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  1. Who fancies a BV 206 aka 'Viking'?!
  2. What does everyone think? A snip at £12500 ex VAT? More interesting ex mil stuff here.
  3. I disagree, TG is too much of a ratings winner for the BBC. It was the Hamster's car accident that caused the ripples, so I think the Beeb will revisit how the show manages H&S but that its future is secure.
  4. I can't believe thieves nick winches! Some people will nick anything!
  5. If squatters are in occupation, the easiest way to reoccupy is to get in while they're out. However, experienced squatters get round this by always leaving someone in the house. I would consult a solicitor. Sounds like a rough part of town tbh.
  6. I'm sure if you give reasonable notice, you can remove the vehicles. Or write/email the guy stating that if he does not remove the vehicles within say 14 days, you will assume he has ceded legal ownership to you. Worth seeing what the DVLA have to say as well.
  7. If it's only for use as a tow car and green laner it may be worth the effort. Also depends on whether you've got the time!
  8. Yes, rather bizarre. Did anyone see Top Gear of the Pops last night?
  9. My landie has the LPG tank sitting behind the front seats but then my landie is a pickup so a bit easier.
  10. Could it be the new vehicle that they're deploying for combat troops in Afghanistan? I haven't been keeping up with developments...which is rather slack of me.
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