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  1. I took some side rubbing strips off one of my cars and used Stick Stuff Remover as Simon suggests and if left to soak in for a bit it works well - it still needs elbow grease mind and I found an old AA membership card or other useless credit card sort of thing helped it off without scratching the paint underneath if not pressed too hard. Rob
  2. Oh no, I let my photographs do the talking! I have noticed how the banter is usually aimed at poor old Chris Kelly though! I nearly didn't see him today as his truck has changed somewhat to last year - looks good Chris! I found him in his usual place though: and then later had to get out of his way: Only joking Chris! Glad you fixed your winch problem relatively quickly! Rob
  3. Just got back and sorted out the photographs I took of y'all competing today and as usual, here is a link to them on photobucket: http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad216/kirkynut/Challenger%204x4%20East%20Grinstead%2027052012/ Here are some of my favourites of the day though! Rob
  4. Is it still all systems go for this Sunday at Mud Monster's E.Grinstead??????? - There's usually so much said before each round on here - banter and otherwise but this year is very quiet!!! Kirkynut
  5. Thanks for that, still unsure about Disco 2's due to the amount there is to go wrong and the wheel bearings don't seem as cheap of easy to replace as the old type. Kirkynut
  6. I've done a search but couldn't find anything on here. My question is whether all Disco 2's came with ACE? Also, which model came with coils from the factory? Cheers Kirkynut
  7. Will be good to see you! Have you been before? Rob
  8. I had a great time too. Only got my boots muddy and not my tyres but it gave me a chance to take my first Off Road piccies of the year! Kirkynut
  9. This is the Club that got me into off-roading about 5 years ago. Now I'm down there most months when I'm not watching the Challenger or Mud Monsters Events! It's a challenging site suitable for modified motors mainly and is open on the 2nd Sunday of every month. The club is one of those warm welcoming ones with experienced friendly members always on hand to help out or give advice. It has a burger van, loo and jet wash. Have a look at WWW.4x4er.co.UK and come and join us in the mud one second Sunday! Rob
  10. I had a brilliant day again, spectating and taking photos as I do! Here is a link to my piccies for y'all!!! http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad216/kirkynut/Challenger%204x4%20at%20Yarwell%20Rnd%205%202011/ I can't believe so few trucks turned up to play. Not to worry, twas good nonetheless!!! Rob
  11. What a brilliant day today was from a spectating point of view - I got the impression most competitors had a good day too! Here are some of my photographs, split into two photobucket folders as I took quite a lot of piccies today! http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad216/kirkynut/Challenger%20Round%204%202011%20at%20E%20Grinstead%20Folder%201/ and http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad216/kirkynut/Challenger%20Round%204%202011%20at%20E%20Grinstead%20Folder%201/Challenger%20Round%204%202011%20at%20E%20Grinstead%20Folder%202/ My link My link My link My link My link I hope all is well after this roll!?! A few people have asked me for photos to be sent to them today. Please contact me via email - kirkynut@hotmail.co.uk with any requests. Rob
  12. My photo's from today's action @ Slindon: http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad216/kirkynut/Challenger%204x4%20Round%203%202011%20SLINDON/ Rob
  13. Cheers Ben, Lucy has said similar in reply to an email so you are right. I shall be there with my trusty camera and some of the chaps from er4x4.co.uk Rob
  14. I plan to come down to Slindonia to spectate with a few others, will the gate at the top of the access lane be left open for us to drive down and park in the spectator's car park? If so I'll bring the Off roader, if not a bring a normal car and park nearby and walk down. Just don't want to have to walk down that access road if I don't have to as it's quite long when you have to walk it! Especially in the rain! Cheers Rob
  15. Hi there, my name is Rob and I attend a fair number of Winch Challenge events such as the Challenger 4x4, Mission 4x4 and now Mud Monsters series and enjoy taking photographs at them. I'm not a Land Rover owner but do have an off roader and belong to the Essex and Rochford District Off Road Club (www.4x4er.co.uk). I thought I'd join this forum and share my pictures with you,as there are only a few people in our club who compete in the Challenger so it makes sense to post a link to them on here too. http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad216/kirkynut/Challenger%204x4%20Round%201%202011%20%20Muddy%20Bottom/ Some of you may know of me, others not, but I shall see you at other rounds of the Challenger throughout the year no doubt. Rob
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