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  1. I bought a genuine parts radio fitting kit off e bay £24 inc p&p. Two radio mounts, two speakers and mounts, areial intructions and wiring. Good kit, tryed to get the rear speaker kit but the price, £80. Made my own speaker harness for a four speaker setup (the kit is only setup for 2) Also fitted a nokia bluetooth hands free kit that works with the stereo front speakers. Still trying to find somewhere to hide it though. works great. I have had my 90 for many years but never fitted any sounds. Quite pleased with myself. Lots of fiddling.
  2. The last thing I want to do is ruin a perfectly good engine. I think the best option is to go down the V8 route. Its just finding the time
  3. How do you up the fuelling and the boost
  4. Has anyone intercooled a TD engine? Is it worth the trouble Does it make any difference? Does it cause the engine any harm? I have often wondered, what difference it would make. The principal is simple enough. cool the charged air from the turbo before it enters the engine. I would do it if it would make a differance.
  5. lvdxd00


    cheers, for the advice. It will help a lot.
  6. lvdxd00


    Ok. Thanks that is what I shall do. I already have a phone hands free kit fitted, I took the wiring from where you said for that. I have seen pictures of other folks 90s and on some the radio is between the two vents and on others it was fitted just above the fuse box. Just worried about water getting to the radio if the vents where open.
  7. lvdxd00


    Its a black plastic box with four screw holes, two on each side.
  8. lvdxd00


    I want to fit a stereo on my 90, I have got a plastic box thing to fasten to the bulkhead that the radio will sit in. How and where are your radios fitted? Where have you put your speakers? I will be taking the roof off in the summer, so the speakers cant go up there. Just need some advice really. Dave
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