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  1. Ladies, Gents collective. Firstly, Big brother- If this is not allowed i am deeply sorry and feel free to move/ remove this post as appropriate. Now, Recently I gained a new project, 4.6 P38 of 1995 vintage. It was supposed to be a fun project that my son and I could enjoy prior to selling and moving to a new toy. Unfortunately, COVID happened and i am 'Bored' of the project. The engine now runs (fuel pump) and the vehicle moves under its own power. Sadly this means that the 4 height sensors and Black box that sits in the Air suspension system
  2. And it was fuse 1 all along.. now I feel like a complete novice. Still onwards and sideways.. fuel leak and radio not outputting sound. Thanks all
  3. Rave manual download is my homework then. Hopefully I can find some time to look through it!!
  4. Ok. The Mrs says I have played enough for one day 🤦‍♂️🤔 so I will look at that tomorrow. Thanks for the prompt response.
  5. Gents, ladies and collective. My apologies if this has been covered. However... I have been playing with a p38 it has been stood around for quite some time. And so far I have played enough that the engine starts and it moves under its own power 😁 but.... What I now have is the hevac blinking on and off. The dash seems to pulse. The fuel gauge pulses with the hevac. The warning lights on the bottom left also blink all be it dimly. If I turn on indicators the pulsing changes frequency. My first thought was an earth, I checked the one in the footwell and seems ok. Now I am
  6. That's what I thought but there is no obvious place that it fits / reaches. The closest available is the Schrader valve on the fuel rail! I am very perplexed, but thanks for the shot!
  7. Good morning, Like many of you I have been playing with my project, I have however found a loose pipe. Where should the other end be attached? She is a 4.6 p38. 1996. Thanks in advance. Gareth
  8. dodgy, But i like the style! i would imagine insuring it would be eventful!
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