 1 year.there is no more mot or taxe ,but for the right price i will put a new mot with it. thanks for looking .happy bidding. I dont wanna sound like the grammar police but I wouldn't buy a car off anyone who writes like that!
  3. I have looked into it a little bit myself now and although i dont know the specifics, i believe that at the axle end of the radius arms, the bushes were narrower on a 200tdi, so in theory the 200 ones would fit the 300 but not the other way round. I dont know if defender radius/trailing arms are the same length or have the same degree of castor in them though. Hopefully a grownup can come along and point me in the right direction. Boro, if its not too expensive to courier them to liverpool, how much do you want for them? Im not in a rush for them so im happy to wait for a cheap set to appear local on ebay or in a breakers. If you can get a few bob for them then no hard feelings.
  4. Boro, im in liverpool. I reckon the postage for a set of radius arms would be more than the radius arms themselves. Vulcan bomber, does that mean any other model of land rover from the 300tdi engine onwards or just from a discovery? There are a few sets of radius arms/trailing arms on ebay but they are off defenders and td5 discos etc.
  5. Does anybody know if the radius arms and trailing arms off other land rovers will fit a 300 series Discovery? I want to paint and rebush my exisiting ones but i know just getting the old bushes out can be a pain so I was thinking od picking up another set from a breakers and refurbing them and fitting the new bushes to keep my Disco from being off the road for too long and then refurbing the old ones and either keep them as spares or flogging them on eblag. Many thanks. Mark
  6. Looks to me like im better off using the existing loops that are on the bumper then. Thanks for the advice guys.
  7. Hi all. I have a Rebel winch bumper fitted to the front of my discovery which i have modified to sit further back than standard which seems to have gone ok. The next stage of my plan is to fit some swivel eyes on it because im not keen on the "loops" that sit underneath it as recovery points. I know you can buy the swivel eyes on eblag and the like but is it as simple as just drilling the apropriate sized hole on the front face of the bumper or are they re-inforced on other winch bumpers? I dont want the swivel to pull through the metal of the bumper the first (or any time) I use it. Any advice would be greatly apreciated. Mark
  8. I live in liverpool (im waiting for the jokes) and I was 24 (and very baby faced) when I first got my discovery and used to get pulled over all the time by Plod checking it was mine. Most inconvenient when im on my way home from my (at the time) new girlfriends house at 2am but as JBS says, they are only doing thier job and its reassuring that they are on the look out for the thieving b"$tards that seem to plague land rover owners.
  9. I had forgotten about this post. I have found a soloution (which I will photograph) although since some theiving git nicked the removable bit of my tank guard its kind of irrelivent now. Before anyone says anything about me being a scouser it was nicked in leeds whilst I was visiting a mate.
  10. Could be the fuel lift pump packing up. It will run "ok" but struggle for power. When mine failed it was ok round town but wouldnt really go above 55-60 on open roads.
  12. As an idea. i like that. But i dont like any of the details at all.
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