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  1. I used ones from a Rover 75 from a Scrap yard, believe they are the same as the later defender ones, but a they don;t say land rover on them, much cheaper.
  2. I'm running freestyle alloys on a 1989 100 with 30mm spacers with flange. Fitted without a problem to unmodified hubs without fouling anything.
  3. Hi! After some help please! Can anyone tell me either the dimensions and thread, or part number for the rear retaining bolt for the L322 Range Rover which holds the Calliper to the car? Its got the uprated Supercharged version brakes on it, not sure if that makes a difference or not, but though I;d ask on here before whipping the wheel off the other side to have a look! Cheers Chaps Mike (It's number 18 on page 70-5 of the workshop manual)
  4. It was good coverage on North west tonight, and have to say seemed to lean towards e viewpoint of the motorised user, clearly pointing out that some tracks closed to motorised use were still getting wider and having walkers veering off the tracks.
  5. Do they not have to be held on with proper p clips and not cable ties? I thought it was an MOT failure to have brake pipes that are "free to vibrate"? Or did I just have an overly picky MOT tester in the past? Mike
  6. Well, my thermostat was not too bad, but fitted a nice new shiny one anyway, and the gasket. However, my problem persists. I've not got much time to play with it for the next few days, so was wondering if I could build a plan of attack prior to getting the spanners out. The v8 appears to be overheating. The fans work (as in turn round rapidly, as fans should), the radiator I thought had a decent level of coolant in it, and I;ve topped up the expansion tank. However, within about 5-10 mins of driving, the needle heads towards the red, and struggles to come down again unless I reduce to idle, then it does come down. BUT. I am faced with a small puddle of bubbling coolant and steam coming from the top of the manifold, just anterior and inferior to the thermostat housing. There appears to be a good seal around the thermostat housing itself, and I can't obviously locate any holes or cracks in the hoses around this point. Any ideas about tracking down the leak, or is it just worth changing the hoses and see what happens? I've done the usual and tightened all the clips, and still no improvement. The top hose going from the radiator also doesn't pressurise when the engine is running, I'm assuming this means that there IS a sizeable leak somewhere, and needs finding. Also, just to put my mind at rest, what would be the symptoms of a water pump failure? Thanks, Mike
  7. Thanks Guys, Given me a lot more confidence to deal with them.
  8. Hi guys! Does anyone have any experience with Firstfour.co.uk? I'm looking at buying a tubular non-winch bumper (http://www.firstfour.co.uk/item/803848/defender-tubular-hd-bumper-air-con---a-bar) as it's not that much more than buying a standard A bar for a A/C model. It did retail at £326, but the price appears to have been removed. Anyone know of any good / bad experiences with these guys, or the Shadow bumper range? Thanks, Mike
  9. I second that, not at all cheap new tough, and does seem to chew through batteries pretty quickly, not a spare part you expect when embarking on a land rover related task.
  10. I managed my two mins at 11am despite the surgeon sticking the veress needle into the IVC at a little after 10.15. They never make it easy for me on 11th Nov, but makes me think I still have it far far easier than an awful lot of breve souls.
  11. Thanks Guys. 88 it is then!
  12. Hi guys, related to this, I'm pretty sure my thermostat (the one in the engine, not the fan controlled one) is now dodgy, I'm going to whiz it out and test it, but due to relative inexpense, I will have a new one ready to pop in if it fails - so here is the question. Should a 110 (pre-defender) 3.5 V8 have the 82oC thermostat (602687), or the 88oC thermostat (etc4765), and will it make much of a difference? Are fitments the same? just temperature different? Many Thanks,
  13. I can second the Grabber UHP. got them on the 110 last week and totally transformed on road from using the AT based tyres. Got them on my other everyday car, a Kia sportage, now 15,000 miles old and still look brand new.
  14. You could always make/ purchase something like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/PacSafe-120-Secure-Backpack-Protector/dp/B000KFTBFU/ref=sr_1_4?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1348089236&sr=1-4 in order to stop people wandering off with your gear, and save having to throw an ice encrusted block into the back everytime you stop anywhere.
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