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  1. Hi Gents Thanks for coming back so quickly. I have changed the Ignition Amp but to no avail. The dizzy it has in it is a power spark one which has the slot for the oil pump in it but the engine i have doesn't have the same oil pump drive would this matter? It also has an lpg system on it and i am wondering if there is an issue with that. Would the ECU have anything to do with it? Would it be worth swapping for another? Or is there a way of bypassing it all just to get it running?
  2. Hi All I have a 3.9 V8 Disco 3 door bought as a non runner but i'm struggling to get it going. At first it wouldn't do anything then i bought a bypass for the immobiliser and it now turns over but i am unable to get a spark. I have changed the coil, put a live straight from the battery to the coil +ive and a spark plug in the main lead from the coil but no spark at all. Does any one have a wiring diagram i could look at or would you be able to tell me any other bits to change? it does have an lpg kit on the vehicle too. The engine isn't staying in the disco it is going in another project
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