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  1. Thanks for the diagrams and legend, one slight problem though i don't think they are a matched pair.
  2. I have the Ninety, One ten defender workshop manual, 1983 to 1992 covering all models.It,s printed by Brooklands under liecence from Land Rover Limited so i assumed it was the official manual but i guess i must be mistaken. If anyone knows the official genuine pucker manual can they post the title or the wiring diagrams as i want to go play.
  3. Any one know where i can get a really good wiring diagram for my 1991 defender 90, i would like one with the relays included as the diagram i have leaves a lot to be desired .
  4. Thank's for the diagram i will get out to the garage as soon as i get off my sick bed(flu).
  5. I have a 91 diesel 90 minus a lot of the loom, i am having a real problem with the wipers as my diagram is as much use as a jeep for off roading. The switch has 6 wires, the motor has 4 and the relay 6, when i connect them up colour for colour with green being the feed nothing happens and heaven only knows where i should put the washer pump wire.The following are the colours i have,Switch yellow/green,white/green,red/green,brown/green,blue/green , green/black.Wiper motor red/green,brown/green,blue/green, green. Relay green/black,white/green,yellow/green,brown/green,black,green. The sun has fin
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