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  1. Whilst this is after all a Land rover forum, don't get bogged down with trivia e. G. 90. Focus on your parents who will be going through a tough time. You lll always be able to replace a land rover, not the same story with your parents.
  2. Like everything it is risk vs cost compromise. How often does this happen? How much would it cost to make carparks 100%fireproof? Would you want to pay for example 10x what you pay now to park? No, neither would I, so we all chance it. A 1,000+ cars burn out in a seemingly one off event. **** happens. We take it on the chin as our insurance premium go up a tiny amount and carry on.
  3. Bizarre. I think he's right about the torque going through the outer edge of the shafts, (many years ago on here was a discussion about drilling out the centre of half shafts for this reason plus reducing the stress) If the joint faces are perfectly square and done up really tight, the friction between them ensures that the force transfered to the outer region. Even so, it does not seem right, especially with the grub screws, they should have been staggered as opposed to being I the e same plane.
  4. or should that be Meccano? OMG is what spring to mind, not cheap either. http://www.off-road.com/blog/2017/10/12/partisan-one-off-roader-100-year-warranty/#more-33081
  5. Prize given or, if a better name comes along why not use it Where can you go with tab lock? Sure lock (sherlock) opens up huge possibilities of sherlock holes/detetective/problem solving references, not to mention it describes what the product does. Not that I am biased just trying to help hfh.
  6. I'm late to the party but it has to be Sure lock. Elementary dear Watson. Solves all crimes against breaking diffs. <---see what I did there.
  7. I was in an accident that is my fault. I exchanged details including insurance information with other driver as well as informing my insurance company. Although I am fully comp I will not be making a claim for my car. AFAIK that is all I need to do. Other driver has sent me an invoice saying I should forward it to my insurer but I don't believe I need to be involved in the other party's claim in any way. Is that correct?
  8. Awesone, its one of those situation that if it goes wrong, the problem gets more difficult. Must google these irwin extractors.
  9. Yeah, a lot of work abroad, part of the job of being a Formula 1 driver ...... oh hang on, not that Lewis.
  10. an audi v8 engine would have been much easier .... but there the fun in that?
  11. as already pointed out, the winding is dead - the wires are insulated from each other by a layer of laquer - where the wire appears black, the laquer has become damaged due to heat so is likely to short out the coil, not to mention the melted parts. solution is to find replacement or have the winding replaced. scrap yards are full of dead cars with working electrical fans, also take a look on ebay for the same or similar sized fan.
  12. person I&#39;m not that keen on. Hope they burn in hell.
  13. 20 minutes wasted. No idea who they were either.
  14. Yes the good old days, smell the leaded petrol, the rusty body work. Even the smell of rotten eggs when cats were first fitted has e gone.
  15. Steady! Careful you dont find yourself wearing a flat cap and driving a volvo estate a 58 mph on motorways.
  16. Who would not want one .... but ill bet it costs a bit more than a dented series 3.
  17. Engine at tdc, would not cylinder 1 be on compression stroke? Easy to check by whipping off rocker cover and looking at valves, both should be closed or put thumb on spark plug hole when turning engine over by hand. V8 has twice the number of cylinders than a 4 pot so has to be something pretty major to stop idling. Without looking it up timing is generally 10 btdc.
  18. Is it the best thing since individually wrapped sliced pieces of cheese? Probably not but what else is better? Not a huge amount, certainly not them britains got exercisers and other talent shows. Im no likey chris evans so struggle a bit, matt the white a bit too wooden. Notice how miserable the audience looked, standing cross armed being force to laugh at the jokey parts.
  19. Also check out rimmer brothers, they sell rover v8 parts.
  20. Interesting all devices mentioned are mechanucal, what about a hidden or remote controlled connection to the fuel pump, ok if it is not electrical, an electrcally operated valve in the fuel line, place where it is not easy to get to?
  21. When dogging goes wrong?
  22. Somewhere ive got sankey trailer manual, would that be any use to you? No idea if it has detailed drawings of hubs.
  23. Wire the light switch to a relay so that bulbs are switched directly from 12v supply, The contacts on the switch are pretty crummy and you loose a volt or thereabout. Same for high beam. Halogen bulbs will imorove matters. The sealed units are pretty poor but are only necessary if you plan to go wading through very deep h2o.
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