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  1. I'm curious how you like it: http://www.bell-aurens.com/bell-aurens.com/Startseite.html Cheers Carsten ;-)
  2. In Germany you can get Tüv approval for the Dakar, yes. http://www.dakar4x4.de/ Cheers Carsten ;-)
  3. If you know the orange Islandic RRC (number plate G4) - that one also has a TD5.
  4. Classic: One for the 3.5, the other for the 3.9, difference being the temp gauge. 38a: One for manual, one for auto. Cheers Carsten ;-)
  5. I'm studying in Aachen, so I will definitively be there. Cheers Carsten ;-)
  6. Thanks everyone! Seems its really a first if noone has ever heard of one... *happy* Carsten ;-)
  7. Why? The first pic shows clearly it has the high fuel filler, so it was built between 92 and 94, so it is a hotwire. Work carefully through the test sheets on rangie.com if the fault is related to the injection system, check timing and O2 sensors. Cheers Carsten ;-) PS: None of my RR ever had a problem consuming fuel - they indeed manage to consume quite a lot of that :-))
  8. The window you have is glued in, probably the snorkel was built for the older version with rubber seal. What you can do is simply cut the rubber bezel such that the snorkel fits. The bezel neither holds the screen nor does it seal. Cheers Carsten ;-)
  9. Thanks! The original plan was to cut aft the A-post, replace lower A-post and the rear part of the bodyshell. Rusty reality made us adjust plans which is why its still waiting for completion. Cheers Carsten ;-)
  10. Hi! Did anyone ever see a 2-door conversion of a Softdash? I'm cuurently building one and I wonder if it will be the first and only 2-door Softie. Pics are here between the German text :-) Cheers Carsten ;-)
  11. Yes and Yes. If you have 4-door seats alone it is hard. If you have worn-out 2-door seats you have all the parts you need. The main difference is in the way bottom and rear are connected - the frames are identical. What I did was to fit the rear frame of 2-door seats to the base and cushions from a 4-door softdash. Rear bench works well, later 2-doors already have the right mounting holes. Only you have to adapt the catch from the 4-door or get the expensive CSK version. Pictures of both things are here. Text is German, but pics international. Cheers Carsten ;-)
  12. You can see the rusty parts of the last Softdash I got here. Text is German, but the pics speak for themselves... Cheers Carsten ;-)
  13. I changed a 4.2 for the 4.6 - direct swap without problems. All well described on RPIs site. At first I used the old settings which worked OK. Adding a Tornado chip (what I did - or, cheaper and more flexible, Megasquirt) improves things quite a bit though. Cheers Carsten ;-)
  14. Are you in the US or UK? I assume US? I know of aluminium kits from www.rangerovertailgates.co.uk and http://www.famousfour.com/acatalog/Rear_Up...ate_Frames.html Cheers Carsten ;-)
  15. Funny translation :-) Its actually the ECU of the headlamp washer. Cheers Carsten ;-)
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